Necro Confirms Collaborative Album With Kool G. Rap Called "The Godfathers"

Two lisped lyricists unite, as the Psycho+Logical+Records head teams with the Juice Crew alum for an LP.

Brooklyn, New York emcee/producer Necro confirmed via Twitter today that his next project will be with onetime Juice Crew member and Queens, New York legendary emcee Kool G. Rap. The album, to be titled The Godfathers, will be entirely produced by Necro, who has laid down tracks for the likes of Raekwon, Non-Phixion and Cage.


Necro, who owns and operates Psycho+Logical+Records, claimed that he will executive produce the album from the 25-plus year veteran.

Last year, Necro released DIE!, while just two months ago, Kool G Rap released Riches, Royalty & Respect on Fat Beats Records.

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  • Sadr22

    He will Get much deserved recognition. Too many people hate on necro but he's the reason i still believe in hip hop. Dope ass producer. Way better than dre n he's been in the game just as long. See what happens when you don't sell out? by sell out i mean putting akon on your shit.....

  • NY

    Looks like Kool G Rap is looking for a comeback he released Riches, Royality & Respect earlier this year and now an album next year with Necro. Should be a good combination Necro can lay down tracks that are dark enough beats for the lyrics that Kool G Rap usually have.

  • Anonymous

    G Rap is one of THE absolute best to ever touch the mic. I'm not talking about some niggas who drop a hot rhyme here and there, this dude drops quote-worthy verses over the spans of whole albums and pioneered the shit niggas trying to copy over 20 years later and fail miserably. Whenever he drops something, I can't wait to hear it.

  • Anonymous

    ryhme along side G rap for a whole album NEVER!!! but the boy is sick behind the's his chance to show more of what he can do

  • timot

    this shit will be insane!!!!!

  • Chanice

    This shit is like a dream come true. Hot Damn.

  • hellrazor

    this'll be a dope album. i hope necro steps it up on the production front cuz DIE! had so & so production on it

  • kayaman

    I'm looking forward to this album. Mainly because Necro is on the a producer he is dope but on the mic his shit can get repetitive.....gotta cop this when it's released

  • Anonymous

    REALLY SHOOKING NEWS. This album could be the atomic bombs between all the other bombs.

  • Jamal Al-Salaam Bey

    Get a ($20) debit card; by using this referral code====>5964875673 get card here====> enjoy:)

  • E

    necro haters will be furious. g rap stamped the kid. son been official. beats and rhymes. he's too demented for some i guess, but that's his lane. raekwon raps about coke and packaging, necro raps about death, sex, and violence. the beats are gonna bang, kool g rap is gonnna mash them, and necro is gonna come with his best rhymes to keep pace with g rap. hip hop wins. faggots lose. i'm really feeling all these collabo, but this duo has really peaked my interest. g rap's latest album is incredible, listen to it many times, and realize he's still a rhyme genius.

    • Anonymous

      nah homie. i don't give a fuck who it is, if the featured voice works it works. i fuck with eminem, i know it's the hip hop thing to do, but i didn't even find his song with rihanna to be terrible. actually a well written, cheesy radio hit. hilary duff isn't a singer to my knowledge, her sister is. the song came out dope, she did her part. kool g rap never did ANY sucker shit. the only thing you can say is he featured hilary duff's sister on a song once and it came out ill. not bad for 3 decades of work.

    • SutterKane

      @ Anonymous Its funny how when G Rap did a song with whichever Duff sister it was, he gets a pass, but when Em or Jay-Z work with Rhianna or whoever the underground nerds are quick to assasinate them for it Whatever tho, be a hypocrite if you want Either way, I love G. Rap so I'm looking forward to hearing him over Necro beats, Just wish Necro wasnt rapping on it

    • Anonymous

      he DID NOT stamp hilary duff. her sister sang a hook on a track that was fucking dope. kool g rap dropped dj polo for wanting to go pop. g never did it for a check, and he never did any sucker shit over the span of 3 decades. kool g rap does not affiliate himself with wack shit, period. and necro is underrated as an emcee, good vocab, signature style, and flat out entertaining with some of the shit he says. this about to be a serious fuckin album, the fact niggas can fix their face to say anything negative about a collabo like this is indicative of the times.

    • SutterKane

      Kool G Rap also did a song with Hilary Duff lets not forget, I could care less who he stamps, Necro is wack as an MC, but his beats are ill, so I'm looking forward to hearing G Rap bless them

    • insanemacbeth

      the word is 'piqued' not peaked, as in "piqued my curiosity!' and yes, it has piqued my curiosity, too. :)

  • Doubl Negative

    Man, this is the best hip-hop story I've heard all year, love both them dudes. Fuck Watch the Throne.

    • HAhaHa

      watch the throne is an album made for broke kids that idolize men who sip expensive champagne. this album is gonna be for the streets. jay-z and kanye have wine and cheese parties in the studio. kool g rap might clean his fucking gun in the studio. can't even compare. watch the throne is for rolling stone rap fans, this will be for marley marl/rap to the beat box fans.

  • Anonymous

    Would be dope, but I have doubts that this project will ever materialize.

  • Jack Merridew

    this is what I call good news necro is fucking underrated and yet he is one of the best on a mic and behind the boards kool g rap is a legend stakes is high but I'm sure this collaboration will not desapoint plr for life brrrrraaaa

  • jesterdxxl

    That album will be fucking crazy believe that they gonna come up with the sickest of concepts.

  • Jack M.

    Clearly Necro is basically paying G Rap to do this album with him

  • Jack M.

    Clearly Necro is basically paying G Rap to do this album with him...

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