DOOM & Ghostface Killah Release DOOMSTARKS Cassette Single, 12-Inch LP

The first official release from the project comes in the form of a red cassette tape and Serato vinyl of "Victory Laps" (Madvillainz Remix).

News of the MF Doom and Ghostface Killah joint project broke nearly five years ago, but the project will finally see the light of day. Nature Sounds has released the “super-limited collectible” cassette of DOOMSTARKS’ “Victory Laps” (Madvillainz Remix) as well as a Serato picture disc, available for purchase on the label’s site. The track can be previewed here.

The transparent tape, which comes in a red casing a la Raekwon’s infamous purple tape, features the sole track “Victory Laps,” produced by DOOM and Madlib.

Additionally, a DOOMSTARKS Serato 12-inch picture disc of the “Victory Laps” remix is available for sale for the digital DJ sect. The LP features full color graphics on both sides of the vinyl, and contains the original “Victory Laps,” the Madvillainz remix and instrumentals for both versions.

Details on when the full project will emerge are unknown. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Vince Cota

    This is ill, Doom knows how to mix Ghostface's voice real well! Maybe even better than the RZA..



  • readdy2die

    "Operation Ironman" wasn't an official Doom and Tony Starkz LP but i thought it was pretty good

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I'm glad those guys are finally dropping an LP but damn I can't even play this tape shit lol.

  • Osiel Salas

    These guys need to get their head out of the 90's! Who the fuck is going to listen to a cassette anymore? These guys probably never heard of "iPods" and "iTunes"

  • Nike Champ 718

    Who the f*ck still has a tape deck or record player?

    • Machiventa

      Umm lots of people still buy cassettes and vinyl. Obviously much less than cd's and digital but there are mad tape and record junkies out there. Go on ebay and you can't find a decent walkman tape player under $50.


    I've been waitin 4 that Ghost/Doom album 4 a long time now. But I hope it will come out.... These cats have so much creativity.... many dont even understand Dooms lyrics, shit is crazy

  • dockevoc

    Starks runs victory laps around doom, lyrically

    • dockevoc

      you guys are outta your fucking mind...doom mumbles a bunch of words together with no point whatsoever, ghost is the most vivid story teller since slick rick and g rap...this album is a waste of ghost's time

    • Anonymous

      Doom >>>>>>>>>>> Ghostface on this, at least lyrically.

    • Chopra

      I like and listen to both artists and I can tell you that DOOM is waaay superior to GFK, lyrically.

    • Anonymous

      they = out. doom go the wittiest laid back flow in the game and ghost has the wittiest in your face flow in the game. please god let this album finally drop. hip hop will be very happy.

    • Anonymous

      Doom has equal lyrics but Tony flows better and has more energy....

  • Anonymous

    fuck all this shit. drop the album. nature sounds quit playing. one off 25 dollar 12 inch singles? one track single on a cassette? drop the fucking album, i want to buy that. and the guy behind nature sounds can never give a real update, it's always some cryptic, vague, "it's coming" bullshit, that the fans been getting for years now.

  • Anonymous

    Can't wait, all tracks these two have done, were dope as fuck.

  • G

    My goodness i have a cassette player in my car, i'm gonna have to kop this.

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