Pras Says That Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" Began As A Fugees Record

UPDATE: The Fugees could have recorded the biggest global hit of 2006 in their short-lived reunion, as Pras speaks on matters for the first time to "Us Weekly."

Since their highly-publicized breakup in 1997, the Fugees have been a topic of much debate and controversy.

With tales of Lauryn Hill's growing eccentricity and her relationship with Wyclef Jean, as well as bad blood between Pras and Jean, the group's history in the past decade has been a veritable soap opera.

In the first part of a recent interview with Us magazine, Pras sat down to lay some of the rumors to rest, and give his take on the breakup.

"I just made sure I kept the balance," explained Pras of his role in the Fugees. "You had two personalities [in Lauryn and Wyclef]; if I became the third personality, it would split everything apart."

Pras denied rumors which called into question Lauryn Hill's sanity. "It wasn't about her being crazy, it was just that she was like...'I gotta make sense of all of this.' I haven't spoken to her about it; it's me analyzing it."

Pras also revealed that Lauryn Hill will be releasing her first album since 1998's Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. "I heard they're trying to drop it by the summertime."

"Let me tell you something. Somebody played me...something she worked on. Goosebumps. Like, 2015 Lauryn Hill." (November 2)

UPDATE: In part two of Us magazine's groundbreaking interview with former Fugees member Pras, the New Jersey native makes another jarring revelation. Wyclef Jean and longtime partner Jerry "Wonder" Duplesis joined Shakira in producing her 2006 hit "Hips Don't Lie." The song would go onto become the most successful worldwide hit of that year, from Shakira's album, Oral Fixation, Vol. 2. According to Pras, that song was initially made for a short-lived Fugees reunion attempt.

"When we did the reunion, we felt the magic in the studio. It was about to be explosive," Pras told Us' Ian Drew. "I just remember that Wyclef [Jean] and I were working on 'Hips Don't Lie.' That was a Fugee record. Imagine if we did that record," Pras said recalling that the trio's version may have been called "Lips Don't Lie." In any event, the song was never to be completed.

"Lauryn [Hill] didn't like it. Charlie Walk, who used to be the President of Epic [Records] called me that night saying, 'I gotta do a remix with Shakira of what you're doing.' I said, 'You're not gonna believe this: I'm depressed. Lauryn Hill walked out of the studio. The Fugees, we're done." Pras notes in the interview that other things contributed to Hill's leaving, but that song was a factor.

Visit to read the story and hear if Pras thinks another renion is possible, or watch the video below:


  • Luis

    Pras is lying when he says he was considering calling the song "Lips Don't Lie". This article in general is just a lame attempt at getting attention, playing the victim to a situation that he had no involvement in to start with.

  • supahslime

    I don't know much about Lauryn Hill, but I always thought it was pretty weak how her album cover looked like the Wailers "Burning" and then she married one of the Marleys, like she was tryna become a Marley by pumpin out a few Marley kids, like there isn't enough Marley kids already. And Pras got owned by Ja Rule in the performance scene of "Turn it Up". That's a fact.

  • Brian

    That's not true. At all. The original version of "Hips Don't Lie" is a Wyclef-only track called "Dance Like This", used for the movie "Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights". Wyclef and Shakira themselves re-worked it into Hips Don't Lie. The Fuguees had nothing to do with it.

    • John

      LOL @ you arguing with Pras. He was a fugees member, and you are a writing responses online to an article about him. Amusing, silly rabbit.

    • Erick

      Brian, Could it not be possible that the Fugees created it, Lauryn didn't like it, Wyclef used it, then remixed it for Shakira? It certainly sounds feasible. Either way I don't care about the Fugees I juss wanna hear Lauryn.

    • eskcel

      yeah, the original version was released on dirty dancing 2. it was called "dance like this" with Wyclef featuring Claudette Ortiz

    • EddieMurrrphy

      are you sure? that's not what pras told us weekly

  • Buck Laundry

    no artist is capable of makin their own music they need producers, scripts, directors, i thought you knew that by now i love when ppl are like "this artist used the word 'the' in their song when i said 'the' in this song but in actuality people been stealing bars for a minute suck a cock sm0ke a rock u rap yak fiends


    could he not find a more credible media outlet to have this interview? "US magazine"? WTF?

  • Garrett Gonzales

    Wyclef actually recorded the song with Claudette Ortiz and Shakira. The Ortiz version is out there too.

  • m

    WHOOHOO goo dthingpras said lauryn isn't crazy so we can stop the rumour crap

    • the fuck outta here

      @ Eddie Murphy dude, stop with that bullshit rumor. that's the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard. Funny how not one person has ever actually seen that video interview of her supposedly saying that shit. That's the same rumor with Tommy Hilfiger saying he would have never made clothes if he knew blacks and asians would buy it. you're a fucking clown for not only believing that shit, but for repeating it. eat a bullet.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yeah lauryn "i hate white people" i can't wait to hear what her next album sounds like. *yawn* wat up marshall

    • JUde

      2015 lauryn hill mmm? . i cant wait to hear what lauryn hill gonna sound like . she needs to bring it

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