Guilty Simpson Talks Random Axe's Sophomore LP & "OJ Simpson 2"

One-third of supergroup Random Axe speaks on upcoming projects and plans for a sequel to his full-length with Madlib.

Though the group just put out its debut last month, Random Axe is already thinking about its follow-up. Speaking with, Guilty Simpson explained that the trio - which also consists of Sean Price and Black Milk - will most likely record solo albums before regrouping to release a Random Axe sophomore effort next year.

“We actually talking about doing the next one now,” he said. “We’re throwing ideas around, just trying to get stuff squared away. I know we’ll all probably do solo endeavors before we come back together and do the Random Axe, but sure, we’re going to get that done next year.”

On the solo tip, the Detroit, Michigan native revealed that he’s planning to hit the lab with producer Madlib for the sequel to their 2010 release OJ Simpson. Additionally, he’ll be recording his next Stones Throw release featuring Black Milk production, exclusively.

OJ Simpson 2 with Madlib, working on songs with Oh No, and then Black Milk will be producing my next Stones Throw album,” he said. “He’ll exclusively produce that.”

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  • Anonymous

    They should rather release a second Percee P album, which was dope as fuck.

  • Doubl Negative

    Guilty needs to fuck with Lib's sibling Oh No.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    If you take off all the pointless interludes and skits like I did on my iPod, OJ Simpson is actually a pretty hot album, looking forward to a sequel

  • FLX

    Ahuh. So basically its gonna be 2 sequels to 2 disappointing albums. Yays!

  • da shooter

    Wow Guilty,, you really trying to go back in the lab with Madlibs overrated azz? your killin yourself that oj simpson album was filled with so many wasteful interludes etc how bout mr porter and black milk for this one.

  • Anonymous

    This would make me more excited if rap artists didnt talk shit so much and then never put out a project. hopefully guilt and all the RA affiliates do their work and get their albums out though.

  • Brotherap Green

    I guess you niggas couldn't come up with something better than to let the white devil lead you fools into calling yourself "Guilty Simpson". The biggest case of the 20th century, at least to hear Mr. Charlie tell it, and instead of you sucka-ass fools charging these peck-a-wood MFs for concealing crucial evidence that would have cleared Simpson and eliminated all of this BS. You let this devil tell you he'll help sell your records if you denigrate Simpson, and the jury that acquitted him by assuming such an ignorant ass name. Man what the f*** is next???? From Maine to Spain we never change, that's why this cracker has got us. Show yourself some respect and charge this cracker, change that name and write a song telling these low life white MFs to produce those phone records they concealed that put Simpson in the backseat of a limo at 11PM while his wife was alive talking to her mom on the phone. Charge their ass in a song about that, impress me, MFs....Peace

  • therealjay

    my nigga guilty gonna drop some more heat !!!!!! another random axe album would be sick.

  • Anonymous

    Random Axe's album is sick, but i don't really see them coming together as early as next year to record a follow up. Guilty mentioned two separate projects outside of RA and Sean Price still hasn't dropped Mic Tyson and has plans for a collab LP with ILL BILL. I'm also fairly certain Black Milk is in multitask mode as well. Than being said, I'm glad they're even considering doing another album together, but I doubt it will come together that quickly. Of course, I'd love to be wrong about this.

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  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    OJ Simpson 2 better have better production. Madlib is good but he has done some pretty garbage work. Remember the Percee P remix album? The only song that was good on that was The Woman Behind Me Remix. And the Madvillainy 2 remix project wasn't too hot either.

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