Method Man Praises Odd Future & Tyler, The Creator

The Wu-Tang Clan member shows love to the West Coast collective, but he doesn't welcome comparisons.

Many have compared West Coast collective Odd Future to Wu-Tang Clan given their penchant for leftfield musical concepts and deep crews. But according to Method Man, he doesn’t welcome comparison between the group, despite the fact that he feels their movement. 

“Why? ‘Cause of the eyeball thing? ‘Cause he put the black eyeball things in? That’s what media does. They compare shit,” he told Soul Culture UK. “Like when Tyson first came out, I remember people saying ‘He reminds of a young Joe Frazier.’ They always gotta compare something to something to give you a scale, so to speak, in your mind. If I was Odd Future, I wouldn’t want to be compared to anybody.”

Despite their differences, Johnny Blaze showed love for the eccentric crew, especially Tyler, The Creator. “I love Odd Future, by the way. I like Tyler, The Creator, that song ‘Yonkers’... I like Odd Future. They’re good. They’re different, a breath of fresh air. Tyler, The Creator, very weird. But I’m into weird shit.”

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  • Myan McConico

    these hip hop bloggers are worse than the label heads they complain about. if ANY act came out the gate making formulaic 90's boom bap beats (break beat, bassline, horn stab), they would still be complaining "oh, they're trying to sound 90's". having grown up in the 90's and experienced the music while it was still fresh, i can definitely say that was a classic era. let these young n*ggas do their thing. if you think they're trying too hard to be different, i can tell you they are not. at heart, their music is just as rebellious as the music from the 90's, so if you don't like 'em cool. but spare yourself the embarrassment of saying your favorite artist from the 90s wouldn't co-sign them because when they do, then what?

  • Louie

    ahaha!!! all these "real" hip hop fans are crying themselves to sleep because a lot of these veteran rappers and legends are co-signing Odd Future! ahahahahaha!!! Muthafuckers hate Odd Future, but those dudes that hate them pay more attention to them than anyone. U know they secretly like yonkers.

  • L-Boogie

    Fuck mainstream rap, Tyler The Imitator and Slob Future are weak!!

  • ark

    GTFOH DX. He said he love's OF after being asked about similarities. Of course, he ain't going to talk shit, but he never said he praises OF. Quit blowing shit outta perspective you faggots.


    That cash rules sample sets my whole day straight. We need that humming soulfull sound back in the Wu music. Rza come back to the deck baby

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    I'm a huge Wu stan and a decent Odd Future fan, I gotta say both groups are excellent for entirely different reasons. The Wu has made some of the greatest hip hop records of all-time and still thrive today, whereas OF is introducing something entirely new to the genre and, for whatever reason, it seems to be selling. Like I said, there's no comparing the two. Not because one group is far superior to the other, but because they are completely different from each other in terms of music. Props to both of them.


    O by the way I am Wu even if I am by myself


    Some dudes over here are acting like these cats from OF dont have no talent at all!! WTF man this is hip hop right here. After the cry along songs from Drake,Cudi and B.O.B's pop fetish I am happy there still is some raw smart creative shit. Drake is talented but its more music for when you are with the females, I am not saying he cant spit. Dudes be acting like emotional bitches because they cant understand why they fav Mcs like a Nas, a Eminem or a Royce or dudes from Wu tang (and the list goes on) co-sign on OF. Its hilarious and shows you how stupid a real hater is. All caught up in emotions. Odd Future is THE SHIT its obvious

    • Nice right here

      applaud to both comments right here. I don't really care for OddFuture, but I'm not dissing them. They are different and yes lyrical too. Frankly I am tired of the faggotry that has plagued Hip Hop (Drake, B.oB., etc). So for Wu Tang and Nas giving credit to these cats is nothing to cry over. It's 2011 for fucks sake people.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      "After the cry along songs from Drake,Cudi and B.O.B's pop fetish I am happy there still is some raw smart creative shit. Drake is talented but its more music for when you are with the females, I am not saying he cant spit." Man this is the truth and nothing but... I don't even listen to the radio or look at BET, MTV, whatever else is mainstream zombie music. But damn I'm so sick of this emo music trend and all of this soft ass sentimental for women shit. Niggas act like they don't have backbones and cry when they have sex. I'm all for diversity and different elements in hip hop but gatdamnit these B.O.B., Cudi, Drake niggas are a bit too much. And poor Wale is just confused like he's bi-curious now. I don't even care for OF truthfully cause that realm is one I particularly don't wish for...but those young niggas are indeed talented. Frank Ocean is organic as hell and shittin on a LOT of these so called R&B melodic rappin niggas AND bitches (shots fired at Beyonce' and Bruno Mars). Eh. To each his own. But stop gettin mad when the older gods show love to some young cats y'all particularly don't like.

  • tecca neena

    huge wu fan and slowly getting into this odd future and digging it alot as well. Looks like im one of the few

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Yonkers [Remix] ft. Meth, Ghost & Rae, Damn!

  • Anonymous

    WTF with these veterans mayne ?????!!!!!! Im tired of them suckin on these young generation's dick !!Odd future are wack as FUCK !! I cannot understand how Meth can praise these fuckin monkeys ?!! just look at tyler the fake creator's fuckin face mayne !! he is nothin but a clown !

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    Meth just gave the political correct answer. If he said ANYTHING negative magz,websites,blogs etc. Would be having headlines like "Methodman disses Tyler." "WU vs Odd Future." He know them niggaz wack and CAN NEVER be compared to WU.

    • Myan McConico

      you mean like the way he flat-out said he didn't like soulja boy? yall act like the old school can't give props to the new school. how is the "culture" supposed to grow when the people tear down anything that isn't different to their tastes?

  • 4D

    anyone catch the K K K on the door.

  • *Fell*

    Who are these fuckers paying?? Noone gives a fuck about them yet every other interview is someone praising, it's a fucking joke, I'm done with this fucking site, doing what they are told and shit.

  • idk why it hasn't happened yet

    some wu-tang and odd future collabs would be a good look

    • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

      GTFOH!!! Remember Tyler doesn't or didn't listen to 90's music. Remember he said Fuck old school so fuck his lame corny ass. He doesn't even deserve to be brought up in the presence of WU.

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