Necro Says "Black Helicopters" Was Offered To Eminem, Talks "First Blood"

Exclusive: Psycho+Logical Records' head says he shopped a Non-Phixion classic to Em, and how Sly Stallone's classic inspired a track on "Die!"

Last week, Necro spoke with HipHopDX. In part one of the conversation, the Brooklyn-based emcee/producer spoke about challenging himself on his just-released album Die! After taking a lengthy hiatus from producing outside artists, Necro also spoke on his 1997 beat for "Gihad" appearing on Raekwon's 2009 album, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...Pt. II, which was HipHopDX's album of last year.

As that conversation continued, Necro explained why un-returned calls and lack of interest from emcees led him to stop entertaining producing others. He revealed that his music has landed in some legendary hands, and even one superstar peer from the '90s underground Rap community. "I've been makin' beats for years, and givin' beat CDs to people for years," Necro told DX. "I've given beat CDs [and] have stuff sent to Kool G Rap, I've had stuff sent to Rakim, Big Daddy Kane's house, all these dudes who don't even live in New York and had no idea I sent it to them, 'cause some of these dudes live in [Virginia] and [I] have different contacts [to] have beat CDs sent. I gave Cormega beats, I gave Tragedy [Khadafi] beats - I gave Eminem beats."

With Eminem working with acts such as DJ Spinna and Thirstin Howl, III in his early days, that may not be surprising to hear. However, interestingly enough Necro revealed that the CD Slim Shady received included what would become one of Necro's most championed productions. "I gave Eminem a beat CD, the first beat on it was 'Black Helicopters' [as later titled by] Non-Phixion, before they used it," he revealed. "So a lot of people have had chances, where they could have rocked over a Necro beat. And they didn't. It got to a point where I felt either [one of] two things: either I'm gettin' hated on 'cause I'm white, which would kind of suck, 'cause I'm seeing all these white herb kids' beats used. I was never askin' for money. I'm thinkin' either dudes don't like me, 'fuck this dude Necro' or maybe the beats aren't good enough. Maybe my style - and I was givin' such grimy shit too, real dark - [was too much]. I wasn't getting called back."

Besides the case with Raekwon, who's grown close to Necro's brother, Ill Bill, the experiences from a decade ago forced the producer to focus on keeping his work in-house. "If you're [Psycho+Logical Records], I'll produce some shit for you. Pretty much after 2000, I decided no more. That's when I started PLR, in November of '99," he said of the label that includes Mr. Hyde and Q-Unique. Family also is an exception for Necro. "Bill, he's my brother, so he'll always get beats for me. One thing about Bill is he won't take beats from somebody that's wack. He won't use my beats just 'cause I'm his brother; he'll be the first one to tell me if he doesn't like one of my beats. The funny thing is Bill always got my beats, he understood my beats. Some of the biggest Non-Phixion hits and bangers are [produced] by Necro: 'C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me,' 'Refuse To Lose,' 'I Shot Reagan,' these are all Necro joints." These tracks appeared on the celebrated group's The Future Is Now, The Green CD/DVD and various 12" singles dating back to 1998.

Necro was also asked about "First Blood," a scratch-based concoction that has the potential to be a new classic within his catalog. Necro explained how an '80s Sylvester Stallone film staple inspired the song's music and writing. "When I make a track like 'First Blood,' [it's] me trying to give you that Rambo experience. Anybody who's [around] 30 years old, they grew up knowing that movie, that music. And nobody in Hip Hop ever freaked it. A lot of people [are inspired by war], but nobody ever did War. Okay, I want to make that happen."

After the music came the words, "I cooked the beat up [and was impressed]. I could've said some thug shit, like 'I'm a hood Rambo.' But I decided to freak the movie. Here's the thing: if I would've done it and it didn't sound good, I wouldn't have put it out. It just so happens when I started writin' it, it came out hot."

Necro broke down his writing further, "The first line is flames: 'Special forces / Professional with a four-fifth / Congressional medal shit / Aggression will get you split,' once I got that, I already know I've got some shit. Everything's got to be as hot as that first line. I just kept buildin' off that, and rhymin' it. People don't understand - it's such a big process recording that. You could write the shit and have a good beat and it still ain't done. Now you've gotta step up to the mic and spit it. That ain't easy. Listen to the way I drop that, I'm hittin' it. I'm not lazy. Shit is not easy, especially when you're technical. It takes breath control and multiple takes." With a core audience that respects delivery, lyricism and a syncopated flow, Necro is unapologetic to those who might not notice the lyrical craftsmanship he put in such bars, "But when you know, you know. Certain people, they get it."

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  • c to the fucking j

    Despite the clear evidence in all his albums since 2006 he Murk's the beats. After 2006 all the beats went downhill, and I don't understand why. Like on his newest release "die" album shits so outa wack to the point were his bars will not fit on any of the beats right. Pretty much it sounds out of tune. To many mixed orchasterated sounds. A beat can be simple. But when there is no such thing as a bar ending beat the picture won't be painted correctly.

  • Bullet4yaBrain

    Fuck Eminem, he's a whack ass garbage rapper and a punk bitch. That's why he got the shit beat outta him. And I aint talking about no 8 mile bullshit either.

  • Ace.^

    the future is now was full as nice beats i really can't picture eminem of the black helicopters beat though, its got a video game soundin beat and i don't see that one

    • guccimaya

      this is a collaboration i want to see. Eminem and Necro have complimentary styles though em has toned down the last few years. i hope necros hard hitting beats can bring out some of that rawness

  • dillaDOOM

    well i ant hate on em for passing the beats cause workign with dre back then he would have been giving mega beats and he had the bass brothers team workign with him, and i think non phixon madea classic song with the black helicopters beat. but how good would it have been to see the angry blonde on black helicopters beat would have been good to see necro get a joint on recovery but we all wanted premo too., necro isa beast on the board but a horrible clumsy rapper but he has good words so i duno how u rate it, the beat raekwon used was one of the weaker beats ive heard from necro actually i think necro has some of the best beats out there i wish he wouldnt be so inhouse about it

  • dfg

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  • jack johnson

    damn what a shame that would have been a great song with Eminem they need to do something together, i don't like necro's subject matter but even i know Necro is the shit when it comes to beats


    man this shit was mad boring in other news the "heavy" beat was offered to gucci and he BEASTED on it also same with lemonade, classical, stupid wild and the rest of the gucci catalog


    Necro deserves more spotlight. This mufucka knows how to hustle and make sum brutal music. To this day, he's probably the only REAL rapper around. So what if he raps about buck 50's, splatter sprees, and edgy pornography, that shit IS real and it does happen every day. It's way better than that bullshit you hear on the radio, pussy emo shit like Akon, T.I., or Lil' Wayne, to me that shit is not rap, its pop. The radio plays other bullshit that is just ridiculous, like Asher Roth, that white boy is fuckin whack, WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT COLLEGE? If ya gonna keep playing the same bullshit over and over and over again, just start playing fuckin' disco music again. Eminem has sold the fuck out and he's still the same bitch he was when he first started. Necro would murder Em in a rap battle and in real life. Em needs to quit making music, go back home, smack his bitch up, shoot up some more pills, and go rape some homosexuals and dead animals as that's what his raps are famous for. DIE!

    • BoNeSaW

      yeah okay bud, umm i like necro and i like eminem, necro is a wicked rapper but come the fuck on..kill em in a rap battle? your fucked in the head and dont know shit, your just the type of guy that just goes on the internet and talks alotta shit cuz know one knows you on here. you need to shut your stupid cum filled fuckin mouth you fuckin faggot. raping homosexuals and dead animals is what ems raps are famous for?? your a fuckin retard man. eminem is the best rapper in the fucking world by far and i will fuckin stick to that no matter what anyone says. necro raps about the exact same shit every song, never changes his flow, its all "im gonna kill you" "your gonna die" its fuckin old man,he needs to change the shit up. the only reason i keep listening to necro is his beats and the odd good line or verse he comes up with, like that first blood, fuckin wicked song probably his best song. but seriously. and eminem hasnt sold out he grew the fuck up!!! something necro should start doing cuz im pretty sure necro the rapper you call "real" has never brutally murdered someone in his entire life so he just fuckin makes shit up where eminem talks about real life situations in his life, along with some other made up shit i know, but not to the point where he bull shits in every fucking song like necro does. anyways think before you speak you cum guzzling faggot.

  • Vocab

    Word, I think we can all agree that Kool G Rap over Necro beats would be near flawless. Yo if any of G Rap's people read this, someone school the brother on Necro's beats

  • jxxx

    i just think hes beats are too dark for a lot of artist.lotta people listen to music to make them feel good and when i listen to necro i kinda feel like shyt after a song.dont get me wrong he has skills hes not wack .but music is sopost to make u feel good.but i guess thats his style

  • kush nap

    yo necro should slide a beat CD to mobb deep. prodigy would rock over his shit, he puts on all kinds of niggas with heat, he dont give a fuck who you are. shame about rakim, g rap, mega, and trag, never getting back to son. he got certified heat on the shelf. i see why hes bitter, but he said it himself he aint really been sweating it since 2000. im sure sean price would love to bless a necro track, vinnie paz, mega, az, chef, ghost, they might be more open to it now that hes got a resume of bangers. kool g rap though, kool g rap over necro production equals classic. and thats no bullshit. g rap should really give son a holla, hes not even sweating the check, get it done. rakim? yo. that needs to happen. someone like buckshot or dru ha, should facilitate some kinda deal, where necro would produce a duck down release in full. imagine a boot camp album with necro beats, or a heltah skeltah album produced in full by necro. you lookin at a classic. and INSPECTAH deck could use a batch of necro beats, and i think hed be open to it. hope he reconsiders, and starts shoppin his shit hard again. cant deny the heat, put it on.

  • khordkutta

    The more I read necros interviews, the more I like/respect him.

  • Truly Yrz

    Really interesting. I feel for him... the beats G Rap has picked of recent SUCKED. 'Mega and Necro woulda been proper. He's a smart dude.

  • caligreen805

    dude is a great producer. i like poetry in the streets beat. its sick as hell.

  • curbstompa

    at least he knows that only certain people will notice how intricate his flow is. i like some of his shit, i don't like a lot of it, death rap/horrorcore just ain't my thang... but i respect the fuck out of this guy. if u don't like the style/topics he rhymes about, fine, but don't just dismiss him. this dude can rap his ass off.

  • handdddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    blood!!! niggaz i don't know about these stuffs but all i know is lil wayne! being the first blood in this rap game... necrophilia is a fake ass nigga who can't produce nor rap i bet he's faggot too he like that white ass of eminem... nigga don't mention blood next time u talk otherwise cash money\young money niggaz will jump on that ass and send u back to ur moma's womb,bx niggaz ain't shit compared to an army of bloods nobody wanna fuck with bloods... lil wayne! is da greatest of all da time fuck haters

    • Dimitriosf

      your a retard . right??

    • E.S.S. Hip Hop

      He's talking about "First Blood" know?....The Rambo movie?...Stalone?....ring a bell?....Hampsters turning that wheel?....Engine's running, but nobody's driving that motherfucker. Quit gurglin Weezy's ball juice, after brushing your teeth with Turdman's dick.

    • NY

      Jesus christ stop posting shit about lil wayne, everyone knows he doesn't have lyrics, his beats are simple. Necro is much more talented than lil wayne and stop with this hater bullshit. They're not hating, they're pointing out facts that you don't want to hear, listen to real rap and if you don't like that better than you have problems.

    • NY

      Jesus christ stop posting shit about lil wayne, everyone knows he doesn't have lyrics, his beats are simple. Necro is much more talented than lil wayne and stop with this hater bullshit. They're not hating, they're pointing out facts that you don't want to hear, listen to real rap and if you don't like that better than you have problems.

    • MalcolmEcks

      This must be the guy Weezy is fuckin in Rykers.

  • bxvet

    i'm feelin that first blood joint!

  • bxvet

    i'm feelin that first blood joint!

  • Drucifer1983

    Em over Black helicopters would been, 2 Bad Necro couldnt give him that Agent Orange beat, that woulda been epic I dunno why people dont reach out to this guy more oftern, I like his raps but I understand why alot dont, its definatly a occult thing he's got going on that rubs people the wrong way, especially in todays "Illuminati" obsessed cornball hip hop world.........But his beats would fit so many cats perfect Imagine an entire Inspectah deck album produced by Necro, or anyone in Wu Tang really......It would be off the hook

    • ron thetruthmaster

      I cant hear anybody else over Agent Orange either...And Cages first album was pretty damn tight. Havent really checked for him since then though.

    • Drucifer1983

      @ Grizzle Cage is the most non-flowing rapper I ever heard in my life bruh, He's like a kid with great lyrics trying to rap........And not just because I like Em, its the truth, I remember when I first got the internet and someone told me "Oh, if you like Em, go listen to cage" so I did, and that dude has the worst delivery I remember hearing, other white boys lookin at him like "You have no rhythim" Copywrites freestyle over the beat > Cages version

    • Grizzle

      Nah, I don' t think anyone can top Cage on Agent Orange, many have tried though.

  • Bang^Out82

    Producers shouldnt feel like an artist slights them, or they not the talent they think they are just cause a dude doesnt use your beat, alotta of artists try different things over different beats, or just cant flow the way they want it to sound on certain beats and so it doesnt fit. IMO

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