Wiz Khalifa Holding Off On Mixtapes, Speaks On Snoop Dogg Film

The Taylor Gang leader explains that he's falling back from releasing new music so he can focus on his tour and movie with Tha Doggfather.

Wiz Khalifa stopped by Billboard.com for a live interview earlier today, discussing his upcoming film with Snoop Dogg and why he’s falling back from mixtapes for a while. 

During the interview, the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native spoke on his upcoming stoner comedy High School, co-starring Snoop Dogg and featuring an original collaborative soundtrack.

“It’s a great buddy film. Snoop’s a cool guy in school and I’m kind of like the nerd. I cover up my tattoos and everything,” he said. “I didn’t take it all the way there, but my character, you can really see what I’m going through. But it’s tight. You get to see both of us change and learn a lot and it’s good for both crowds. It’s not just a one-sided movie.” 

The two don’t have a defintive release date for the film, but they’ve been working on their joint LP in Snoop Dogg’s home and in the studio. “It’s really just me and Snoop going back and forth,” he said. “We’re just doing things that people aren’t doing these days.”

With his debut album Rolling Papers in stores, Wiz is holding off on putting out any new mixtapes or projects in the near future so he can focus on the movie and his upcoming tour. “A lot of visuals for people. The movie thing is really, really big right now, and just trying to expand my brand. Get more people onto what I’m doing, because it’s still new to a lot of people,” he said. “I’m always recording new music. I was in the studio with Big Sean last night. I think for a minute, I think I’m going to have people be satisfied with features and hold out on projects until it’s time.”

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  • Taylor Gang Apparel

    Wooow Snoop playing a high school kid that was suppose to graduate 8 years ago??? Well I don't want to hate so hopefully he can pull it off. Sucks though that Wiz has to fall on music, the very tool that got him where is at!!!!

  • rocketgirl

    Have ya’ll heard of the artist Pete RG?! If not you’re definitely missing out on a great folk/Americana singer! His music reminds me of a mix between Andrew Bird and David Gray. You can get a FREE download of his song “Rainy Girl” here http://peterg.viinyl.com/ Let me know what you think!

  • The main gun

    strang gun clappa number One on tha set man I cut ya like lumber Still play the back in my thundergear down to my underwear Make all you motherfuckers wonder where I come from, cuz motherfuck dapper dan Im a gun clappa fan plus I run rappers stand Fab 5, mad live blow up the spot Dru ha gets the paper black moon still gets the props

  • R34LT4LK

    Wiz needs to fall back from makin music for the rest of his career



  • dedicated taylor member.

    I would much rather sit and watch wiz and his entourage then watch any other form of comedy, those guys are way to funny!

  • ????

    How is Wiz in a buddy comedy with snoop playing a high school kid??? Snoop is like 50 years old.dontbuythat.Why not curren$y or even Chevy....The industry is skyping Wiz and he is cheesing for the webcam!

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna have snoop dogg playing " a cool guy in school ", hes like 40!! wiz playing a nerd seems about right though

  • Big Ghost

    Big Ghost: Wiz. Wiz Khalifa: Yessir. Big Ghost: How you feel bout goin' in the trash... Wale: Gross. Big Ghost: ...namsayin' like how you feel bout goin in the garbage 'n takin' like a half ate burger out that muthafucka 'n... Wiz Khalifa: Is it still warm? Big Ghost: Sure son. Wiz Khalifa: Go on... Big Ghost: How you feel bout pullin that half chewed up burger that some other nigga had on his plate 'n ain't really want no more 'n then eatin that son? Wiz Khalifa: Welllllll......I mean, if it's still warm... Amber Rose: Are you seriously answering this question, dumbass? Wiz Khalifa: What? Oh...naaaah...um...haa ha...ha... Amber Rose: Ain't gonna be no foot massage for you tonight, asshole. Wiz Khalifa: Noooooo....c'mon baby...I've been lookin at how crammed your feet look in those...cause of the heel.... Amber Rose: Get off my lap, I want to leave. Wiz Khalifa: (standing up) Honeyboo....yer kinda overreacting....let me rub yer back... Big Ghost: Nigga, was you born wit no dignity? Wiz Khalifa: Ummm... Amber Rose: You're thinking about that? Get out of my way. (walks toward exit) Wiz Khalifa: Amber! WAIT! (removes shirt)

    • T.

      That was actually a lil entertaining

    • David Kenneth Zacheius Brown

      wtf is this retarded bullshit??? big ghost, u need fucking help...

    • Anonymous

      Riley Freeman (to Big Ghost): Nigga, you gay

    • Anonymous

      Big Sean: You been workin out, cuzzo? Wiz Khalifa: Me? Uh, yeah well, I bought a Bowflex but... Big Ghost: Fuck is wrong wit you niggas? Wiz Khalifa: Whuh I say? Haa ha ha Big Ghost: Nigga, if you laugh like that one more time, you gon' be shittin' ya own teeth out later. I'ma smack that blonde patch off ya head, too. Wale: Orrrrr... instead of earrings...(gasps)...give her an engagement ring 'n propose to her! Big Ghost: Y'alls need to get the fuck out.

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