Foxy Brown To Sue New York City For $100 Million

UPDATE #2: After getting off the hook in her mooning case, Fox Boogs plans to fire back for malicious treatment.

Foxy Brown was reprimanded by a Brooklyn, New York judge yesterday for arriving two hours late to court, threatening her with jail time if she’s late again.

Boogs, who was in court for mooning her neighbor and defying an outstanding order of protection, blamed her lawyer Salvatore Srazzullo for her tardiness after he sent an aide to court instead of appearing herself. “This is b-------. I'm always here on time," she said. "This is why I'm peeved."

Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh scolded her by stating, “Don't put me in a position when I'm going to remand you to make sure you're here at 9:30. [...] Court starts at 9:30, not when you roll in."

The trial will now begin on July 12th.

[June 22]

UPDATE: After appearing in court this morning, Foxy Brown is off the hook in the case of mooning her neighbor. According to NY Post, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice John Walsh dismissed the misdemeanor contempt of court charge after the accuser, Arlene Raymond, refused to testify.

"She wanted this matter behind her. She wanted to drop the charges," said Assistant DA Robert Isdith.

Foxy commented on the matter outside of court, explaining, "It's a scary thing when someone want to be you and have your life."

[July 12]

UPDATE #2: Foxy Brown is planning on suing New York City, New York after claiming to have received “malicious” treatment by the city. According to the NY Post, Boogs’ lawyer Salvatore Strazzullo revealed that he plans on filing a claim against “the ADA’s office” for $100 million.

“With school budgets cut, they had the audacity" to file charges, he said. "Do we want our tax dollars going for this?"

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  • Anonymous

    wtf is a boogs? is her real name boogs? cause thats a way better rap name than foxy imo

  • lol

    Good luck, i hope she gets at least enough to pay her lawyer off. lol where do they get 100M from? how about 1M, well i guess it doesnt matter when you're not gonna get shit anyway hahahaha foxy who?

  • JemDawg151

    everyone is sick of you foxy, your a has been.. give up, make another wack album or something.. your no longer relevant, no one cares about you or cares to hear about you i'm even contradicting myself by writing this right now.. you suck and most shocking thing of all you think youll get 100 mil from nyc.. HAHAHAHHAAHAHA disappear bitch!! your entire persona is a delinquency gooooooood bye

  • HateEverything

    Stupid bitch and stupid lawyer. Taxpayers shouldn't be funding the DA to pursue mooning charges but they should give Foxy 100 mill? Fucking idiots.

  • Anonymous

    hahaha never gonna happen, 1mil won't even happen

  • Jason

    the broken silence album was the last hot shit. production on that album was cool. Black roses never came out. A dancehall album would be cool.

  • Baltimore

    NYPD shot a man 50 times and got away with it, if this bitch really thinks she's getting 100 million dollars she's crazy... She needs to put some records out with her old ass, and stop trying to get a hand out # bitches go to extremes when the chips are down... I doubt the Jake is using fox name to get noticed, she needs to act like a grown woman and stop doing dumb ass shit and she wont get booked for dumb ass shit... This bitch sounds dumb talking about her lawyer gave her the wrong time, lol she gets court papers in the mail just like everybody else... Stop with the dumb shit, put some music out and bring ya black ass to court on time...

  • jae

    i ment, yea with all that crazy stuff going on in ny they waste theier time with mooning,i think they did that cause shes a star and the ppl doing the case wanted to get famous,their should be a law against them that charges stars for just to get their name out their ,lets call it "stop useing stars names to get notice law" theirs freaking murders and gangs in ny and they waste their time with sumones butt lmaooo

  • jae

    yea i mean with all the crazy stuff going on in ny they said they time with moonin,i think they did that cause shes a star and the ppl doing the case wanted to get famous,their should be a law like for them too charge stars for lil stuff jus to get their name out thats the devil rite their thats wat devils do their sneaky an will hurt anybody so they can get sum notice cause they never got any in sachool yup holla

  • Anonymous

    This is the stupidest shit I've ever read in my entire life.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this lame ass old bitch

  • Bridget K. Raff

    give me a break. let it go and dont hold the NYC tax payers liable to pay ur bills. SUUUUUUUU, PEACE, This is your official invitation to the world of TRUE Hip-Hop....Wu Tang Sword Style!!!! is home of the New Hip-Hop Wu-Valution.... Wu-TV, Wu World Radio, The Wu World Wide DJ Coalition, "The 36 Chambers School Of MC'ing" formally known as "The Next 9 Generals In Wu-Tang Competition", New Wu-Tang Videos, Interviews, and even promote your own talents by uploading your music, video, pics, and more. See you in Wu-World, PEACE. Wu World Radio Update: Catch The Legendary Ron-G every Tuesday from 9PM-10PM on Wu World Radio Catch DJ Intrigue every Monday from 9PM-10PM Catch DJ Swift (France Broadcast) every Tuesday from 3PM-4PM Catch DJ Dramatic every Thursday from 9PM-10PM Catch DJ Butter -B Every Thursday from 10PM-11PM Download the Wu World Radio Mobile Phone App for free @ Upcoming artist that want to submit music for wu world radio, send your music to ....and you must be a "REAL MC" for consideration.

  • Anonymous

    $100 Million?? What a dumb bitch,

  • X

    .....And watch the IRS go after her... once you fuck with the City, Your fucking the County, as well as the State...She's loud & reckless.

  • #tiredofthisnigga

    id eat green eggs and ham out of steve harveys ass

  • Bossman

    Man fox needs to stop worrying about getting into court and start releasing some new music... this is her only time to make a comeback!!!

  • deliverance

    Foxy, what happened to that double side hip hop and the other side, Dance hall..yeh right!!can you really see that happening!

  • H

    Oh and for all y'all asking for Foy to moon you. Have you seen pics of her lately. That broad is sloppy. I'm sure you wouldn't touch if she backed it up on your face.

  • H

    Regardles if her lawyer gave her the wrong time the reasons she's in court yet again are the issue. She (and DMX) are GROWN ASS PEOPLE. At least with DMX you can make the claim that addiction has him in her sweet embrace. With Foxy, whats the excuse. Foxy Brown, Lil Kim, DMX....their careers are over. Its time for them to accept it and milk their current catalog for what its worth. Know when to retire.

    • He's right

      I hate to say this, but I co-sign the person above me who calls their self Ismokerocks. I would definitely listen to what DMX puts out, and alot of others I know would too. He really doesn't need good production, he's the type of artist who makes the song, regardless of what the beat does

    • ismokerocks12

      the reason their careers are over are because their fuckin idiots. simple as that, all dmx has to do is get some good production and just spit and real heads would fuck with it but he cant even do that cuz his dumbass is always in jail

  • Anonymous

    get that ass busted!!!!

  • the prez

    Let Foxy's ass moon me... broad might get pleasantly surprised...

  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    Don`t know `bout y`all, but if Foxy moons me I ain`t takin` her to court.......I`d just snap a pic, get that ish a nice frame & keep it movin`....LoL, but that`s just me... STaY BLeSS`n...

  • 'Chise

    Time to give PORN a shot...

  • Dior

    In case you missed it "Foxy Brown is BANNED from Brooklyn" | Blog Talk Radio: via @AddThis

  • Malkam Dior

    I read the article and Foxy Brown is still at fault,because the State and DEA sends both the Lawyers and defends information about the Court dates and times.Foxy is getting too old to not, step up to the plate, and assume responsibility.It's always someone else's fault...Her last album was the same issue..She put out tons of videos how "Blackhand" was handling her career, while in Jail, and after they release "DONDIVA" and it flop, she claimed that she had no clue about it, and they released it, without her permission.How so when the proof is online, where she did say that they were in charge of her music. Point is Foxy Brown always have and excuse for everything.One minute it's her hearing the next minute, it's something else. Remember when she was about to be released, from Rikers Island, how she claim to be "Hitting the ground running" with new music and a reality show? Well it's been almost 4 years since she has been out, and not a song, or anything else. Foxy Brown has really proved to the world that she is an idiot, who has nothing better to do with her life than, appear late for court so that, she can perhaps, make the 10 o'clock news.

  • Knuckles

    Lawyer is probably tired of her shenanigans. It's time for her to grow up actually. Or do porn.

  • Info

    Yo someone around foxy need to check this chic man. let her know that she is broke and the world dont revole around her and grown to F- up man and stop proving people right that she is an asshole.

    • illegal ass foo

      u know how stupid u sound, thats how layzie people r, who gives a fuck about wut the lawyer said, yea she is a grown up. she can find out herself wut tim to go and show up 30 mins early, 9:30? spoiled bitch, i have to show up at 7:30. layzie! no effort thats y she hasnt put out shit, i like her though, way better than nikki minaj, thats for sure

    • Anonymous

      If you read the article she was late because her lawyer screwed up. People always wanna talk shit about somebody but really dont know whats going on.

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