Jae Millz Arrested In Alleged Domestic Dispute

Jae Millz tweeted as he was arrested on Tuesday (May 18).

Jae Millz was arrested on Tuesday (May 18) for an alleged domestic dispute. As the events unfolded, the rapper took to his Twitter page (@JAE_MILLZ) to chronicle them.

"This woman really just called the cops on me... But u in MY house!!!" tweeted Millz, who later wrote that he was getting arrested.

Hours later, Millz tweeted that he was arrested for possesion of an illegal substance, and concluded, "If u ever in da holdin cage in da 43rd Precint in da Bronx, sit on da bench & look 2 ur far right & chek out my tag up!#MillzWasHere"

More on this story as it develops.


  • donnluvv

    You guys are fooled. Don't you notice all this "stuff", and all these videos he's putting out all the sudden AFTER Wayne got locked up??? He tryna do as much as he can to get attention. Seems like one of the "Pips" is tryna get shine now that "Gladys Knight" is in a cell

  • khordkutta

    If shes in YOUR house, put that bitch out!!!! And call Kate Stanks.

  • problemz327

    That was pretty lame...twitter is wild bruno...and i remember when dudes tried to hide when they got hemmed up for domestic disturbances..and whats he doin in the BX anywayz..drake and niiki is grinding preparing their debuts and jae millz is still the stash dude somewhere in the projects?smh...

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  • Atl2Trill

    Jae Millz fell the fuck off. This nigga is just another tax write off on YM.


    Lets be real here everyone above me would LOVE to be Jae millz right about now. You call him a bum,right? You work 9 - 5 if you even do that. Which one of you know Jae millz?? None of you do. Keep hating that will work out for you pretty well.When you worry about YOURSELF you live longer........Computer geek ass gangstas kill me...smh....oh yeah blactrs78 you feel me!

  • 212diamondcity

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  • stigly

    haha get of twitter and hide your shit!

  • Quinn Jones

    this bum funny as hell thats y the chicc called the boys on his dumb ass

    • psykhotic


  • bigant190 wartown bxny

    wow i been there a few times back in the day fuck the whole 43rd precient fucking cops are dicks.

  • blactrs78

    funny how everybody calling him a bum when in reality looking at his career he should not be making millions and thats not YM's fault, thats just the way his career has went and i believe it would be that way whether he was signed to YM or not. on top of that i would rather make 50k a year touring and traveling the world, doing concerts, partying and making music than making 50k a yr working in an office or something. that was a dumb move to get caught with illegal substances knwoing the boys in blue are on their way tho....

    • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

      4 SHO!! at the same to run up in bitches on the job!! I will even takt that nigga spot on the bench of a NBA team bench in full jump suit, up underneath that I got on club gear though. Fuck I'm still makn a good 6 figures to watch the starters hoop..


    This dude is an ass clown. He's not getting any $$$ from Young Dummy. The 43rd Precinct is near the Soundview section of the BX. There aren't any dope as spots to stay there. I mean I love the hood, but how you in the 'jects son. I stated before that he won't get any burn fucking with Young Dummy and he should've just kept it gully in NYC. He hasn't had any upward movement yet. What songs is he featured in, and will that song ever see the light of day past the people who were actually foolish enough to purchase "We Are Young Dummy". How do you still get caught with possession of an illegal substance when you are sitting there tweeting that this chick is calling the cops on you. Really? Really, Jae Millz? How about you put the phone down or whatever you are tweeting with and stash the weed. Really? Nigga you corny. SMHID!

  • FwhatUsayin'

    Attention Whore

  • Megan fox lover

    I thought they all lived together like the bums they are in the 'bedrock' video. nyway, http://is.gd/chnvc

  • sheeeitniggga

    bum ass nigga jae milla. go kill yourself brah.

    • RIDDIM

      he is stupid the whole time u tellin the world what going on, on ya twitter u suppose to act fast and hide the shit....he played himself big time lol

    • Grizzle

      This nigga is worse than Fabulous with that twitter bullshit.

  • Internet don fucked peoples world up!

    Hey instead of tweeting a play by play why dont you live in real time and flush the drugs or whatever and take a seat on the couch and wait for the cops to come bust your dumb ass in your own home. NICE MILLZ

  • lmao

    stupid dumb fuck, no1 cares u shit head

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