T.I. Explains Why "Addresses" Went Nameless, Comparing Himself To Tupac

Exclusive: T.I. says "the punishment must fit the crime" as far as his "Trouble Man" gun-slinger. The Atlanta native also reflects on the role "Trap Music" plays in his life a decade after "Trap Muzik."

There's hardly anything worse than being told that you’re incapable of doing something that you were built to do. After 11 years in the industry, T.I. is sick of having to prove himself to those who doubt his abilities and others who refuse to accept that he can talk about the trap just as instinctively now as he did in the very beginning. With the recent release of his eighth studio LP, Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head, the Atlanta emcee thumbed his nose at the non-believers. He tapped into the roots of what set his entire career in motion while daring any rapper from the younger generation to try and one-up his offering of hood with a sprinkle of Hollywood shine. Tip isn’t here to prove a point. His ability to remain relevant is intact- even in an industry overrun with young’uns cut from his blueprint- his very presence is the point.  

HipHopDX had a chance to talk with T.I. recently about his stance on “Trap music,” his similarities to Tupac and why he didn’t end careers with “Addresses.”

T.I. Reflects On Trap Music A Decade After Trap Muzik

HipHopDX: How do you have the ability to tap into Trap culture while being years and millions of dollars away from “the trap”? What do you say to people who say you use "the trap" as a content crutch?

T.I.: Well, look man - I’ma tell you like this: For one, the genre was created by me. The trap culture - I birthed that culture myself from the album Trap Muzik. Before Trap Muzik there was no such thing as “trap culture.” Aiight? So... Here’s an example, knock on wood, not trying to offend: If you had cancer and gone through the necessary steps, you gone through the chemo, you gone through the treatments, you gone through the operations, surgeries and whatnot and you beat

While you stand in that position, you have the authority and the justification to speak on cancer for the rest of your life, even though you don’t still have it! Because you’ve gone through these necessary steps, you’ve gone through the pain, you’ve risked your life... I mean you’ve done everything that a cancer patient has done and now through the grace of God and your resilience. You now stand and have the pleasure to say that you don’t have it no more but you can speak for all the other cancer patients and provide hope and be the example for the other cancer patients and say, ‘You can beat this cancer and you can find a way to move on.’ That’s how I feel about the “trap culture.”

DX: When you do those tracks it sounds natural though, like you’re the same Tip that did them 11 years ago.

T.I.: That’s because it’s in me. See, a lot of these cats... They’re doing this music because I made it possible. A lot of these cats... When I first came out, it was Outkast, Goodie Mob and Lil Jon. You were either Crunk or southernplayalistic, ATLien, kinda Hip Hop spiritual, ghetto gospel, ya nahmean? Before I came out, that was everything Atlanta had to offer. When I came out, I created an entirely different culture for everyone to ride to. It was a different policy for people to adopt. That’s what I did. If it wasn’t for me? These cats would still be tryna sound like Outkast and Lil Jon right now.

T.I. Speaks On Disses That Ended Careers & Why "Addresses" Was Different

DX: When you debuted, you were literally the only one sounding like that. You had some career-ending verses too...

T.I.: Yeah. I still got those... I still got ‘em. I could end some careers now if I wanted to. I just don’t want to man.

DX: People remember what you did to Lil Flip when you guys had your rift. It was lethal. You haven’t outright said who you were going at on “Addresses,” but the streets have come to their own conclusions. What do you have to say to people who expected a career-ending verse on "Addresses"?

T.I.: Nah, nah man... Because the punishment must fit the crime, you know? Ultimately, I don’t want to over punish anyone for anything. At the end of the day, deep down in my heart, like I told you - my first intention is to make sure that the city is properly represented. Really I ain’t tryna kill no careers on that record. Really what I’m tryna do is enlighten and open the eyes of those who need to see it the most. Like, dog... You trippin’ homes. And for real? You don’t fuck around and get erased out here man. You gon’ be a memory nigga. A distant memory.

For me, you gon’ have to accept that, whether you like it or not nigga, I opened the doors and paved the way for you to do this shit right now, you know? While you was running around, figuring out if you wanted to rap nigga, you was listening to me! I don’t give a fuck what you say, nigga, you understand? So for you to behave any other way besides respectful is... That shit is blasphemous!

So that’s my intention on ["Addresses"], it wasn’t to end no career. If that’s what I wanted to do I could do it, you know? I know how to do it. I could put a real full strategy together and I could get it done. They doing all the work for me. It ain’t gon’ take little to nothing and that shit’ll be done effortlessly.

DX: In a recent interview, you made it clear that no one has taken your spot while on hiatus because you "offer something different to the game," but were you ever worried that someone would?

T.I.: Nah, I was more worried that my city wasn’t getting proper representation in my absence. I was watching the award shows [in prison]. Those were a big deal, so when the BET Hip Hop Awards or the [MTV] VMAs came on it was a big deal in the TV room. Niggas would be sitting around watching these shows and there was one where there was nobody but... Like, every performance was [Lil Wayne], Drake and Rick Ross. It seemed like every performance was one of those three, and niggas was looking like, "Damn, where you at Tip?" I’m like, "Shit, I’m in here nigga. What you want me to do?" [Laughs]

At that very moment, I kinda dedicated myself to coming home and putting my city in a better position. Right now, I feel like we have put ourselves in a better position with the addition of Future and 2 Chainz to the A-Town roster. With me and [Young Jeezy] being back in position, it feels more like the Atlanta that we all grew to love. That was my main intention. That was high on my priority list when I was coming home to make sure that I put the city back into the position of prominence and assisted whoever I could to put the city back in prominence. That was a huge reason why I just came home and hopped on whatever I could. To give the city those bonafide smashes that we were known for presenting to the world.

T.I. Breaks Down The Tupac Shakur Comparison

DX: On Trouble Man's intro track you say that "real niggas say I kick it the same way 'Pac did it." Outside of legal issues, what do you believe you and Tupac have in common?

T.I.: Well. Respect from gangstas and [being] adored by females... [Laughs] The ability to have a street credibility with a high level of intellect. The ability to speak for those in poverty-stricken areas who don’t have the mouthpiece to speak for themselves. The diverse mixture of association with dope boys, trappers and politicians all the same. The celebrity presence that stretches from the lowest of celebrity to the highest. And I guess our love and intention to reach out to all from an philanthropic standpoint, just being willing to dedicate ourselves and offer ourselves and invest our time, effort and energy into the undiscerned areas of the community because we come from these undiscerned areas of the community. Just having that love and respect for the have-nots enough to dedicate ourselves to it.

DX: What was the hardest thing about putting Trouble Man together?

T.I.: I think the hardest thing about [Trouble Man] was picking the single out of all the other records that I had. Out of all the ones I did it was hard to find what people wanted to hear from T.I. and what T.I. wanted to do musically. To have those things aligned, it was kind of difficult.

DX: Right. It has to be harder now. You’re not the same Tip you were when I’m Serious or Trap Muzik came out. Especially with VH1’s Family Hustle on air...

T.I.: Oddly enough, as you mentioned, I’m not the same T.I. but people still wanna hear the same shit from me. I had to find that happy medium you know? I tried with “Love This Life,” you know? I thought “Love This Life” was a good record, I thought the shit was jamming. I thought it was innovative and different for T.I. I thought it was a new and different sound but that wasn’t the message that people wanted to hear from T.I. Then the record “Like That,” I thought the shit was jamming. I thought it was a dope record, but obviously, that wasn’t the sound that people wanted to hear from T.I. Also “Pyro”! “Pyro” was another record that I tried. I still love that record to this day... I think it’s a dope record... People obviously...

DX: Does that break your heart?

T.I.: Does it break my heart? Hell nah. It don’t break my heart because I know I got so many other records and so many... If those were the only records I had? And I didn’t have nothing else to go to? Shit, if I was born with my right and ain’t have no left, yeah, it would’ve broke my heart. But I got a left. A strong one. Then I got a left, a knee, some elbows so I could, yannahmean? [Laughs] So it don’t break my heart, I just go to the next one. I just don’t like to waste time like, if a record comes out and starts to do well and then stalls? I don’t like that because it wastes time. If I drop a record and it’s an immediate, "Nah, we don’t like that," then it’s "Aiight. Cool. I’ll drop another one tomorrow."

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  • Anonymous

    i can't even remember tip rappin for the people in "poverty"!!! the fact is pac knew they were gonna kill em and he went out like a man,while ti sold out when he got busted for guns!! i lost ALL respect for ti when he did crimestoppers,an nowadays he tries to talk"proper" instead of bein himself!! an to those who think pac was fake, the nigga shot two cops an took five bullets willingly for not giving up his jewelry,can't be too fake.treach told the story of how he was bout to get jumped by a gang and pac walked up like "yo,u jump my homie you gotta do me to",can't be too fake!!! they're will NEVER be another 2pac nor ANY WHO CAN EVEN COMPARE!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he should be smacked for even TRYNA compare he & pac

  • Anonymous

    I believe Jay Z also opened doors or African Indian American rappers too

  • Anonymous

    #delusional, only one Pac... the hologram is more an authentic substitute than T.I. don't have to like this but please respect it... come join our hip hop discussion group on facebook, type Freestlye Facebook: Finest hip hop/rap on your facebook search bar and join. also follow me on twitter: #somethingsomong, for more straight hip hop culture...ONE!!! #keephiphopstraighthiphop...

    • Anonymous

      Agree with the guy above. If he snitched, it's in someones paperwork and we'd have seen it by now. Yeah he did get a great plea deal, but he also had the money to hire great lawyers.

    • smokey robinson

      prove it or you're gay as fuck.

  • wu wear

    The 300 songs Pac recorded, in their original form, are untouchable by any artist in any genre ever. He knew he was going to be assassinated and it can be heard in the music - those songs were made to carry on his movement and support his family's struggle long after he was gone, and they do, brilliantly. 297 of the 300 are absolutely perfectly executed and give Pac a career not even remotely approached.

  • jay

    T.i is dope i like his music but there will NEVER be another tupac.. u can replicate biggys style, t.is style, everyone in this history of rap u can duplicate except for tupac..

  • smokey robinson

    t.i. is the truth y'all niggas hatin'. for him to even compare to himself to pac is pretty much givin' pac props. pac was a fake thug who did ballerina and was cryin' to get out of jail and was broke which is why he signed to death row. pac was dope but t.i.'s is better and as far as that bullshit snichin' shit money talks and when you payin' half a million for just one lawyer(he had a dream team) yes you can get off.

  • Milehighkid303

    Oh and to address the ASS CLOWNS who think I'm 14....I'm 30, I grew up through the GOLDEN ERA of Hip Hop....again I never stated Face and an ISSUE with TIP....AGAIN in my opinion....SCARFACE is the King Of The South....the lot of you are like women on hear and I say something and you fuckin run with it....I like LEGITIMACY in my music, and when TIP did what he DID which was on EVERY FUCKIN MAJOR NEWS CHANNEL he lost credibility...can the dude write, fuck yea, are his albums hot....YUP have em ALL....BUT as a Hip Hop fan and the culture that was made.....YOU CAN'T TAKE FOLKS SERIOUS who are TRANSPARENT in what they claim to be.....DUH (ie, Rick Ross) and you dumbasses asking for "paperwork" YOU DO REALIZE the Feds can make that shit "dissapear".....nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. I'm OUT.... Oh and the Tupac comparision is BEYOND laughable....fuckin' southeren fans HATE when you say some shit about "their" MC's...

  • Milehighkid303

    ETK: lol at this dumb nigga tellin US... US to do some research and diggin. how bout you get started first if you wanna accuse niggas of snitching. smh ^^^Explain a 12 month bid for a two time convicted FELON whom got CAUGHT with automatic weapons.......hmmmmm??? The Mob got more dirt then this cat could broom up in a week and Gotti DIED in prision.....he didn't get out alive....and yea Sammy fingered the WHOLE mob....I don't buy the fact TIP got off that easy on some "gangster" shit.....EFF outta here.....HE. IS. A. FELON. I know felons and I understand how the judicial system works.....TIP provided SOMETHING to get out of that mandatory 10 year sentence he should've got.....ASK TURK or MAX B how this shit REALLY works....clown.

    • jayy

      lets put it like this.. i got raided caught w a scratched off shotgun along w other shit a few years ago above the age of 18 i got a year in jail for it i ended up doin like 10 months. i wasnt a previous felon, i wasnt on probation nothin 10 months..never snitched on one person tip is a felon, got caught with 10 plus army guns, handguns, shotguns. silencers that carry like 5-10 per silencer and got 6-12 months? it dont add up granted t.i got wayyyyyyyy more money than me and fame. i figured he became an informant.. ull never have paperwork on someone t.i gave up for that reason. and before u ask how i would know they wouldnt have paperwork... they asked me to give up names of ppl i copped from. they said just a name or two no paperwork no nothin.. i laughed in there faces im like this is how u guys get ppl 2 snitch me n my brother startin makin mad jokes lol.. so its first hand experience i know shit dont add up

    • ETK

      I don't need to explain shit. he's a celebrity, a famous figure, & they get hookups. welcome to real life. I don't have to pull out some BS outta my ass with NO proof or evidence to make my point. Believe me, those ATL niggas are hungry, if T.I. snitched in any way or form they would've found that out ages ago. CELEBRITIES GET HOOKUPS. that's my fuckin explanation and I don't have any more evidence than you do.

  • IDK

    Hey you guys. Me and 2Pac are comparable, too. We both have dark brown eyes. Also, at one point of his life, he lived in Baltimore, MD. I don't live in Baltimore, but I do live in Silver Spring, MD, which is right on top of DC. So, umm, yea. We're very alike.

  • DG

    T.I. is one the dopest rappers out right now but this interview is a great example of why I cannot support him anymore. He gives the perception of having the Napoleon Complex. Yes, he won his battle with Lil Flip, but Flip wasn't on his level to begin with. That would be Like Nas lyrically attacking Soldier Boy. T.I. was so much better than Flip from the start, so really I see it as him picking a "safe" battle and building a rep of that. If he really wanted to test his mettle he should battled Scarface, Bun B or maybe some one from his own city (Ludacris anyone, remember Stomp?). As far as comparing himself to Tupac,nobody in this new generation of rappers can compare to Tupac. NOBODY! Tupac was a ARTIST! T.I. is a rapper. Every rapper that came after he died, tries hard to be as much like Tupac as they possibly can. Try as he might T.I. will never measure up to that man, Hip-Hop and the world was a very different place then, and none of this new generation could exist back then. Just my two cent.

  • NONO

    It may be hard for other people from other places to believe, but he is telling the truth about what he did for the ATL sound. Before him, TRAP sound/music did not exist on the radio.

  • TheDUke

    Pac wouldn't do a song with asap rocky.

  • Anonymous

    fuck off with that shit ti

  • gsonii

    T.I. is better rapper than 2PAC ever was but PAC is a Icon, a big part of that shit is because he died at the high point of his career but it is what it is.

    • LOL

      whoever says T.I is a better rapper needs to end there lives ASAPPPPP! have u guys ever listen to 2pac speak, rap, flow, how he puts his words together.. people including t.i to this day try to immulate 2pacs style.. tupac is a poet, story teller.. hes one of the greatest ever not bec he died early but bec his mind frame was somewhere noone can imagine..

    • Anonymous

      Tell me what I said that wasnt true? At this point your just side stepping everything Im saying and reiterating your point. Am I mad? Am I upset typing in caps? No. This isnt catching feelings this is educating. The part I was addressing was the fact you said a big part of why pac is a legend is because he died at the height of his career, he was 26, Nas Jay and em are all between 35 and 40. If pac was still alive trap music probaly wouldnt exist, so theres no point to even play around with that statement.

    • gsonii

      Dude's can catch feelings all they want. I am a real dude and I still have 2PAC higher on my list than T.I. but I am just speaking what I believe to be the truth. 2PAC's impact means he is at a level T.I. will never likely see but as far as rapping goes T.I. is better and I really question would people still be kissing PAC's ass if he had lasted over a decade. If Pac was here now his messages would be falling on deaf ears just like KRS-1, just like Rakim. Only why people would still be listening is if he was really good and bending to stay relevant musically.

    • NONO

      The person above does not realize that he is following a poor tradition. Nobody salutes the new way-pavers of the next generation, because their feelings are stuck in the past. T.I. is a better rapper, but Pac was a icon. That's all the guy said. PAC was very intellectual, but in a freestyle T.I. would win hands down. I think you mistook what "gsonii" was trying to say. COMPLETELY

    • Anonymous

      youre obviously either 15 or just from the south. It took 15 years to break pacs album sales. Jayz couldnt do it, Biggie couldnt do it, Nas still hasnt done it either and Wayne never will. Eminem is the only person to pass him and he just did it semi recently. Pac didnt have the internet to be known world wide, he did it with his mind and his pen. There will never be another rapper like pac, people should just stop trying to find him. Will there ever be another Martin Luther King Jr? no, Ghandi ? no. Not that Im putting him in that category in real life but in rap he was on that level, If not higher. T,I paved the way for the whackest era in rap ever. No one will be studying his shit in colleges, no one will be bumping his shit 20 years from now

  • unotlikemedu

    Please, T.I is a clown. Tupac never did 6 months for getting caught with heavy artillery. From what I understand, Tupac did his time and didn't make a deal to get out of trouble. Plus T.I is a shitty rapper. Street cred... I guess. Dope rapper... FUCK NO!

    • the truth

      tupac didnt do all his time death row bought him outta prison. i like t.i albums more than pacs albums thats me personally

  • Bahahahahahahaha

    TI about himself.... "The ability to have a street credibility with a high level of intellect. The ability to speak for those in poverty-stricken areas who dont have the mouthpiece to speak for themselves." This fool

  • Conscious Five Percenter

    He just talking some way out shit right now. Don't even compare yourself to Pac nigga, you're garbage, you're nothing, your life means absolutelly nothing. You and Pac are on some totally different levels.

  • 48210

    album is aight but not classic for the record andre 3k destroyed this man on his own shit the only reason yall say its hot is because of theirs no one to compare him to right na Goodkidmaadcity is hip hop blackboyfly

    • NONO

      Naw T.I. chose to got the lyrical route and Andre took the Story route. They both killed that song and T.I. gave Andre almost 2 minutes time on his verse out of respect(which he stated). Cut that verse shorter and do you still have a classic verse?..No..In the end a great song was created. And he's from the Jay-Z peak era. If you can't compare him, that just shows how much of a rare talent.

  • Anonymous

    I'm tired of these modern day rappers comparing themselves to the GREAT Tupac!

    • BP

      that's because of you over-skeptical ass niggas. Tip never said he as great as Tupac. not a comparison in greatness. they just got a couple things in common and he detailed them out.

    • For Real

      They want to be legends so bad, but haven't done anything worthy of that title.

  • gsonii

    Most legendary rapper of his era. King of the South got Trap Muzik over.

  • yeaaahh

    T.I. consistently puts out good music and he still might be the most underrated emcee. This dude is dope on the mic but he doesn't get the credit he deserves. He and Pac have a lot of similarities but he also reminds me of Jay-Z. They both come from regions that had greats before them but NO ONE will be better after them.

  • Anonymous

    Milehighkid303: Lames swear they know what it is, like they was there. Nigga u just a fan/STAN etc...

    • Milehighkid303

      HOW DOES MY ASS TASTE FUCK BOI'S????? Effin clowns.....I "RIDE" 50?? Fuck is you doin' with TIP.......pause......same thing. I brought FACTS to the table, the guy WAS A PREDICATE FELON and got CAUGHT with automatic weapons out the yin yang.....and you TELL me he only does a 12 month BID?? My boy in Duvall about to do 10-15 for holdin up a cash advance spot AND HE IS CLEAN!!! Fuck outta here, I struck a chord with you fuckin lames cause its TRUTH.....samething people LOVE to talk about 50 about is the samething here. And at least I stand by my post unlike the massess of you ignorant fucks....I don't back pedal.....I brought up ONE verse of "You so Tough" that laid it out.......he is A FRAUD....DEAL WITH IT....and the fact he EVEN acknowledges a comparision to Pac is BEYOND LAUGHABLE.....Pac had FAMILY in the Black Panthers....you clowns LOVE to jump on shit and slander folks who OFFER OPINIONS and just they mindset.....take my piece out your fuckin mouths you HERRRRRBSSSS. ONE.

    • Joey

      Ive seen milehigh kid around. that guy is a 50 dickrider. Worse than a lot of the trolls on this website. That nigga don't know shit except how 50 dick taste

  • Anonymous


  • Enlightened

    WOW, did you "wack" niggas read the interview, or just scroll directly to the comment section to start talking that shit. LOL Salute to T.I. Very few have put out real nigga music on such a consistent basis for such a long period of time. He's earned the right to say whatever the fuck he wants to.

    • unotlikemedu

      @MIlehighkid303 , don't waste your time with these down south dudes man.., they always swear T.I got enough money to get him out of that crazy illegal shit he did. Niggas asking for paperwork, only a dumbass south nigga would want to see paperwork instead of actually seeing the news reports that T.I got caught with machine guns and only did 6 months.., and now we have this 2pac comparison. LMFAO!

    • ETK

      lol at this dumb nigga tellin US... US to do some research and diggin. how bout you get started first if you wanna accuse niggas of snitching. smh

    • Anonymous

      @Milehighkid303...nigga you sound dum as fuck...u got the paperwork? Was you the DA? CO? Did ya fingerprint the kat or snap the mug shot??? Hell naw u just BLOGGED...shut ya dum ignorant ass the fuck up bitch...stay off of EXTRA and Access Hollywood...you don't know shit bout nothing...just yappin'...TIP the realest kat out right about now...and trust if snitching is what he did...it would come to light by now...

    • Milehighkid303

      or "wack" niggas like you FORGET he is A FELON and got caught with dozens of automatic weapons and basically fingered his homie to the feds so he could avoid REAL jail time....stop defending this ass clown LIKE he REALLY WAS Pac....pac NEVER snitched and let that AK go in FRONT of police.....save face my man....you act like he's the ONLY one pumping real "nigga" music for so long.....do some fuckin research and diggin......he's NOT the only one and he's far from the best. period.

  • Sco*

    say what one will, but Tip is one of the most talented/intelligent rappers we will have the pleasure of experiencing in this lifetime....alot of people won't acknowledge his genius until he's retired his mic.....

  • Rick

    Why do rappers compare themselves to Tupac...dude was just a loud mouth obnoxious nigga! WAIT! It makes sense that wack niggas are always comparing themselves to Tupac. He was wack too.........Why not compare yourself to NAS, or KRS one, or G Rap....OH wait, they dont know about Hip Hop..NOOOOOW it makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      Aye RICK...find sum powder and slap yaself...you're just a dum muffukka...

    • Anonymous

      pac was always contradicting himself. First saying keep your head up and then dissing women. + Pac is M.O.R.E. Most Overrated Rapper Ever!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      man stfu. You clearly don't know the revolutionary and genius Tupac was. Go read his poetry, listen to his lyrics, listen to his interviews, research his philanthropy and the ideas he had for the black community. KRS is definitely the teacher - but Pac put those lessons to use!

  • Anonymous

    you r a mediocre artist

  • Milehighkid303

    50 ETHERED this clown in ONE verse on "You So Tough" TIP needs to sit the fuck down......EVERYONE knows even in the WEST/MIDWEST that Scarface is the KING of the South....besides....LUDA used to EAT HOMIE up bar for bar....T.I. ain't nada.....didn't Lil Flip son him at a club or somethin'??

    • Alex

      Luda NetWorth: $65 Million T.I. NetWorth: $30 Million Check the stats! LUDA > T.I. ALL DAY

    • tipster

      umm im a 90s baby and i grew up on t.i. im still growin up listenin to him bc he's still hot! I also was 13 when 50 dropped massacre & i kno he aint hot as Tip now.. and FYI Tip is nowhere near past mid 30s..Hes only 32!!

    • Anonymous

      Lil Flip huh??? Career dead...check the resume foolio...'Face himself gave and has given TIP the K.O.S. props(must be 14 or sumthing...wat before ya time yungsta) Luda got him and eventually realized that regardless of that verse TIP still got ATL on lock..thats why LUDA buried the hachett...#checkthestats

    • Milehighkid303

      I didn't say Face Mob had an issue with it.....IM SAYING IMO SCARFACE IS THE KING OF THE SOUTH.....do you IDIOTS read?? Didn't think so.....and 50's too old.....what are you a 90's baby?? TIP is UP there past his mid 30's as well, the nigga ain't 24 anymore....wake the fuck up dunny.

    • sp3tan

      People can talk shit anyday they want. If scarface had a problem with TIP calling himself the King of the south he: 1: Would OBVIOUSLY deal with it. 2: He would NEVER EVER do a song with him but the thing is he did it on No Mercy. 3: Be a clown nigga going around calling himself the king of the south without proving it like TIP did. 50 cent is a clown nowdays. That dude is too old to keep rapping. He might just go ahead and keep doing his business without having the need to shittalk on twitter like all the other fake ass niggers do.

    • Milehighkid303

      Nah.....he's not. And I'm not claiming him to be some pen-work lyricst.....however in that ONE verse he gave it to T.I. pure truth.....when it comes to things like that, it's not about "lyrics" it is about truth.....THAT is the issue surrounding T.I's credibility IMO.....that is all...thanks for your input though.

  • Ricky Rozay

    LOL at T.I talkin bout this shit. Every nigga down south knows that this nigga snitched to avoid a long ass bid in jail. Tip music is wack now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!