"Kush" Gives Dr. Dre First Solo Chart Appearance Since 2000

The well-timed leak of his new single yields dividends as "Kush" sells 45,000 copies in two days.

On 2000’s “Forgot About Dre,” Dr. Dre rhymed, “Give me one more platinum plaque / and fuck Rap you can have it back.” And although it’s taken him over a decade, the legendary co-founding member of NWA is getting a headstart on that last plaque with his single “Kush.” The song has debuted at the number 48 spot on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart, which ranks the country’s most popular singles based on sales and radio airplay. While Dre was credited as a producer and co-writer on Eminem’s 2009 single, “Crack A Bottle,” the debut of “Kush” marks the first time a Dr. Dre single billed as a solo effort has appeared on the Billboard charts since “The Next Episode.”

After an unmastered version of the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, Akon and newcomer Sly hit blogs and other music sites, Aftermath quickly posted a mixed and mastered version to Dr. Dre’s official site and made the single available for purchase via iTunes on November 18. Despite being released mid-week, the single sold 45,000 copies.

Various reports have stated a video to “Kush” has already been shot, with veteran music video director Joseph Kahn at the helm. While Detox has been delayed by rumored unofficial leaks, Dre maintains his Hip Hop swan song will finally be released in February of 2011.


  • Anonymous

    why the hell is everyone complaining that this doesn't sound like the old Dre?. no fuckin' duh it doesn't sound like the old Dre.. cuz he's not the same as he was in the 80's and 90's.. everyone has to change eventually.. just becuz it doesn't sound like the Chronic or the Chronic 2001 doesn't mean it's not a good song.. change is necessary.. just go with it..

  • spoilt

    Wack and uncreative!!


    damn that nikka juicin like a modafucka fiddy introduced dat nikka to dat shit das why they both looking like fucking terminatorz

  • minnesota slick

    1978 veteran: kush is kinda weak- rather listen to scarface. what did dre ever really produce by himself anyway? shit i'd rather listen to 'face anyway. dopeman music goes hard. im still bumpin the world is yours and that came out 17 years ago

  • jayy

    what they needa b doin is pushin that under pressure song. that chorus was hot and jayz murdered the track. glad it was still that verse from the unfinsihed we had. but i liked u.p better than kush even tho i think kush is hot

  • jayy

    damn why so much hate.. his rap skills can be debated but his beats can never be debated..hes made classics upon classics ppl still jam. some of ur all time favorites by other artists that were hot on radio were dre beats w.o u knowin. dres an instrumental genius. his raps usually blow. but i find myself lovin his albums. well c how thisone goes im gonna have 2 listen2 more songs before i buy his shit make sure its worth it.

  • Allan

    Are you serious... TOP 80 DR DRE BEATS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reOZJcdOTwE Who else has that back log Theres not one non classic song on there....every beat is epic!

    • Drefan since 91

      That's why Dre's the greatest. 99% of his productions between 87 and 07 were good to classic. Don't know what happened in 07 doe. His productions started to get average in 07 on Curtis album. And on Relapse there's maybe only 1 production that makes me go "Damn!!!", Ãœnderground". So he needs to really stop with the steroids cuz I'm pretty sure they're the reason for his productions getting less creative, bangin and sick.

  • gutter man

    i would love to lock dre in a basement recording studio all by himself and not let him out until a whole album was done and videotape everything he did, just too see what he can actually do- over-rated old fart keeps deceiving his fans.

    • Drefan since 91

      Yeah, and give him some weed. But no steroids. Weed makes you more creative but I think steroids can make a person less creative. His productions became less creative around the same time he started to look like the Hulk. About 3 years ago.


    THIS SONG IS FUCKING TRASH, roid'd up papa, old ass starved papa, and a burnt ass wanna be gangsta

  • Santiago Wu YouWhackson Irigoyen

    why ppl hatin? this was a good single... wtf yo.... dre is a legend.

    • Adreniln

      @gutter man ever hear of n.w.a. and fuck the police?

    • gutter man

      wtf you know you little robotic cheese dick conformist. geto boys, rap-a-lot -these dudes had a message and said something. dre has never said shit. fuckin weirdo do 1 album every 10 years. over-rated prick.

  • 1978 veteran

    kush is kinda weak- rather listen to scarface. what did dre ever really produce by himself anyway? kush sound weaker than dres production on relapse which was really on point. we will see when the album drops. i would love to know what tracks he really does on his own, but that wont happen.

  • Fernando (East LA)

    Any song from "DeAndre Way" is better than this Kush s*** that Dre released. The same casio keyboard piano and those wack drums on every song, plus that HIV African refugee Akon. I'm 90 percent sure "DeAndre Way" will be a more cohesive and original album than "Detox."

  • That Nicca!

    2 educate the younger generation, I advise y'all to go to iTunes or Amazon and purchase the following: 1) Eazy E - Eazy Duz It 2) NWA - Niggaz 4 Life 3) The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better These are some of Dre's finest production moments prior to the Chronic Albums and all that other shit in between.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      fuck itunes. go out an buy physical copies of cds y'all. you shld get "it's on 187um killa" by eazy on cd for sure, despite having illy tracks, there is the funniest picture of dre in there. make up and cross dressed and everything when he was a part of that silly pop group before nwa. educating further.... look up pre nwa dr. dre

  • Ivan187

    Wasn't "Bad Intentions" in the charts in 2001?

  • Anonymous

    hiphopbaby76 ok ok dre been around since the days of world class wrecking crew...ya'll forgot about that one huh. i got shit on dre that all ya'll ain't. yuh i'm a dr. dre fan and will always be, but kush isn't even dre on a bad day, he just called up snoop n akon n said let me just throw em a bone..it was raced only a true dre fan can tell. and to all you kids on here....STFU!!!!!!!

  • NY

    Most of the people on here don't even remember his days with N.W.A. making Straight Outta Compton & NIGGAZ4LIFE. Also with Death Row making The Chronic this his best work & The Chronic 2001 seemed too slow like their was no emotion there but this song Kush is an absolute disgrace it's horrible, to the little kids who don't know Straight Outta Compton, NIGGAZ4LIFE & The Chronic you need to get it listen to it and you would see how this song is horrible. I know people are going to say move on & say that I'm too old, but I'm 19 and I know he was much better then.

    • NY

      Actually you're a fucking idiot, I listen to Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest, Jurassic 5 you know real hip hop but you got to be kidding yourself just because it's Dr. Dre doesn't make it good that song sucks dick it's simple ass rhymes with a hook by Akon already sounding like he sold out.

    • deez nutz

      u sound dum az fuck!!!shit is dope!!his old hit is dope the new shit is dope????stfu go listen to wayne and trash money ..bet u wear skinny jeans???

  • Anonymous

    rick cardenas: hey, asian chinese or japanese whatever you are motherfucker. i've been a dre fan since 2001 came out, the real dre, the best bomb diggity stuff. but this song reminds me of shit. Posted4 hours ago really? so if 2001 is the "real Dre", does that mean the chronic and efil4zaggin and straight outta compton Dres are fake? fucking kids

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy Iovine is a Kike Dre drinks Jewish hotdogs

    • Santiago Wu YouWhackson Irigoyen

      you dont know shit bout anything u dum motherfucka... go dickride young money... if lil wayne was in ur house, u'd probably suck his dick

  • fuckinchumps

    fuckin chumps dont know good music when it hits you punks in the face, to say Dre is unoriginal and shit.. who the fuck brought you this thing called rap? if it wasnt for Dre and the NWA we wouldnt have rap like we do now... go get a fuckin life losers and stop picking apart everything on this site.. fuckin stupid

  • Derik Douglas

    not better than..that tree..by kid cudi

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i'm not proud i know this and its not a big deal but that tree was snoop dogg ft. KiD CuDi. lalala lalala cant forget that tree

  • Sensaye252

    This sounds like Dre's last 100 beats. Same kick, same snare, same cadence, same piano. Slightly different changes here and there. I like that style and all, but he limits himself to that and that only.

  • hiphop don


  • Drefan since 91

    Dre better stop with the steroids and produce some original music. "Kush" is a wack first single. Nothing original bout it.

    • Drefan since 1991

      "Kush" sounds like it was made 5 years ago. That's not a good thing. Did anything on the first Chronic(1992) sounds like it was made in 1987? Don't think so Shinji.

    • rick cardenas

      hey, asian chinese or japanese whatever you are motherfucker. i've been a dre fan since 2001 came out, the real dre, the best bomb diggity stuff. but this song reminds me of shit.

    • shinji byukagan

      listen, bitch- i've been a dre fan since '86. KUSH sounds nothing like anything on the radio or 'tapes now or since. go listen to omarion, fucking raper.

  • Anonymous

    Not everybody in the world is as nit picky as heads on sites like this. Is Kush a revolyution in song form???, will it re-invent the wheel and make me see music in adiffrent light?? Fuck no........Nut its a Banger, got Dre and Snoop rappin bout smokin with Akon filling in For Nate Dogg (Get well) Its basically exactly what I expected it to be, and we all know the best songs on The Chronic and 2001 werent the G Thang and Next Episode anyway, they were previews, as is this

  • toppa shot

    That song is nice, but 45,000 in two days?? There's been so many better songs released this year. But you can do these kinda numbers when your name is a brand.



  • hugolin

    What a joke ! 10 years for this ! He really need to retire!

  • ptone814


  • Anonymous

    wackass song sounds like an unreleaased track from 2000

    • beatrix

      so funny how haters click on news from artist/songs they hate. When i see a news article about something i would generally hate on doesn't even cross my mind to click on it let alone write a comment. BTW "kush" hits hard

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