Snoop Dogg In Talks To Score Freeway Ricky Ross Biopic

While in the studio with Freeway Ricky Ross, Tha Doggfather explained how he wants to helm the soundtrack for the drug kingpin's biopic.

While in the studio in Los Angeles, California, Snoop Dogg and Freeway Ricky Ross discussed the former’s vision for helming the soundtrack for the drug kingpin’s upcoming biopic. Ricky Ross confirmed that Tha Doggfather will be steering the ship for the soundtrack, while Snoop echoed his sentiments.

“Y’all heard what the Dogg said. The Dogg want to run that soundtrack. Y’all didn’t think it was gonna happen,” said Ross. 

Snoop explained that he wanted to come on board the project long before Ross was released from prison. “Man, I told my O.G. before he got home, I wanted to get down with him and I love him to death and everything he stand for and I’m part of telling his story,” said Snoop. “I said look, when it’s time to play you, it’s gotta be me and nobody one else. I’m the only who could put that thing on it.”

The film, written by Blow director Nick Cassavetes, takes place in the late ‘70s, a time that Snoop hopes to capture through the music. 

“I also want to be a part of the soundtrack to make the scope of the music right, to make sure the scoring right, to represent the era and the time period where we were going through on the West,” he continued. “Because it’s central that the story’s told from his eyes, so I want to make sure the music represents what we were listening to out here and what we were going through. And when it gets to those certain time periods, I want to be the one who makes sure that the music feels good while you’re watching the movie.”

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  • Beetlejuice

    What? Snoop, you think he's cool. You "love him." You look up to him? What the fuck is the matter with you? This nigga brought drugs into the L.A. community and essentially magnified the gangbanging era. Are you fucking stupid!? Its one thing to say youll do the soundtrack but its another to say you look up to him and love him and shit. What a fucking dumbass

    • PierreRx

      Have yall ever heard the story of Ricky Ross? The dude changed his life around and was about to open a huge community center with his own money. He got setup trying to hustle up a little more money to get the project underway. Thats when he went back to jail.

    • Tracee

      I agree Beetle Juice Damn Snoop Im a fan of yours for real hard core to the end love your music. But how dare you say you look up to that era! That era killed your people I was feeding drug babies in the 90's you not even from South Central you was a kid during that time safe in LongBeach when LA was Hot. That's like saying Hitler is the shit. Thanks for that genocide. Rick Ross help feed drugs and kill your people. Rap dudes always glorified the dumbest shit. Now playing Nas god son. We got to elevate. Yea Snoop don't be dumb I thought you was better than that ignorant shit. You can be positive you got power people will follow you.

    • Makes you wonder

      As Nas once said,"These are our heroes." Sad.

  • Maywack

    This is going to be a problem for the rapper Rick Ross...

  • Anonymous

    shout out to freeway ricky ross and fuck rick sauce fat nigga ex-correctional officer mothafucka

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