Lil Jon Joins "Celebrity Apprentice"

The King of Crunk will match wits with Donald Trump on the upcoming season of "Celebrity Apprentice"

TMZ reports platinum-selling artist Lil Jon will join the cast of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice.” The show first premiered in 2004, and NBC describes it as “an engaging and fresh look at the changing face of corporate America. It will showcase what has turned out to be an incredible cast of candidates, all vying to become The Apprentice and all deserving of a fresh start to their careers.”

Lil Jon brings business savvy to the table courtesy of his endorsements with Oakley and Crunk! energy drink as well as his own Little Jonathan brand of wine. Lil Jon explained what made his brand so successful while recently speaking with

“I definitely consider myself a walking brand,” Lil Jon said. “If I come on board with someone to support their brand, it’s family. I’m not just gonna take the sunglasses off when I walk off television. I’m gonna support the brand 24/7.”


  • antonio

    is lil jon finished rappin or will he have a new album soon

  • G

    Hopefully his ass won't be wearing shades in a place of business.

    • Chris Dras Payton Jr

      Yeah... he will.... Grill... i bet he'll have his krunk cup too..... New Beat Free Beat Package!!!!!!!!!! (Release Date 10/06/2010) Old Beat Package (Release Date 09/06/2010) Will Rap 4 Deal Album I work with every body.......just hit me up about collabos, beats, verses, or shit any thing.... Contact Info: 210-264-1290

  • The FED

    Daaaamn homie, a couple of years ago you was the maaaaan homie! Washed up!!!!!

    • fuck outta here

      yet you sit behind a computer down talking a dude who's worth millions of dollars more than you. his music sucks but he's done more with himself than you. faggot ass blogger.

  • Anonymous

    celebrity apprentice? if you like big tittiess and big butts and ridiculous pranks click here

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