Game & Ras Kass Fight In Club, Over Three Years After Beef Started

Over three years after round 1, round 2 happens, and a picture might soon reveal who came out on top.

Two of California's more respected lyricists, Carson's Ras Kass and Compton's Game have had a dispute going back over three years. Recently, Ras Kass signed to 40 Glocc's Zoo Life imprint. 40 Glocc, a Inland Empire, California rapper who also goes by "Big Bad 40" is a longtime associate of 50 Cent and G-Unit. According to both Ras Kass and 40, a fight took place in the last several days between the two emcees.

2011 starts out right !!! Me & Gayme had a rumble Dude waaay pussy. Don't punch & run. We got pic faggot!! Happy NewJanuary 1 via Twittelator

As Ras Kass alludes to in the tweet, 40 Glocc is said to have a picture of the incident.

Game has also confirmed the incident:

Gave Rass Kass a 2-piece nugget meal in da club da otha night. He went down n da 1st round like last time. Same soft chin, Different clothesless than a minute ago via Twitterrific

In September of 2006, the two artists clashed in a club, that reports have stated, left Ras Kass victim of a punch from the Aftermath Entertainment star. Subsequent interviews have stated that the dispute began over an air of disrespect and Scipio, now known as X.O., who was once affiliated with Ras Kass before joining Black Wall Street.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • Terri Pandi

    Game already killed Rass before.

  • Sonny Red

    My homeboy was DJing that night, he said Game knocked rass trash right on his ass, then security started tossin niggas out

  • jeezy

    wow this fuccin loser is makin head lines yet again game iz lame this nigga calls himself a gangsta? this is a guy who had a butterfly tattoo on his face!

  • wait a minute

    after i read the part about two grown men giving each other 2 piece chicken meals and taking pictures, which sounds like a gay date, i read the saddest news of all--ras kass is signed to 40 glocc's is happening to the west coast? we don't get to hear nipsey hussle's album now, dre just came back (after 10 years), and now these 30 plus niguz in the club punching and running. Ya'll niggas should be fighting to stay relevant. SMH so hard i threw my neck out, i'm going to bed

  • achpe2

    Gay a## WWE BS. This dude said he got pieced and he got pics of it. WTF???????? Who the f##k keeps pictures of when they get snuffed?

  • Prick James

    Only thing gayer than tweeting your beef is the fanboys here debating who's a better emcee/fighter/salad-tosser...

  • Black Alien

    At least they going with the hands you hardly hear that anymore...Kass would kill Game on the mic..but the way this rap has turnd to WWE it wouldn't even matter///Like Charles H and S Jones....C Hamilton was killing dude but because he looked effed up cats think he lost listen to the rhymes...Thats why battling accapella is wack..Rap on beat and see fi you can adjust your flow, instead of saying a bunch of punchlines offbeat..

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    Ras is a better MC, but I would put my money on Game stomping a mudhole in that lil nigga side....CTFU!!!

    • Dan Ruben Nilsen Lindseth

      i think ras kass ia way better mcee, and game i dont belive a word that he saying, game is making a ass of him self with the weak ass beef shit!!!

  • Hiero

    Do bitches like this really post that shit via fucken twitter? Shits fucken hilarious. On some High School female type ish.

    • Prick James

      Co-fucking-sign my niggas... ..STRAIGHT BITCH SHIT with the tweeting.. ... fuck a pic, I'm waiting for a cell phone video of these schoolgirls on youtube.


      LOL ...Dude you are ssooooo fucking right. It's fashion these days that if u take a shit u post it on twitter. Its gangster 3000 with the internet LOL

  • XiK

    I support both Game & Ras - keep coming out like that - all hip hop has now is lil wayne faggits, please show these faggits :)

  • Lal lai

    You win some you lose some but you live to fight another day(pops from Friday voice) now time to go in both of these west coast ass rappers need to sit down I wouldn't care if game got killed in the club and the osh kosh was the one who burned the club afterwards. It still ain't enough to make me buy the red album or any album osh kosh puts out for that matter. #nobodycares

  • Jeremy Orr

    aint BOTH these niggaz over 30?? #fail guess atleast we gone get some good ish on wax from both!!

  • Anonymous

    Rass Kass would murder Game lyrically.

  • Grandson

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Stay in school kids!

  • Ikenna Berkley Jones

    lame all this beef shit is just stupid

  • Anonymous

    lame, all this beef shit is just stupid

  • kennyken

    man its just a fist fight. you win some, you lose some. don't let your man ego take it further. i know that ego hurting right now though. i've been punched and gotten the best of too. still living though.

  • ed0n


  • v_patron

    I guess game is a NO name dropper too

  • Yeah I said it

    Game is better lyrically at the moment and he would knock Ras Kass the fuck out. Rassy you better chill and sit this one out I think. I like both of them though.

    • GOD

      i hope ur mother gets cancer also faggot

    • bizi

      Come on man... Just cause you disagree you gotta wish cancer on somebody's fam???? What part of the game is that? It's okay to disagree.. Everybody has an opinion just state yours and keep it moving. Peace and Love

    • Fuck you

      Game is better lyrically? Your an idiot i hope your mother dies/has already died of cancer

  • King Azi


  • Anonymous

    ras kass aint got a chance physically ova game and the stuff game is dropping right now he dont have a chance lyrically either

  • war22

    all i'm saying is...Gayme dont ever come to Detroit...not even Em could save ur ass

  • Me

    Physically i would put my money on Game But Lyrically definitely Ras Kass

  • Anon

    and still, nobody fucking cares.

  • GHBDoper

    I haven't seen Ras Kass in person, but seen Game in person. He looks like he could knock fools out.

  • D-Rob

    Ras Kass is straight poo. Weak link of the HRSMN. Kiss your washed up ass goodbye.

  • Bryant Carter

    Up and coming guitar player and been from maryland all the way to hollywood @ musicians institute now im back and ready to work with who ever likes what they hear. Available for touring, recording sessions, collaborations, staring a group ect. Currently in Maryland Washington D.C "DMV" area. Possibly soon to NY. It's 2011 LETS GET IT! CLICK HERE -->

  • HersheyMeltChocolate

    Damn....he said two piece nuggets. My fat ass is hungry now. Game...this ain't no "game". I weigh around 462, and I'll tell you boyz, down hear in the country o' south, we love us some nuggets. Next time, I hope you gave someone a butter-hit biscuits so I could just faint, lord Jesus help me please, my blood pressure is going up.

  • Anonymous

    wait hold up, while your man was in a fight, you taking out a camera taking pictures?!?! hahahaha wtf.

  • Anonymous

    Just wut Game needs to fuel him..haha. Sure Rass is the better lyricist, but Game and his feud record is no joke. lol, plus he jokster haha.

  • Sensaye252

    New school rap is like wrestling. And that Twitter shit is gay, I don't care how popular it gets. These niggas are both overrated as rappers, that's why they're both so gassed.

  • Anonymous

    rass IS the better rapper, thats all that matters. Game has been getting progressively wack after 50 wrote his first album


    "same soft chin, different clothes." -- classic.

  • Game time

    Game knocked this chump out again hahahahhahah look at all you pathetic rass kass fans hahahahhaah your favourate rapper just got KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT AGAIN hahahahah all on here like well in a battle rass kass would murder game hahahahha u funny little fuckers game is the KING of BEEF and will kill anyone on the mic and the first time game didnt use a bottle he just walked up, spoke his peace and knocked the little lemmiwink the fuck out and now he did it again how embarassing for rass kass's 8 fans, its GAMETIME fuckers think RED

    • fuck outta here

      "KING of BEEF and will kill anyone on the mic" get real.... ANYONE? ANYONE? You really think Game would kill anyone on the mic? even game wouldn't admit to that. Em is by far a better battle rapper and would eat him the fuck up. shit, KRS is damn near 50 years old and he would probably still handle game in a battle. hop off of his dick for a minute.

    • naijaboy

      dude stop being a dick ryder

  • Anonymous

    game got a classic album. ras got a classic album. difference? ras kass will eat game on a track, at any time. game got no quotables, ras is walking quotables.

  • eaze

    its amazing how a simple fight gets all suckas wet n start taking sides.. haha yall need a life lol

  • chipz

    lol @ "two piece nugget meal"....

  • e.

    haha rass got knocked the f@ck out!! GAME TIME

  • Anonymous

    chill uncle ruckas

  • Anonymous

    time to snuff a nigga

  • Anonymous

    I'D JUST LIKE TO TAKE THIS MOMENT TO ANNOUNCE THAT 50 CENT IS A MAN WHORE.............. that is all i wish to say

    • Nunya

      No fucking shit...a famous, rich, ghetto thug rapper? Did you think he really wanted you for anything else? If so...then you're the one that needs to be called out.

  • SuperGucciRap

    game does look tough tho. who do you think would win out of game v 50. id probably say game, fifty is bigger but 'roids don't make you tough, they make you baloon. game as cocky as he is, is known to be a good athlete and generally fit guy so my moneys on game to bust that gorilla in the teeth

    • Yeah I said it

      "you ethiopian niggas walking round high on weed forgetting to eat." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    • crackpot

      lols, wtfs and idks at yall niggas, peace forever can never happen

    • no neck

      anybody that looks at somebody muscular and says "hes on steroids" is just overcompensating for the fact they a frail faggot with no muscle mass. real niggas get big on water and bread. you ethiopian niggas walking round high on weed forgetting to eat. niggas in the pen swole off 3 meals and spare time. and fif would destroy game in a fight, fif trains like a pro athlete. game was a stripper.

    • phadiga

      Game straight up! 5-0 is a only a barking dog!

    • Blax

      Know what u're sayin before u sound like a dumbass. 50 used to box, so he'll probly win. Plus are u giving 50 the steroids?? How u know he taking them?? smh

    • Anonymous

      I'd say 50. Before he rapped he boxed and he's bigger I'd say. I know size doesn't mean everything but man he's huge lol.

  • white milk

    this shyt is not da business. this is kid shyt. gtfu!!!

  • John Marston

    Ras Kass Got Bent Over Politely and Received another Anal Fisting Down To The Elbow from Game

  • jay

    I wanna see game get at 50, pick on someone you own size!



  • Pussy

    This isnt the first time i hear of Game flakin like that, i know he's bigger the Ras but i wanna see a fair fight, and ras is such a better emcee anyway

  • cardan

    grow up faggots. sound like bitches fighting over some dude.

  • Anonymous

    crazyy if you support real hip hop check this out!!

  • true

    Game knocks out ras kass again.. smh ras kass taken too many L's

  • BWS-Fish

    how about less time spent snuffin people in nightclubs and more time gettin ur fuckin album out Game? Sick of waitin...

  • Mr. Flamboyant

    Seriously? These niggas are how old? Man... what a hell of a way to start the new year. And Ras was the one who got knocked out the last time. And Ras... give us an album that lives up to your superior talent instead of doing your best Napoleon complex. Just ridiculous.

  • Vincent Salamatino

    This got the smell of some publicity stunt. Ya gotta do something to keep your name relevant. But if Game and Kass were to throw down Game would melt dude he got like 7 inches and probably atleast 80 pounds on dude that shit means a lot

    • Anonymous

      lol thats shits hilarious

    • Anonymous

      lmao, funniest comment i read today, but probably true when it comes to the game in 2011. as sad as it is;sometimes certain people just need to get punched for some shit. regardless, i like ras kass better than game anyday but i just hope they leave shit alone after this and battle out on the mic cuz we all know kass would win

  • wickwickwack

    i dont want Ras to cry about this for weeks again ... and please 40 glocc dont use this to promote your album thats not going to see the light get to work bullshit in 2011´


    What the game mean knocked him out like the last time. not a fan of rass kass or the game but resources say that the both confronted eachother the 1st time and the game hit rass kass with a glass bottle when rass kass turn around for a second. If that ain't a hoe/punk move i don't know what is. I am curious of who won the fight the game should win cause he bigger but then again if you from the hood you would know u atleast seen a few lil niggas knock out some tall dudes or buff dudes

  • fc

    Game knocked Ras Kass the fuck out like we all would expect him to

  • the truth while yall still in denial

    Ras Kass is the EMCEE BEST ON THE WEST (Soul on Ice classic) but he need to step his fight game up on the real i hope he aint go out like no pussy game just mad ras kass called him out on caution i heard he stripped for his moms male strip club in la

  • Rick

    c'mon son! Ras is a midget...Im sure Game popped him in the face.

  • CB

    Thinking that they both should have shot each other in the fuckin face at the same time.

  • Game is a joke

    Ras Kass, I hope you got this nigga because I'm getting tired of his feminine ways man, He had it coming...

  • G

    Rass Kass whupped that ass......hopefully.

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