DJ Kool Herc Speaks On Healthcare Reform

Kool Herc expresses his frustration with the U.S. healthcare system, still requires surgery for kidney stones.

Over the past couple of days the health of Hip Hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc has made headlines throughout the Hip Hop world.

Late last month DJ Premier revealed that Herc had been hospitalized with kidney stones. He also explained that Herc’s visit to the hospital has taken a financial toll on the legendary DJ and his family.

Following his release from the hospital Kool Herc has now taken to raising awareness of the many issues plaguing this country’s healthcare system.  

"We live in one of the superpowers of the world!" said Kool Herc in a statement to MTV News. "'Give me your tired, your poor ... ' and then you don't take care of them? There should be no weak ants in the colony. There shouldn't be anyone fighting for health care! This has been going on too damn long!”

“Now we are fighting for health care not just for me, but for everyone,” said Herc. “I see this situation as another quest for me to shine light on a sensitive issue for the community. I'm an instrument of God. I'm here for a purpose and I want to be here for the solution."

Although Herc has been released from the hospital he still requires a surgery for his condition. A PayPal account has been setup by his sister to accept donations for Kool Herc; donations can be sent to Checks can also be mailed to Kool Herc Productions at PO Box 20472 Huntington Station, NY 11746.



  • Just Saying

    Rappers with their Blink Blink mentality. It is starting to disgust me. Rick Ross and P. Diddy can waste millions on a Birthday Party. Then throw money into the crowd as if money is not a thing. Then can not assist a Hip Hop veteran in the least bit.

  • NoMonacle

    I am disgusted with Hip Hop as a whole. Hip Hop DX and EVERY Hip Hop artist should be paying their dues to this man. I'm especially dissapointed that Hip Hop DX is not plastering this all over the site and putting a paypal link on the main page since without Herc their fucking website and any money they make from it wouldn't be here. I'm disgusted that no big artists are giving him direct cash, they should do it off of principle. I'm a broke fucking College student and I'm donating. Hip Hop DX should be putting banners and links to helping this man all over the site, and that goes for any Hip Hop site.

  • AMiAM

    kidney stones hurt like a m'fucka. Peace to the man who STARTED IT ALL!...ALL!...ALL! If you dont realize this, then do your homework. August 11, 1973.

  • cardan

    fuck all the extra shit. he's the father of hip hop and i sent him some cash. peace and love.

  • Lk Wil Sun

    this issue is bigger than one man, and its true that personal responsibility is at the forefront. Kool Herc doesnt deserve special treatment, but i am hear some very uneducated views on healthcare. we are talking about the cost being so high because of government intervention, but at least everyone could have it, as long as it stays privatized it will be even higher, of course the govt has to regulated everything, thats how democratic capitalism works. we seem to be concerned with the cost, but how can the US afford to setup free healthcare for Iran and Iraq through war funding, but cant do it for its own people. there are countries with a GNP 100 times less than the US that has free healthcare. France has more smokers and they eat more than we do but yet their mortality rates are much less than ours. why? because they can to the doctor without any hassle. their whole social structure is better than ours, sure you pay higher taxes,but its worth it. what do we pay taxes for here in the US, a war that has put us in this recession, unsafe neighborhoods, poor public education, over priced colleges, social security that will run out in 25 years, unemployment insurance that has been frozen in a lot of states. when you work on reform, you wont get everything in the beginning, but you have to start somewhere, and amend as you go along....remember you have to crawl before you walk. they continue to make fools out of the working and middle class, by making you think that social programs are not good or the governments responsibilty and they are the ones who need it most.....smarten up

    • Anonymous

      the govt screws eveything up, we already had a govt run healthcare in medicaid and medicare and it is all screwed up... the post office is all screwed up... the irs is all screwed up... ins doesnt do anything... govt run programs dnt work and its not the program its the government, thats the biggest problem with universal healthcare... private companies just do it better... dnt be niave and expect that just cuz obama is proposing it thats its gonna work bcuz it will end up just like medicaid and medicare in 20 years... a mess

    • Anonymous

      You have to start somewhere, true. But isn't there a time and place for everything? America's problem isn't about converting people to believe that Obamacare isn't a good social program. America's problem is not fully understanding whether or not this is the right time to invest in another costly program when our debt is by the millisecond with no real solution set in stone that be the catalyst for reversing the trend. I tell people about this all the time, and most try to shun me of by calling me a Republican (I guess that's an insult). It isn't until I get there minds to stop thinking about "what everybody deserves" and start thinking about "what everybody can afford". Think about it like this. You make 30,000 annually. Your bills total 50,000 annually. You're currently 200,000 in debt. Is it this the right time to invest in a 100,000 vehicle? If you answer is yes, you obviously don't understand the consequences of too much debt. Let me put it like this, you incur too much debt to your mortgage company...they take your house. You incur too much debt to other countries...well, use your imagination.

  • 7th Granded seal

    it's funny that Premo wants to demand fans to pay up for Kool Herc's illness but where the fuck was he at when Guru first became diagnosed with cancer? Why didn't he forcefully move Solar out the fuckin' way in the very beginning so that he could get more close to Guru again so that he could help care for him in the hospital instead of bitch ass Solar? Where was Premo then? Premo didn't get over to Guru fast enough until he was close to already being gone and on top of that Premo had the nerve to say that he had to sneak into the hospital? Sneak? what the fuck is that? You did at least 5 to 6 personal albums with this man for most of your entire career and that is the main reason why you are where you are today and you say you had to sneak to see Guru in the hospital? Smh. just sayin' that Premo could've forcefully done more enough to show Guru that he cared deeply about him rather than let him run off with that clown ass Solar guy and let Solar get complete control like that. I would've thought despite differences that Premier had a deeper relationship with Guru than that. Premo should've been in control in that hospital and watching over Guru towards the end of his death and caring for him despite whatever differences they had and not that foolish Solar. Premier should've never let Solar get that close to Guru and I don't care if Guru told Premo not to fuck with him anymore that still shouldn't have stopped Premo for showing how much he cared about Guru and I'm sure Guru would've eventually saw that and would've kicked Solar to the curb quickly and maybe things would've been different. Yes this is a bit off subject but Premier needs to check himself before he starts impulsively calling out rap fans to help pay towards Kool Herc who knows himself that he needs to take better care of handling his own health situations like a man. no fan did this to him. unfortunately, Herc could be responsible for the development of those kidney stones because no one knows how this man was eating or what he was drinking.

    • 905

      He didn't do that for Guru because Guru didn't tell anyone he had cancer (aside from Solar) until the end of his life. Maybe you should read up on a situation before you talk shit about preme you fuckin' twat.

    • Anonymous

      Sucks to be poor in the great empire lol. Why dont you try to bomb washington for healthcare just like you bomb for freedom.

  • Anonymous

    wtf, this dude couldnt afford health insurance

  • joe5282

    mad respect to DJ Kool Herc, but he doesn't understand the problems with the health care system. Obama's health care "reform" isn't reform at all -- it was written with the help of the insurance companies and gives special exemptions to select corporations. It requires individuals to buy health insurance, even if they have a difficult time affording it. The reason why health care is so expensive is due to government intervention in the form of Medicare and regulations on the health care industry. Pharmaceutical drugs are so expensive because Big Pharma lobbies our government to not allow competition in the drug industry. The problems flow from too much government intervention, not a lack of it. Health care has been a heavily regulated industry for half a century now. Before the 1960s, health care was NOT expensive. Even with all these government-induced problems, however, the United States still has the best health care in the world. We don't have waiting lists, we don't have rationing. And hospitals are required to treat emergency patients, regardless of whether or not that patient has insurance.

    • 905

      Well if they did it correctly that is.

    • 905

      You totally contradicted yourself. The problem is the private insurance companies and the government letting them get away with all those injustices. If the government fully took over healthcare you could have FREE healthcare.

    • RealTalk100

      Ya i agree 100. there is little consumer choice or free market dynamics taking place in the current health care system, and "Obamacare" is actually reenforcing the old system with the full financial backing of the U.S. government. Getting quality health care is a major necessity, just as eating quality food is a major necessity. Why than do we need to have insurance plans to get health care, but we don't need insurance plans to buy food at the grocery store? I am in the insurance industry. Insurance is is for the purposes of mitigating risk, or covering your ass financially for things that MAY happen, but likely will not happen. You get life insurance in case you die during your working years. You get car insurance in case you get in a car accident. The purpose of insurance is to guard against the possibility of financial loss, not as a payment plan to pay your fuckin doctor everytime you get a check up. In the free market, companies have to keep their prices low on their products and services to lure customers and fend off competition. Customers do not pay their doctors, so they are not concerned which doctor is cheaper than which. Not that there is any difference between any one health provider. In the American health care market, doctors are not in competition with each other, they are PRICE FIXING and collectively deciding what to charge our insurance companies for their services. Yo Kool Herc: If the Democrats were so concerned about how expensive health care was for all of us, they would give all this fuckin red tape and just cut us "tired" and "poor" a check from the US Treasury every tax year. Instead they are trying to force all Americans to be customers of these greedy insurance companies and they are building a gigantic expensive government bureaucracy.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this nigga... if he didnt fuck around with his money and actually planned for later in life he wouldnt be in this position instead of crying to the government like all broke ass niggas do.


      anonymous ur an asshole bitch ass muhfucka..respect your elders..its like if yo father was broke and ill u'd help him out...despite the fact that he had an awkward life..he's still yo father...besides real hip hop..its a fam thing..its a culture...those who'v benefited from it shud cough up..if it wasnt for him u wudnt jerk off yo hoe ass nicki minaj

    • rhd

      I empatize with kool Herc about his illness,but he has always been a asshole to fans and people just trying to speak to him and acknowledge his stature in the hip hop world. He is a bitter person because he was a part of something that became a billion dollar business and he didn't get a piece of the pie. GOD bless him.

    • Enlightened

      Homie seriously? Dude invented hip-hop in the 70's. He never had money. Nobody made real money off rap until Run DMC/LL and then really the rappers in the 90's.

  • Yardley Dave Moise

    its sad, dj kool herc is the god father of hip hop and possible one of the founder of this genre and you don't see none of these rapper reaching out or donating any money what so ever, this a true example how rappers are selfish, and not grateful or pay homage, hip hop is dead !!!!

    • Enlightened

      @yepperz The man said "these rappers" not "the fans." BIG DIFFERENCE. I agree with you about what he could have done for himself, but keep in mind this story surfaced on the same weekend where a story was around that Diddy and Rick Ross gave away a million dollars in the strip club (bullshit!) To the rappers who supposedly have so much money, what's it to them to give a few thousand to help the man. If your father or uncle is an alcholic, and needs treatment because he has drank himself damn near to death, and you're a "millionaire" you should help him. Don't matter how he got in that situation

    • Yepperz

      that's understandable but the whole real truth of the matter is that DJ Kool Herc is a grown ass man...He should've known from day one to handle his business from a health wise perspective...Ask yourself how did he get kidney stones? What food was he putting into his body that gave him kidney stones? Foods and drinks containing Oxalate can develop kidney stones...Did he not drink enough water? Who knows because nobody was around Kool Herc to fully focus on seeing how he was treating himself with the foods and drinks he was digesting into his body and how he handles his health on a daily basis... So at the end of the day don't turn your foolish anger towards Hip-Hop fans to make them pay up because a man didn't sensibly take care of himself when it comes to drinking and eating the right foods...Herc is a grown ass man and he is responsible for that not fans and DJ Premier needs to get a reality check and stop being so fuckin' impulsive all the damn time and putting a man's business out into the streets like that as if he was gonna seriously die...Premo made it seem like Herc had cancer or some shit and was gonna die right away or something and sort of blew the whole shit out of proportion by putting it out there like that...that's kinda embarrassing to present it the way he did to say the least...just saying that Premo could've presented in a better way...

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