Yelawolf Talks Signing to Shady Records, Debut Album

Catfish Billy sits down with HipHopWired to discuss joining forces with Shady Records for his debut album release.

HipHopWired recently caught up with Shady Records sensation Yelawolf following his performance at the Vans Warped Tour. The Alabama rappper gave fans a bit of information about the September 27 release of his commerical debut RadioActive. He also explained how he came to link up with Shady Records/Interscope to release the project.

“September 27 is my freshman release from…Ghet-O-Vision/Interscope/Shady Records [RadioActive],” he said. “We’ve come together as crews, we’ve come together as families and as companies and as people with a like-minded focus to put out this album. I’ve waited a long time to hook up with a company that I felt like understood my vision and understood our vision, the Ghet-O-Vision. We felt like we really found a home with Shady Records.”

Catfish Billy also discussed the level of motivation it took to build up enough of a buzz to sign to a major label. He explained when he first began pursuing music as a career, he set a goal for himself and has yet to give up on trying to realize it.

“It just takes a relentless focus and the determination of a fighter [to get to where I am],” he explained. “In this game, what I wanted for myself wasn’t an easy task. You can set a goal for yourself and achieve based on your own capabilities. What I set for myself, I set a bar higher than I can even achieve. I really wanted to do something that I felt was damn near impossible. I wanted to work toward that with the skills and the work ethic, building a team…gathering people around me that believed in the vision. I’m where I’m at because of those people and my persistence.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Matthew Lewis

    Why is his album being released on the same day as J. Cole's?

  • Anonymous

    i would love to battle this lil wigger, he sounds funnier then eminem theres no room for another white rapper jbird bitch

  • Vision

    His buzz is flaming out. He better call someone out or get caught on TMZ doing some dumbshit or he wont sell. Rap the new WWE

  • Andre Cooper

    Man you are so on point..... But what do i know.....Haterz kill yourself

  • Truth

    What is up with all the dx haterz wanting to convince people that this certain artist or that rapper has fallen off??? Cut it out already!!!! Jay-z and ye bout to sell 400k and em is bout to b 4mil...... If that is what you call falling off then i wanna join that club....Good day and don't forget to kill yourself

  • ...

    TO ALL YOU YELA HATERS I WAS one too then i got Trunk Muzik 0-60...shit is fire...goes hard...his flow is dope..whos spitting as fast as Yela in the game right now??...busta?..twista??.. and those guys get my props believe me their the originators but for an up-and-coming artist yela's killin it!! check out Pop The Trunk..Box Chevy..Daddys Lambo and Trunk Muzik...dope shit!! dont hate..congratulate!! PEACE!

  • Frumpy

    Co-sign. This guys voice is terrible. Nobody wants to hear that shit except white kids who only like him because hes white.

    • Frumpy's boil

      Once again a racist on HipHopDX. I'm shocked! Nobody wanted to hear Trunk Musik 0-60? Funny! Where you been dude? KRS-One isn't relevant in this day and age bro. I think it's time for you to retire as a hip hop listener. You got trapped in a previous generation Frumpy! So hear this yo g yo. I bought Watch The Throne. Ima have to bring it back to the store for a refund because Jay-Z & Kanye are black. My bad. I'll pay more attention next time. Fuck the music! Ima buy my next rap cd based on color. If Yela ain't your thing, so be it. Why comment? Now please do us a favor and stfu or atleast let us know what you listen to.

    • Anonymous

      you live in a cave, you're wack...get outa pretty sure soulja has some shit comin out for your music taste....wack!!

  • meh

    nah this guy is weaksauce. screechy squawky scratchy voice makes my ears bleed. on to the next one

  • Jason Nash

    "hard white" is dope. can't wait for Yelawolfs 1st Shady album.......just hope he sticks to his style......same style on "trunk muzik" mix tape.

  • bmoc

    cant wait for the album

  • Anonymous

    that hard white joint is crazy!!! he will have the best album of the year i bet and trunk music 0-60 is fire to if you dont have go out and copp it support a good artist

  • Anonymous

    THIS DUDE IS SO FKIN HIGH! WOOOOO WASTED. can barely even talk lol.

  • Anonymous


    • IDK

      ^ haha lol at "Joell reads freestyles off a Blackberry" and "freestyles are written nowadays anyway". then i guess we should just change the word to "writtenstyle" or some other dumb-ass name for that sorry-ass "technique". it's a shame that current rappers need a hardcopy of their freestyle. it's supposed to be raw and from the brain, not written and polished, thus the name "freestyle." what a fuckin shame smh

    • Anonymous

      Budden lazy. He dropped MM 4 last year and MM 4.5 not too far after, he's working on the Slaughterhouse album and dropping an EP soon. Fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      Crooked I is incredible ... 99% of "freestyles" are written nowadays anyway.. and Joe budden works on like 3 projects at the same time (MM mixtapes, Solo albums, Slaughterhouse albums) ... far from lazy...

  • someone

    man that hard white song with lil jon is going off!

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