Boston Rapper Sam Adams Accused Of Buying Own Music

22-year-old Sam Adams responds to allegations of buying his own music on iTunes.

After debuting #1 last week on the iTunes Hip Hop chart with his newly-released Boston’s Boy EP, budding emcee Sam Adams was accused of buying $75,000 worth of his own music on a credit card.

The 22-year-old, who according to The Boston Phoenix recorded his first song seven months ago, explained in a statement that his recent success is due to word of mouth and not self-bought promotion. “I know there has been a considerable amount of controversy about my album release and hitting #1 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, and in response I'd like to say that the numbers are legit.”

Attaching an excel sheet that contained over 65,000 different purchases of his music, he added, “They were organic purchases by fans who simply liked the music to purchase. It's as simple as that really; if something in the marketplace is great and word of mouth spreads about it, purchase is bound to happen.”

Deejay/radio personality Mr. Peter Parker has come to Adams’ side, describing the recent backlash as envy rather than fact. “Everybody is pissed the fuck off because Sam Adams is blowing up and they're not. The bottom line is that he found his fan base, and now he's riding it as far as he can.”

Agreeing with Parker’s sentiment, Adams stated, “In this day and age where numbers are tracked, I'm shocked people would accuse me of buying my own records. Sometimes people don't want others to succeed.”


  • Bladed

    I can believe the numbers are legit, everyone that you guys are naming here that are supposedly the more famous underground rappers I've never heard of. I don't keep up with underground bs at all, but I heard of Sam Adams through Pandora and on a station I had for Kid Cuddi, Chiddy Bang, Mac Miller, XV, ect. And I thought Sam Adams had some nice bars and punchlines and his flow was nice too so I checked him out. The only reason I'm even on this site is cuz I was googling Sam Adams to see how long he's been in the game and what kind of following he has.

  • Jessie Reed

    Who doesn't love Sam Adams?! (:

  • imdope!NOT

    these comments made me laugh. most of them are really stupid. if you dont like him.. then dont listen to him and why are you looking him up? who cares if he's rich?hes a guy in college and hes probably doing better than you so stop complaing that hes not as good as other rappers. hes tryin and everyone has their own opinion in music.

  • sherman hobbs

    i think they ALL did it-- all the white pretty boys--- Roth, Greenie Adams-- I think they ALL Bought they own stuff!

  • sherman hobbs

    i think they ALL did it-- all the white pretty boys--- Asher Roth, Greenie (Krs-One's apprentice), Sam Adams-- I think they ALL Bought they own stuff!

  • toole

    yeeah this dude is for real. people are just lealous cuz he's white

  • FlyBoy15

    Yo y'all are just fuckin jealous that this white boy got some game. I don't care where the mothafucka came from he throws down some decent beats. He do need to hop off the autotune dick tho. If he works at his shit he could be big.

  • Golden Child

    The fact that this spolied ass whiteboy is even making waves in the music scene is proof that Hip Hop is officially dead. Drake opened the door for trustfund babies to buy their way into rap game. Do you know that this Sam Adams kid is a direct descendent of John Adams, the fucking second President of the United States?!!! Do you know how insanely rich this cracker is?!!! He is sitting on old money, I'm talking real wealth; he's still spending money from 1788! Fuck Jay-Z spending money from 1988! But the fact that someone like this can succeed in the rap game is a spit and slap into the face of all the young disenfranchised minorities out there in America. Rap music used to give us a voice and an outlet for all the oppression, discrimination and hardships we face everyday as people of color here in America. But today, anyone who is wealthy can buy their way into the rap game and no one will have any objections. I wouldn't be surprised if ten years from now all rappers were extremely rich white people of influence.

    • stony

      most record sales are rich white kids you think poor poverty ridden families can afford 15 dollar CDs. No. So If a rich kid happens to make a song o well then dont buy it stop bitching

    • Sam Adams

      you stupid nigger!!

    • JP11

      your a fucking dumbass. who you think you are calling this kid a cracker?!?! just cause he's white and has money doesn't mean he can't spit. look at Eminem, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, etc. etc... STRAIGHT LYRICAL GENIUS'... its soulja boy and peices of shit like him that's ruining rap!!

    • milt

      His name is Samuel Wisner. do some fucking real research dont just make shit up, he's a direct descendent of John Adams?

  • RIZZY34566

    you are all dumb as fuck..the kid is rappin for the fun of rappin and he is a commercial ass ni** works for him..he isnt looking for the fame and glory the kid wants to make some quick money..he is smart! something most small rappers arent. he bought 75k worth and has already made like 400k because he made himself #1. thats some jay z type thinkin and thats why he could make some serious bread out of this.

  • dophouse

    We got our first Black President, They want him to fail They say if you ain’t Conservative, You going to Hell, But my God don’t play no Politics If he had to vote I bet it’d be Obama b*tch! Ya’ll fools more dumb than Potsie How you gonna call a Black Man a Nazi Those are some lyrics, now check out the video for SOMETIMES I… by Macarone Download free at

  • -617-

    . Ok so it's official then... Noone from the Boston area has ever heard of this dude. .

    • Steve12379864237

      i have

    • Really?

      If he goes to college in Boston, then he is a Boston area rapper, he plays for frats cause the kid knows that's where the money is, not playing in broke ass bars for a bunch of broke ass niggers with no money. So yeah, he's definitely smarter than most rappers.

    • -617-

      but where are these so called fans? this is business scheme he pulled. noone has ever heard him

    • another boston dude

      this kid isnt a boston hip hop artist. he is a boston college artist. i mean that in the nicest and simplest of terms. he is a kid that has found his place among the asher roth, college kids who like "hip pop". while i dont personally subscribe to this type of generic watered down rich white/black or whatever style, i can see why so many do. i came up with struggle so it doesnt speak to me much, but it does to the overwhelming majority of the population of college kids. again, this is not boston hip hop, this is college hip pop. you wouldnt call bo burnham hip hop would you? sam adams is in the same category to me. positive peace.

  • Young Killa Murda in this bitch!

    Everyone who's criticizing this kid for not being some hardcore underground mc whos always angry and only raps about selling drugs, being a criminal, life is hard blah blah are stuck in the 1990s rap mentality, Seriously we've heard that story a million times already, its old. Hip hop's expanded, there's different aproaches to every music genre and you don't have to be from the ghetto to make hip hop anymore, look at kanye

  • Fresh New Tracks

    Check out Sam Adams older material here...

  • Tiger Woods

    I love to piss and shit on women

  • kush nap

    hip hop doesnt cater to rich boys. trust fund babies shouldnt rap. they got no soul, no grit, no struggle, no comeup. this kid cant rap for shit, but he can afford dropping 75 g's to manufacture a buzz. hes not hot in his own ciy. hes paid 0 dues. boston got way hotter spitters than this bum ass kid. slaine been doing it, hes nice as hell, one of the nicest white boys youll ever hear, and he wont get a chance to blow because of it. his image wouldnt sell, which is what kids today want, image. slaine body everything he rap on, he should diss this faggot and put him to sleep.

  • blahblah

    Why does it matter thats he is rich. you trying to say rap isnt for people with money. He is not underground to start with so stop talking about the underground rappers who are better than him. Boston's a college town so it would make sense if made a strong following there. and just cause u and ur friends dont kno who he is doesnt mean other people don't. its called the false consensus effect, look it up.

  • Mdubo9

    this dude is a f**kin f*g ... like who honestly buys that much of their own cd like honestly what are you trying to b kayne west vs 50 cent like legit if your records are going to sell its because there good not because you bought most of them dumb*ss

  • bostongeorge


  • untytled

    Hahaha. This dude is trash. Boston got a few nice emcees... Termanology, Slaine, Akrobatik, etc. But this dude is not one of them. Would not be surprised if he really did this.

  • Muffy

    plush robes, Potential,cross em out, i suggest you, be on the look out in stores

  • Don Digit

    You have a $75,000 credit limit when you're great grand daddy was a president. This cornball prolly has old money stacked to the ceiling. I'd like to see some of Bean town's gutter rappers run up and goon squad this soccer fag to the curb. Give him the Paul Pierce treatment.

  • Bryce

    He's got plenty of money he goes to Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut which costs about 50 gs to attend with tuition and room/board.

    • ignorant

      yea he goes to Trinity College in Hartford... on a soccer scholarship. get your facts straight. the kid might be white and play to a different audience than most mc's but that doesnt mean he isnt any good. sorry the game has gotten so watered down to the point that anyone that doesn't sound like wayne or jay z cant make it. and if you havnt noticed most of industry is movin to "hip-pop" ...50, flo rida, kanye, kudi

  • Greg Rodgers

    Boston is running the underground scene handzdown son...with the hottest producer right now...Statik Selektah... With that being said....who is this kid? I am from Boston too and never heard of this kid. Too many college white emcees who just appear outta nowhere from the bean.

    • Omega NYC

      Statik is not THAT hot....Some of his beats are stuck on 1998 mode....and ya'll niggas aint running no type of underground have participants but not kings....cut that out

    • dazeone

      yo Boston got it on lock ...I love the scene over there...I from philly and ours is tight but, not like

    • dmize

      smh.. boston aint runnin the underground scene.. the fact that they actually have people IN the underground scene is cool though... lets not get carried away

  • princerudynasim

    jay z does this shit all the time!! whats the big deal

  • kalz

    wtf another dumb fuck tarnishing Bostons name

  • who cares

    who gives a flying fuck? even if the dude wanted to spend 75000 just to get his ep on top the charts, let him fuckin spend his own money and do so, does any fan really care that much about the charts? dont we just listen to what sounds good to us? im not gonna go out and buy a goddamn album just for the single fact that it's top the charts...

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  • Murphy

    Wanna be thugs thomians like trip off running steering mad in de street with they broken guns thomian this ain't no ordinary nigga

  • Murphy

    Thomian are lovers of boys

  • Frank Wright

    this kid went from the hot list of getting signed, to every label in LA saying, oh nevermind. He paid Clinton Sparks 3 g's to be in his video, if he got 3 g's to get wack ass dude like clinton sparks in his video, he def got more than 75 gs available to buy his own shit. if it smells like a fart, its a fart people....clinton sparks even twittered, who in the f*ck is Sam Adams, the next week he was in the video photos LOL

  • Mr. OHSO

    hahahaha this dude is wack, his older brother flows too and hes pretty wack too

  • BoomBapBanger

    is this fuckin clown throwin BLOOD up???

  • nyblackguys

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  • curbstompa

    being from Dorchester i had to check dude out. he sounds like Drake and Asher Roth made a baby. his bars are alright... but it's definitely aimed at college/high school kids. i respect the kid. i ain't bout to go buy his shit tho... NOTHIN WITH AUTO-TUNE IN MY WHIP!!

  • dmize

    honestly, dude is kinda wack to me... not hating on him or commenting on wether he bought those records or not (cause like many others stated, peeps have been doing that for years), but as an mc hes just not there to me.. his lyrics arent crazy nice, and i cant hear the passion/heart needed for me to like an mc who doesnt have crazy nice lyrics.. dude is doin his thing, so props, but two thumbs down in my book

  • vince

    IM from boston man...not feeling this dude.not tryna hate, but not feelin it..

  • Da, Fella

    lol Homie Delirious to think we believe this shit! Fuck NEW shIT_ OnLY BuMp OLD ShiT!!

  • Rich Fratty UCSB College Kid

    OK so all the people who say they've never heard of this kid probably don't go to college and don't attend too many frat parties, cuz hes blowing up on that scene, especially at UCSB. He appeals more to kids who listen to david guetta, girl talk, kid cudi type shit rather than the Nas, Young Jeezy, Dr. Dre crowd that hiphopdx is geared towards. It brings up an interesting debate of what defines an artist as being hip hop. Is it simply rapping and having 808 type beats or does it have more to do with being representative of the traditional black urban hip hop culture, basically is it the sound of the music or the cultural image it attempts to embody that defines its genre?

    • sacha

      hip hop has evolved... H.E.R definition continually adapts to the changes... some ol heads cant accept theses changes but its been happening and still happening as you read this... everybody has a choice to listen to whatever they want... you can find your type of hip hop if you look for it... its not right, but the kids a genius, hes husslin his way to into the general hip hop conscience... if you're from boston, who dont know him now?

    • bobby_b_nice

      i go to college and frat parties and i aint never heard of this least for now. but i wouldnt bump his shit. and the what defines an artist as hip hop is usually self-proclaimed nowadays especially with all different kinds of musicians saying they are hiphop. so the unfortunately the definition has changed.

  • Natac

    ok I live in boston and have been a blogger for 2 years and I have NEVER heard of this dude until about 3 months ago... there's no way he's blown up that much, this fast. He's not good enough to pull those kind of sales, he's real commercial and I haven't heard a huge amount of originality from him. On another note, just because the title says boston doesn't mean shit.. He claims boston but you better believe that BOSTON DOES NOT CLAIM HIM. No hate but don't take this as some kinda standard for rap in Boston...

  • box

    or maybe people thought they was buying a 12 pacc of sam adams beer but ended up getting his album????????? hahahahaha who knows, that's a good marketing plan tho,cross promote with the beer company yell

  • box

    this is nothing that big labels don't do all the time, i ain't mad at the equal it's his chipper jones he can do whatever the hell he wants with it haha, hell he should make a rhyme about it,fucc buying a phantom i rather buy 75 thou of my own albums lol yell

  • nyblackguys

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  • bostoniang

    this kid is TRASH... GO LISTEN TO HIS FREESTYLES LMAO GO LISTEN TO HIS GARBAGE MUSIC. O wait did he just go platinum, yup he's platinum now, go thank daddy now.

  • vindKtiv

    This is not hip hop at all. This is just some wannabe Justin Timberlake trash.

  • phatrob

    righto, i'm a fair man so i checked this kids myspace page, could instantly tell this kid was gonna be shite,but as i said, i'm a fair man. so i listened to a few of his tracks... i wish i didn't!!!!! crap,shit,fucked,dog,ass,pants etc, whatever ya wanna call it, this kids "rapping" was bad! there's no way he woulda got 75c for those raps, let alone 75k!!! bollocks!!! fuckwits like this are just watering down my beloved hiphop. shame. peace from down under..

  • masshole

    rich kid from the suburbs.

  • Muffy Kevon

    Lord knows hip hop treach was the nigga i talked about

  • Q

    I saw this guy on iTunes and was like I'm on EVERY hip hop site regularly, and I've NEVER heard of this guy. I don't have any ills against this guy but seriously to have a number 1 album when nobody knows who you are, really? Boston may have a great college network but so does California and Texas and New York(and you see nothing like this), so to use that as a "proof" is BS. I like how it's "racist" to be suspicious of someones album sales, if some random rapper of any race came out of nowhere with no national publicity, radio play, etc, just appeared at number 1 on the iTunes charts we would all have the same suspicions. I wish this guy the best in his career, I just think whatever this fishy nonsense is passes and he makes music that's good enough to catch national attention and gain notoriety that way and get the message that the music matters, sales don't.

  • krime

    Damn boston niggas are lame!! hahaha he probably learned from benzino lol

    • Natac

      We can't take this dude as a representation of boston hip hop. I live in boston right now and nobody knows about dude... He doesn't get spins in boston or get local love from our underground game either so... forget this dude

    • krime

      Actually i forgot about termanology... my fault... but thats about da only cat that is nice from boston hands down!!.. in my opinion... running da underground??? i HIGHLY doubt that... I still dont see anybody fucking with new york & places like chicago & detroit... even cali

    • NYYGKR

      and sam adams sucks too wasn't defending his shit

    • NYYGKR

      Yeah being a yankees fan i say "Boston Sucks!" a lot , but I LOVE THEIR RAP MUSIC. Boston got mad dudes from the underground who have a ton of talent that put that flava in your ear. repthebean got it right with boston is the underground scene right now even though those dudes are olds. dont forget skyzoo and torae in NYC NOW. Pretty much what it comes down to most is whoever running with statik/premo is the shit in the underground.

    • Link

      You can't be serious... Underground rap game is ran by Detroit... I'll take Royce and Slum Village over any of those Boston niggas anyday.

    • ReptheBean

      Boston muthafuckas are controllin the underground hip hop game homie. if you aint listenin to Slaine, Special Teamz, Termanology or Reks, you really dont know wut your talkin about. this Sam Adams kid sucks at rappin and is a disgrace to Massachusetts. But the underground rap game is run by Boston, hands down.

    • Name

      I love how you only name the wack rappers from boston but don't mention akro, mr. lif, reks, edo g, guru, etc. like any city, you have some wack rappers, but you also have some dope ones. quit hating

  • Craig T

    Just read an interview with this guy. He says Eminem broke the barrier. Maybe but I doubt he intended that auto tune garbage to be used with that breaking. I blame Kanye West for whitening hip hop. A middle class dude not talking street shit (which is cool and I don't hate that) but now all these rich white folks just talking bout stupid shit cause they're bored so they wanna try rap. They don't have the passion and they don't have the skills. Real hip hop is underground.

  • Hector Saenz


  • LAfine

  • Deebo Detroit

    yea im guessing he bought his own shit cause no one really knows who he is yet he's doing numbers that some very well known rappers arnt even doing. i smell bullshit.

  • Anon1

    Haha last comment I swear but this shit cracked me UP! This dude is a direct decedent of the president John Adams. John Adams great-great-great-great-great-grandson is a hip hop artist! That shit is funny and you know that means dude has cake to blow on his own album.

    • Anon1

      Nah he was the only one out of the first 5 presidents not to own slaves but it's ironic cause he came up with the Alien & Sedition Acts which pretty much was going to put a barrier on free speech. You couldn't speak out against the govt. was the Sedition part. That would have fucked hip hop UP! if it had passed so it's ironic that his great whatever grandson could have been fucked lol

    • Wooooooooow!

      So his grand-pappy use to own SLAVES?

  • Anon1

    And the ironic thing is most people on here never heard of him but then went to check his music so he is getting a buzz of this so props for that even though it seems everyone hates him lol.

  • Anon1

    Those are Drake numbers for an EP and everybody and their mother knows who Drake is. Judging by the comments nobody knows this Scam Adams guy. I heard the "I Hate College" song a week ago and it wasn't really enough to make 75,000 people buy a mixtape. Lol when one of Boston's biggest producers (Statik) don't know you then you're looking pretty suspect. I don't even think Termanology can sell 10k on a mixtape and he's one of Boston's biggest underground rappers. With that said I don't see the big deal on him buying his own shit. He's probably got some wealthy parents so he can get the money to do it and if he wants to spend $75k on his album then so be it. It's pretty shameful and he ain't gonna get respect that way but it is what it is. A lot of people on here are catching feelings too hard but if dude gets fans off this then who are you to judge? If they like his music what more can you ask for? It's pretty cheap what he did but if it works then it works but chances are he'll forever go down as Scam Adams.

  • Peter

    You all are really pathetic. So let me get this straight, you all hate him, don't know him, accuse him doing some something even a simple minded person could figure out is impossible. All this because you've never heard of him? You know, the reason he is successful is because he didn't market to your stupid ass pathetic boston underground, your frank wainwrights, your smoke bulja, your boston rappers that didn't make it. Just because you've never heard of him doesn't make him a fraud. Boston has the largest college network in the country, and it sounds like most of you don't know anything about it. Everyone I know bought a few of his singles of I-tunes. You people all need to stop being racist for 5 minutes and do some research before your open your mouths.

    • JV

      @Peter So assuming these numbers are all legit, it seems kind of odd that his itunes sales outsold amazon 250:1. Thats really strange seeing as amazon is the number 2 digital distributor yet everyone went to itunes. Also, how does he have such success on itunes but is not on Billboard anywhere???

    • Link

      What up... SAM ADAMS? LOL - Fuck outta here bruh. Its definitely possible but highly unlikely that a high number of people would go specifically to I-Tunes to support a budding artist who apparently doesn't even have a local buzz let alone a national one. Its not being racist... its being critical and suspicious. And I didn't know I-tunes forwarded spreadsheets of specific customers who bought product so how would he be able to reproduce a list of 65,000 fans who 'ordered' the product so quickly? Besides most artists set aside a specific budget to use to purchase their own music to boost its profile, which they in turn give away to fans for free as "gifts" ... so keep spending your family's money homeboi!! LOL

  • E-Flo

    I've never heard of this cat in my life and I will be the first to tell you it's NOT true..In this economy, there is no way in hell the bank would give him a $75000 credit limit at 22 years old with his occupation as an aspiring rapper..Even if it was several credit cards, he would not have $75000 in available credit..His payments would cost about $1600-$1700/month just at the minimu payemnt and he would never have that shit paid off..Unless he has family that's had perfect credit for at least 10 years there is no way this happened..I am a certified consumer credit counselor and no bank would be stupid enough this day in age

  • josh

    i follow all of the boston undrground rap,St the Squad, the wolves, ems, the camp, just to name a few, i love going to the local shows and i have never, NEVER heard of this dude.....its obvious that this happened, all it takes is one preview of this kids trash album on itunes to tell its fake sales, he has a 100% 5 star rating too, even jay z doesnt have that, i smell bullshit....its also saying something when u got Statik Selektah asking who he is because he and no one he even knows has heard of the dude, and he fucking knows everyone in the boston scene....

  • freshyboi

    i thought Sam Adams was a beer? who the fuck is this guy and this story is probably the most buzz will ever get cause he is nobody

    • ghost1123

      nobody? up until now, he has been a nobody, sure. check itunes and billboard homie. Kids made serious moves in 7 days. Heard hes about to sign.

  • yaboyla

    who has a $75,000 credit limit??????

    • freshyboi

      lots of people, the credit card companies love to raise that shit so you spend money you dont have and pay mad interest



    • RIZZY34566

      hes not trying to be real dumbass! he is trying to make some cash. just cuz he blew up because ppl who like commercial shit wanted to hear the #1 ALBUM. he was smart and made ppl realize him. already made all that money back it looks like.

  • Jos

    I'm from the Boston area and am very involved with Boston hip hop. I have one question...WHO IS THIS DUDE? Never heard of him.

    • Jos

      Ghost since when do u gotta be in college to be familiar with a rap artist??? If that is the case then he only appeals to ONE demographic (boston college scene?) yet he went #1 on itunes on a NATIONAL level. Does not add up. Sorry.

    • okkk

      dude had a small name off the asher roth part 2 act... but NOT ENOUGH off that to generate those sales... also, with no promotion on this "album"??? HA dude is a fraud and the music is trash... see u later!!!

    • ghost1123

      u probably don't go/ didn't go/ have been out of college for a while then. That or you're just not as "involved" as you think you are. Kids huge on campus homie

  • VicTheGenius

    The music industry is crooked anyway. To bad he got caught LOL!

  • USD

    Doesn't surprise me cause this dude is beyond wack. I've never heard more unabashedly pop rap.

  • GuyD

    I just moved from Boston two months ago and never heard of this dude...Shit doesn't surprise me..that city is wack

  • Jason

    he bought 8 thousand of his own album, and 22 thousand of his own single, once it hit number one, he was ok cause people would buy it, leading to his other sales. major labels have been doing this for years. SRC was caught buying 100,000 singles of I love college last year and nobody says anything about that...

  • patty ashes

    I'm from Boston and this kid is huge with college kids. He's getting bumped across campus's in new england. The sales really don't surprise me, every teenage/college girl is in love.

  • Chicasal

    I swear to god there are more rich white kids trying to rap in Boston then any other place in the US. I wish I could slap all of them.

  • DaGreenEyedBandit

    I'm from the Boston area (Brockton) and I've heard of plenty of underground rappers from the New England area...but, not this kid. The only Sam Adams I've heard of is the BEER!! "I don't believe you, you need more people"

  • murdock08

    ive never heard of him i dont nobody has so yea he bought his own muisc and is prob going to jail for it or its his dads card..hip hop now is a clown based circus

  • Subliminal

    This is just so confusing, I'm very involved in Boston Hip-hop and literally nobody knows who this kid is. We'll see if it's legit though, he has a show in a few weeks at a smallish-moderate sized venue, if it sells out it's probably legit. If not, then it's promotion. I mean, in the end, I'm not gonna tell someone else how to hustle. New Music From The Union-Laugh it up.


    "We're sitting down with 15 to 20 major labels in the next few weeks, so chilling isn't really an option." Read more: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ First, how dumb is this kid? There ain't even 3 major labels anymore so who you sitting down with? Second, Why would you sign a 'deal' if you selling 75k a week on your own? Cause they can get you a bigger chain and a Lil' Wayne feature? Finally, he has only 836 friends on Myspace yet he's selling 75k first week from all these savy iTunes web buyers? I smell BULLSH*T!

  • riiiiight

    One way to find out the real is with sells like that this kid should be able to sell out Madison Square Garden in an hour.

  • BEEZ

    When I was 22 I didnt have no c.card with 75k limit!! Must be a label's card. If he did it...why are they saying it,cuz he had more sales than most nationally known artists? haha. Im from Boston, I think Ive heard of him but dont know his music, and he aint poppin that much. Sounds sketchy but you never know. I just hope he didnt screw himself by going in debt with a marketing stunt but he could probably write it off anyways! I wish any emcee who is a good emcee well, esp from Boston, where the talent seems to never be able to shine. But I guess I gotta hear him forst to determine if he's nice..

  • Tuk Ya Chain!

    We call him SCAM ADAMS...He's a Wanskta Wigga!

  • 808 N Da Trunk!

    Wow! So surprised dude sounds like Eminem....!

  • sheeeeeeet

    hahaha I don't know who Sam Adams is but thats a funny ass move

  • rumpshakaNYC

  • Corey

    So what? If dude had 75 grand to drop on his own music, Hes doing just fine regardless of what anyone thinks, and you think any of these top artists dont have like 20000 copies of their own shit purchased? And putting yourself in the position to hit Number 1 is just damn good promotion..Based on that alone hes gonna get some official sales, people like clickin them number 1 albums.

    • freshyboi

      it dont mean he has 75 grand, it said he used a credit card so he is probably accumulating some high interest on that shit right about now

  • ImFromDaSouth 239/404

    Yeah this shit aint nothn new!! I aint neva heard of the dude though. I aint knockn a nigga hustle either. Get money by any means necessary hell! I would say if you gone do that atleast get a hot song out on the radio first like alot of one hit wonders or maybe he do but I don't listen to the radio to much no more, 2 repetitious 4 me..

  • uhhhh

    the real issue is that his music is terrible!

  • da police

    best new artist 2010, dude is insane, repping boston where real hip hop started in the gully streets all day every day is what they say., cant get any more gritty then this dude, nuthin but lrics and straight heat rockets burning up the air waves , yeh yaaaaaaaahhhhh

  • The Admiral

    He did.... what the labels been doing...

  • DCSuperSid

    What's the big deal? Major record companies have been doing this for years.

    • BostonGeorge

      two things wrong: 1.) Dude's acting like he's been doin it in Boston when this is the first thing people have generally heard of him (I unfortunately heard of him before) 2.) Dude CLAIMS hip-hop and it's far from it Just funny, kinda a local story with "national" implications... kid will go away soon!!!

    • I_Am_Beast

      Exactly. This headline makes it sound like it's a criminal offense or some shit. So the fuck what???


    dam thats crazy

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