As we recently reported, Hip Hop pioneer DJ Kool Herc has been sick. However, while some believed he may be close to dying, his family recently revealed that he has “serious kidney stones.” As a result, Herc needs surgery soon, one that he cannot afford at this time. Cindy Campbell, Herc’s sister, recently spoke on this issue and what can be done with The New York Daily News

“He’s been in terrible pain for months,” she noted. “The doctors say they’ve got to come out, but we just don’t have the money.”

The legendary Kool Herc has more than $10,000 to pay in hospital bills so far. This does not include the surgery, which will add another amount to the overall sum. 

The stones were found months ago at a Bronx hospital where they also inserted a stent, a hallow tube, which is meant to help with any pain or discomfort. According to Herc’s sister, he’s also taking pain killers, which can hurt in the long run. 

“People need to come together on this. The trailblazers are getting older and they have no real support network,” she added.

Anybody willing to donate money towards Herc’s medical bills can do so via Paypal to Fans can send checks to Kool Herc Productions by mailing to PO Box 20472 Huntington Station, NY 11746.