40 Glocc Released On $100,000 Bail After Yesterday's Arrest

UPDATE: 40's home, and provides proof.

Southern California rapper 40 Glocc was arrested by San Bernardino police on Sunday afternoon after authorities found a loaded 9-millimeter handgun in his car. According to police, 40 Glocc, who also goes by the name Big Bad 40, is suspected of several weapons violations and could face time in jail.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the rapper, who authorities have linked to the Colton City Crips gang, was seated in a black Range Rover, close to the city's Arbor Terrace apartments. The apartment structure is the same one he and other suspected members of the Colton City Crips were banned from gathering around as part of a 2008 court injunction.

Officials say they approached the Infamous Records/G-Unit rapper and his friends after a routine patrol of the area. After searching the group, who police say was loitering near a carport area, police found the handgun. 40 is being held at the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino, while others at the scene were arrested for various violations of parole.

Although the San Bernardino County District Attorney attempted to file an injunction on the rapper for "promotion of the gangster lifestyle" during the summer of last year, 40 has continued to deny that he is a member of the gang, claiming that authorities are trying to "punish me for not allowing them to dictate what I can and cannot do for my income and entertainment purposes."

40 Glocc is still prepping his New World Agenda LP, which is scheduled for release in the spring.

(January 24)

UPDATE: 40 Glocc confirmed via Twitter and a Twitpic that he is free. The rapper claims that he was released on $100,000 bail.

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