Ice Cube Blogs About "I Am The West", Mack 10

Through his new blog, Don Mega says he may have beats from Sir Jinx & E-A-Ski, and that Mack 10 needs to "kiss the pinky-ring."

On July 13th, Ice Cube will be releasing I Am The West through his own Lench Mob Records. The former N.W.A. and West Side Connection member's ninth full-length solo is already shaping up to support its bold title.

On his site, the star rapper and actor wrote about his recording process. Cube said that he's receiving beats from west coast veterans DJ Quik and E-A Ski. In addition, after not working together on a solo album in nearly 20 years, Ice Cube wrote that he is in talks with original C.I.A. group-mate Sir Jinx. The two did work together on West Side Connection's Terrorist Threats. "I listen to beats and see if they call my name. See if a song or hook will just spill out. I stop forcing lyrics just because I got a beat from a hot producer. If nothing comes out. No song will be made, no matter who does the beat. It's an honest process," wrote Cube.

Titling his entry "July 13th," Cube emphasized his marketing strategies and staying the course. "If we stay on schedule we'll be alright. Being independent is beautiful because we can do things "out the box" that record companies would usually frown at. Instead of working from a ready-made cookie-cutter marketing plan, we can tailor make a marketing plan specifically for me. I hate when rappers do dumb shit trying to sell a record. 'Going on Regis & Kelly is not going to sell you hip-hop records!' Wrong crowd."

Lastly, Ice Cube spoke on former protege and estranged West Side Connection partner Mack 10. Both WC and Cube have not publicly spoken about the Inglewood rapper at length in years, though have made it clear they are no longer affiliated. Asked by a fan if the emcees will ever reunite, Cube answered, "I never say never, but he has the kiss the ring first."

I Am The West is planned for July 13th on Lench Mob Records.



  • Muffy

    the streets in stores soon

  • H-DUB

    Mack 10 just fucked up with his last Album, that was some Bullshit....

  • bsmoov

    I'm honestly not feeling Cube on this. The west coast has evolved beyond the old tradition of gangsta rap. While Cube is a legendary gangsta rapper, he's not the west. Several non gangsta stars have emerged from the west. Murs, Dilated Peoples, Pharcyde, Blu, Fashawn, Planet Asia.....etc. On the real, Gangsta Rap is old and played out.

    • jbeezo

      Murs, Dilated Peoples, Pharcyde, Blu, Fashawn, Planet Asia, really ? how in the fuck is ICE CUBE out west-ed by these people. and gangster rap is not mainstream not played out. because it actually talks about the world, and the poor people in it. it is not a type of music it is a way of life

    • J24

      lol who? Thats west coast hip hop not that shit and we all know that and you need to realize that.

    • YNOT?

      Are you serious. MURS is more west coast than Cube??? Planet Asia?? I'm going to give you an Ed Lover "COME ON SON"!!!

  • DaGreenEyedBandit


  • complex901

    @itzum.......... are u like 10- cube is a legend in this game- what do u mean he doesnt have hits- cube got a catalog- im not even a cube fan but c'mon doggie u talkin reckless- cube is one of da illest mc's ever- do sum hip hop homework be4 u sound stupid out here

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404


  • WestCoastHead


  • FLUKEz

    cube has put out some HARD albumz....but it is 2010....tha new west kuming thru....and to bee honnest....they lookn good....get they promotion right and production...then they gonna bee BIG! ! ! cube shouldnt bee dissin da kidz dat wuz growin up listening to his shit....ya kno?they showin respect by wantn him on a track....he a legend....but for him to diss them sayin they aint on his level?DUUHH u a fukn legend....they fresh names n tha game...Jay rock G Malone Nipsey even some of gamez label doin good...kuming up for tha WEST! ! !

  • It's Um

    Rappers turn actors then back to rapping never really had a hit single or a soild album. Look at; Will smith, queen latifah, Ice T and now common with his UMC, and of there's others.

    • jbeezo

      see the thing is cube did and does good movies, and ya some arnt the best but there are movie stars with worse records and that is what they train for .

    • Amaru

      faggot shut da fuck up will smith was always gtfoh cube n common make classics

  • Homer Pimpson

    Its Official, Cube Officialy Has More Buzz Then Game Now..

  • bigmike88

    cool interview Cube speaking the truth

  • CaliSouth

    Cube isnt gunna dissappoint, alot of West albums are comin....jay rock, Nipsey, game, cube are all droppin one this year....WEST UP

  • Mr.Cee

    Cube Needs to get back on his flow he had on Amerikkka's Most Wanted,Death Certificate,Kill At Will, then get beats from tha bomb sqaud or some hot New producer who can recreate that sound for him straight go pro black!!!!

  • nyblackguys

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  • curbstompa

    i thought Game was joinin the West Side Connec... i read that somewhere

    • gtk9254

      right. dats wut i heard to. and dey had 1song 2gether i thought dat was him taking his spot...guess not?

  • Ceazar

    Now cum on ya know y sign my cousin, I want sum of u ole heads, u look like a meal

  • Badmofo

    I respect your rap, but Friday #1 & Boyz N Da Hood was the only good movie you ever were in. The rest are total crap Cube. But on the other hand you are most likely still living off some of those movies money. Movie money is alot longer than Rap money. Him & Snoop run the west

    • jbeezo

      there are more movies he was in that were good like anaconda, higher learning, xxx state of the union, three kings, just to name a few. u need to do some history on who u talk shit about MOFO

  • ram29

    Straight Outta Compton Amerikkkas most Wanted Kill at Will Death Certificate The Predator That alone makes him a legend...everything else after that just keeps adding to his great legacy.. WEST UP!!!

    • doubl negative

      Post Predator, Cube'z work has been sub-par. Da Lench Mob'z 1st joint and Natural Born Killaz R his only recordz 2 match his earlier releases 4 quality.

  • 89er

    nearly 20 years. i thought he did laugh now cry later a few years back


    Cube is a legend to be respected, hate that him and Mack not on good terms they laid down some classic material together, as for the new dudes out the west, they should pay homage to the OG's , cube can still rap circles around they young ass's

  • dophouse

    We got our first Black President, They want him to fail They say if you ain’t Conservative, You going to Hell, But my God don’t play no Politics If he had to vote I bet it’d be Obama b*tch! Ya’ll fools more dumb than Potsie How you gonna call a Black Man a Nazi Those are some lyrics, now check out the video for SOMETIMES I… by Macarone Download free at

  • box

    cube got more legit classic then anybody in hip hop history group albums (straight outta compton,bow down) solo albums (amerikkka's most wanted,death certificate,preditor (content wise) ep (kill at will) movies (boyz n the hood,friday) that's shit legit hip hop fans of all ages (with brains) have to agree on, and we can't say somebody is running the west until they show they can make legit stories,speak that shit that still sits with you, it ain't about who has the best punchlines,flow,metaphors (thats freestyle/mixtape shit),with an album if yo content ain't up to par and cover ground better then most who do this rap shit,you can't be the best simply put! THINK NAS WOULD GET THE PROPS HE GET IF THAT EQUAL DIDN'T COVER GROUND? SAME WITH SCARFACE, DRE3000. meta's puns and all that are legit but if a equal does an album and all he/she got is that they won't get that top mc title period yell

  • pigface

    crooked I is the westcoast!!!!!!!!!!!! its 2010 not 1993

  • that nigga Fon Z

    damn I would love to hear an Ice Cube ft Dj Quik, that shit would be gangsta! Ice Cube bout to murk G Malone, Jay Rock, n all dem niggaz....... ICE CUBE top 5!! .....kiss da ring biatch!

    • maskeddown

      i'm lookin out for jay rock and nipsey, all them other new west niggas suck. i think cube is the last authentic west coast great there is. truth be told snoop sellin himself out.

  • miky ryan

    Ice cube is du-n-n-n-n-n son, he hasn't made a solid album since Cali had a decent economy, just pass the torch to west coast up and comers like Blu and Fashawn, stick to making movies Cube (which also kinda suck too actually)

    • Comptilla

      I hear where both of yall are comin' from.^ I think if Cube would have rapped off those beats that WC had we would have had another cube classic. I know we would have I should say. Nuttin' wrong with south sound but Cube's a west coast vet. He gotta go back to settin trends. Just keep it west....

    • Bucks

      You a fuckin retard man! How you gonna say some dumb shit like that, fo real? CUBE aint had a solid album? Get fuckin real Raw footage was a sick album plus Laugh Now was heavy! Plus that WC album CUBE produced Guilty By Affiliation was on point if CUBEin the studio expect some great material. Its fuckers like you make dumb comments and say fuckin stupid shit that really killed HIP-HOP. Aint got nothing nice to say then just dont say nothing! Dont like CUBEs music dont listen to it! FULL STOP P.S. I DONT WANNA HEAR PEEP OUT OF YOU! YOU ARE BANNED FROM GANGSTA RAP!!!!!!!

  • Cash Mo

    ICE CUBE A LEGEND! He's new album gonna be amazing like the rest of his stuff, I'm still listening to RAW FOOTAGE (Damn near a perfect album if not perfect). I hope he could work things out with MACK 10 and get another WESTSIDE CONNECTION album. This dude is pure dope cop that new album!

  • BAB71

    be sure to tell the fool eating chips to leave the room next time. actually smack him the head for me...

  • Da, Fella

    This nigga Cube is Brilliant watch him bend yah mind to make yah think hes Toxic, Mr super Sonic! Still Spitting lava gangsta shit nigga! Dont get me wrong this dude spits tha raw needles but he cant make me believe shit! "I can say whatever I wanna say aint nothing to it Gangsta rap made me do it"

  • Humboldt Slim

    I can't wait for this to drop!!!!! Hail King Cube, pimpin'!

  • Shooter123

    Cube is a business man. Who would have thought the mastermind behind NWA would go on to write and star in movies? It seems like HIP HOP now is something that he does for fun. Other ventures would obviously be more profitable. I'm curious to see what the content of his songs will be. After all his success I wonder if his rhymes will be authentic or if he'll stick to using skills he's learned in acting.

    • jbeezo

      dubcoast ice cube in my opnion was the leader, he wrote most of eazys songs and does best solo career since 2nd would be dre then eazy and to tell truth what ever happened to ren and yella?

    • DUBCoastdabest

      And Im pretty sure Eazy E and Jerry Heller ..perhaps dre were the masterminds behind NWA

    • DUBCoastdabest

      Ice cube the mastermind behind NWA? Crooked I is the best to come out in a while beside game but seriously..Crooked came on the scene on kurupts the streetz iz a mutha in 99, 2000 at the latest.. Bishop Lamont is the shit and needs more exposure... o and crooked tears any mc and i mean ANY mc apart.. too bad west coast doesnt get exposure hed be servin up lil wayne on a platter

    • Shooter123

  • hiphopscout

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