Torae's "For The Record," Produced By Pete Rock, Diamond D, DJ Premier

UPDATE: Torae gets legendary 1990s hit-makers on his November 1 LP, as well as 9th Wonder, Khrysis and Marco Polo.

Brooklyn, New York emcee Torae is at work on his third official album. The Coney Island native has yet to release a title or label for the project, however through Twitter, it has been confirmed that Queens, New York legend Large Professor and Virginia's Nottz are contributing tracks.

While 2009's Double Barrel was a full collaborative effort with producer Marco Polo, 2008's Daily Conversation featured production from the likes of Khrysis, Black Milk and DJ Premier.

Earlier this year, Torae, who also serves as head of A&R for Soulspazm Records, released the retail mixtape Heart Failure.

(July 23)

UPDATE: Billed as Torae's "solo debut," For The Record will release November 1. In addition to the previously reported Nottz and Large Professor contributions, esteemed producers such as Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Diamond D and previous album-partner Marco Polo are involved. The album will be released on Internal Affairs Entertainment.

The tracklisting is below:

1.)      Intro (produced by Torae)

2.)      Alive f/Wes (produced by Khrysis)

3.)      You Ready? (produed by Marco Polo)

4.)      What It Sound Like f/Pav Bundy (produced by !llmind)

5.)      Shakedown (produced by 9th Wonder)

6.)      That Raw (produced by Pete Rock)

7.)      Do The Math (produced by Large Professor)

8.)      Changes (produced by Diamond D)

9.)      Over You f/ Wes (produced by E. Jones)

10.)    Imagine (produced by Eric G)

11.)    Only Way (interlude) (produced by 9th Wonder)

12.)    For The Record (produced by DJ Premier)

13.)    Thank You (produced by Nottz)

14.)    Reflection (produced by Eric G)

15.)    Panorama f/ MeLa Machinko (produced by Fatin)

(August 31)

UPDATE: Torae contacted DX to emphasize this release is his solo debut. Daily Conversation was billed as a street release.



  • Sha

    This album is gonna be crazy Torae is super nice & these producers are legendary

  • F Train To Stillwell

    NO. Torae is very nice, you just don't hear much about him because he's not a loud mouth whiner always complaining Joell Ortiz, nor is Torae a ridiculous blowhard like Skyzoo, who's a horrible on the mic and FAKE reps Brooklyn even tho' he lives in North Carolina. I see Torae on the subway and dude is real-- and humble--as they come. Salut!

  • anthology918

    O_0.....i just had a lil heart attack....and i shit my pants....

  • dockevoc

    sorry but torae sucks and skyzoo is even worse

  • Anonymous

    It's about time the boy got back and made another classic joint with DJ premier..can't wait to hear this and the rest of the album. Niggaz sleeping on hip hop but it's a must cop

  • The_R_

    Looks dope, i'll check it out when it drops. Torae has improved as an MC over the last 2 albums.

  • The B

    Never heard of the dude, but I'll check it out just because he got some official producers.

  • Torae is the dope

    that double barrel was insane I cant wait for him Skyzoos barrel brothers

  • Anonymous

    Torae is very nice, my only beef with "Double Barrel" was that last track where he's complaining about... I forget exactly how he says it but 'stealing' music, not appreciating, etc. While the feeling is undertandable, it's NOT the thing you should say on an album I just ** BOUGHT **. But dude is still young and the misfortune of coming in a time when his art-- and probably always will be-- undervalued. Stay up!

  • beezlebud

    Torae's my dude all his joints are dope and have been insanely slept on mos def looking forward to this album cant wait to hear it I want an Elzhi feature on it though bad i've got no doubt i'll get a Skyzoo feature which will be dope but an ELZHI & TORAE track is long overdue @beezlebud on twitter hollah

  • capx

    Regarless of whoever your listening to at the moment, or whatever you're into. It's only from listening to real niggaz like torea that really do prove, hip hop is not dead, in the most traditional sense! Check the Double Barrel LP and you have an album that can't hardly be touched by anything that came out in the last couple of years in all honesty...

    • Bowski

      I totally agree. I had to go back & revisit "Double Barrel" last week man That album is mind blowing. I actually enjoy the fact that it is a slept on album too, I check for everything he does.

  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

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