Shots Fired At Waka Flocka Flame's Tour Bus

Various sources report one of Waka Flocka Flame's associates was hit and his tour bus took four shots during a botched drive by in Charlotte.

At least one person was shot when unidentified men opened fire on Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame’s tour bus in Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday. Both and Fox affiliate WCNC report Waka’s bus sustained at least four shots after two cars pulled up next to the tour bus and began shooting. Waka—real name Joaquin Malphurs—was reportedly getting a stereo installed on his tour bus when the men shot at the bus and the electronics store performing the installation.

To my fans N world im good nothing is wrong with my health see yall in Cali for all-star #im1realasspersonabout 1 hour ago via web

After Waka Flocka Flame’s publicist confirmed members of the rapper’s security detail opened return fire on the fleeing men, the rapper announced he wasn’t harmed via his Twitter account. Local police temporarily detained Waka Flocka Flame along with several other men.

In January of 2010, Waka Flocka Flame sustained a gunshot wound to the arm after being involved in a scuffle at an Atlanta-area carwash. The incident was reportedly caused by someone attempting to steal the rapper’s jewelry.



  • Lindsay Meyerowitz

    Did everyone hear Waka Flocka give the world a piece of his mind with some choice words?!?! You have got to check this out!!! Go to Rumorfix and check the audio out!!!

  • Lindsay Meyerowitz

    Did everyone hear Waka Flocka give the world a piece of his mind with some choice words?!?! You have got to check this out!!! Rumorfix . com

  • Lindsay Meyerowitz

    Did everyone hear Waka Flocka give the world a piece of his mind with some choice words?!?! You have got to check this out!!!

  • Nevayield

    You know I'm definitely no fan of dude music as I'm a true hip hop head ie skyzoo, jay elect, elzhi, nas etc.. But I can't front I like how money carry himself. From the way he handled that Method Man diss, his respect for Nas, and the fact that he handle his business. Nigga is NOT jus talk he will get down. Everything aint for everybody but you a hater if you can't respect dude grind. How can you NOT give it up to a young brotha that has made it doing what he loves. He got my respect fa show, whether I like his shit or not. Rude

  • Brown Suga

    No a fan of this dude, but I dont think he should be killed. Lets be serious here. Its not funny. Then some of these no nothing teenagers will try and put him in the category of BIG or Tupac or Big L. I live in Charlotte and that kinda stuff dont happen here all the time, so he must have brought that drama with him. I do wish these dudes would stop glorifying the foolishness in their music because being ignorant is nothing to sing and dance about, but about but all the kids in your family think so.

  • Zachary Dixon

    y would someone would do this

  • Jesse Andersen

    Too bad they missed. 115 ppl like this because 115 ppl thought he got shot at first glance.

  • wacka flacka

    Who buying this dudes music..?? i dont get it, you got dudes like this and Gucci mane eating well,. then you got Artists like J. Cole, Wale etc etc not blowing up huge, who spending guap on this trash man,. im so lost

    • OKK

      Dude I don't know whats goin on. I guess people wanna hear dis dumb shit. And u wonder why da kids are acting a fool....

  • Truthenola

    Needs to watch his ass,. obviousely all that gangsta crap doesnt pay fool,. you out there balling actin dumb stupid ,. this is why 2pac got GOT.. cant be out in public, no security actin a fool in videos Yellinn shit and expect people to not react,. you wack anyways

  • Gary Rue

    If it was a redneck , he wouldn't of missed ! Where's Toby Keith when you need him. Nah I don't wish death on anyone but PLEASE go away. These suckers can make cds and do local bowling alleys. How did the world come to this ? Allowing low rent noise make its way to our youth !!!!!

  • Dwight 'D wiz' Anderson

    I'm mad they missed, now we gotta hear new tracks featuring chants like " they miss me" and "had to shit my pants" lol. What made a Label sign this ass clown?

  • appreciative of real hip-hop

    it's a shame the shooter missed :(

  • bballslim42

    Damn, i wish these fake thugs could aim better. Whoever kills Waka Flocka will get a thank you card from me.

  • Anonymous

    when you put out self hatred and ignorance,violence,non sense shit,its no doubt that shit comes back to you.rappin about killen people and negativity but these niggas dont want that hate coming there way but its alright to provoke it enuff to the point another person besides themselves get killed.these niggas sit back and make you think they all about this gun play and killing but they dont want the to 2pac but he was an example. love pac but he talked all that shit about shooting and killing people and there kids but when them niggas rolled up in that cadillac dumping his ass was trying to jump in the back seat to dodge shit. if he had a death wish and all that shit he would of took the issue,but he didnt cause he wanted to live.stop believing the hype niggas that shit get more niggas killed then the actuall problem you have with the niggas.pray for this fool waka flocka,cause just by listening to his music i can tell why niggas might wanna blast him

  • YesMan

    I am sure it is jeezy that shot at them because he has that kind of pocket change

  • CLick

    Damn Jeezy shot at rick ros snow wakka flacka Jeezy be trippin big time!

  • New Jordans Coming out

    Why These People Tryin To Kill This Dude? It Entertainment..Boy I Tell U!

  • Anonymous

    Anybody who's surprised should smack themselves, these motherfuckers make the most ignorant shit available, and then act surprised when they attract ignorance

  • doody

    yall wreckless ass hell fa bussin shots at fooley den do a drive by doh scarry ass niggas

  • Anonymous


  • Alexandr Zubarev

    This nigga is so high, he probably shot up his own bus.

    • Gary Rue

      Wow this russian or swedish dude said N@@@a. I have called many a white dude out saying that nonsense. Even for a black man to say it or woman is retarded. Richard Pryor is the only one that made it sound funny. It was at that time in the 70s where things were changing and he caused it to be less offensive. Yet people ran around with it and BOOM it sticks. I remember the IT WAS WRITTEN album from NAS. I was disappointed because there were like a thousand N@@@as on it ! - I am just a guy with white skin !!! HAHA

    • Anonymous

      Say nigga again and I'll chop ff the other half of your crusty head

    • Glen

      Hey cunt - where is the rest of your head?

  • LBreezzy

    Kjkj this nigga is a disgrace to music him his mama with her hoe ass and fag ass gucci nigga get off his dick cause you didn't even by his album it sold double nothing nigga he's a clown an you clown too come to the STL nigga northside in hurr I box nigga we can throw them hands or whatever

    • JackTown

      Or Check Out Hershey Blakk he the man with dem beats for tha trunk

    • JackTown

    • JackTown

      check out my homeboy blow if yall wanna here some crunk shit put it on the track my block and tell me Blow wont fuck LBreezzy and Wacka Flocka up!!!

    • Laudie-on-the-track

      A nigga watch your mouth bitch nigga Lbreezzylbreezzy bout to get signed you doing all this tough talk faggot Deez Beat Production we got all our ahit together pussy an also check out his music he can inspire your weak ass

    • Anonymous

      really you pussy duke.internet thugs,wanna be thugs,wanksters,pranksters,and all the rest of need to give it aint finna do shit

    • Anonymous


  • gnigga/pleeze

    aww shit its like a cycle. you've heard this story before. next month he's gonna get caught tryna stock up on choppers and only do a year because ppl are tryin to kill him is an excuse. then get justin timberlake and rihanna on his next album.

  • Anonymous

    last comment was mine you know what i meant

  • Anonymous

    who's stipid enough to waste bullets on him?

  • Anonymous

    fucken hilarious no one on the streets got respect for this sorry excuse of a rapper

    • Anonymous

      niggas these days aint got no honor or respect for nothing.any man who respects a man because of money,or guns or because the streets respect him is a lost .why search for the next man respect when you dont know what it is that he respects.some people respect the most ignorant shit you can respect and dont have no merit why they do,just cause the rest of these ignorant motherfuckers do.petty ass shit dont get niggas no where but a box cell or underground.sometimes i feel like thats were most of these niggas belong.

    • Big Gay Dave

      I'm gonna fill kjkj's brown fuck-hole with glorious man-paste!

    • Anonymous

      no one man can speak for the streets so you can both go fuck yourselves

    • kjkj

      nigga u obviously aint a street nigga cus if u was u'd know that tha streets love waka and wat he represent now shut yo bitch ass up ya fuckin nerd ass nigga

  • Why??? Because I said so!!

    I have been immensely entertained (awestruck) for the past year or more by following the adventures of Wacka Flocka and Gucci Mane. Unbelievable. No month goes by without one or the other of them (and usually in conjunction with one another) shooting at someone or being shot at. I can conclusively state that if I had been involved in all those altercations, I would be (a)DEAD or (b)IN JAIL.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is wrong with you people? Blaming this on rappers? Seriously? How mis-guided are yall? So does it say that the rapper Waka started firing shots at random people or does it say TWO CARS PULLED UP AND STARTED FIRING SHOTS..blame this on rappers in general? Really? Yall are pathetic and know nothing about rap what so ever. And by the way to rap haters. The most selling album of 2000-2010 was a RAP ALBUM all yall can shut up and go back to workin at mcdonalds.

  • lol

    you don't see this happening to most rappers. I just don't think I can believe his mom saying he isn't gang affiliated

    • utuy

      wat the fuck is wrong wit u????? do u actually think that his mother would admit to it......tha fuckin feds is all over these niggas

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