Sometimes Hip Hop can move at a pace too frantic for even the most devoted fan to keep up with. Albums and mixtapes are released at breakneck speed, careers are made and broken with the swipe of a pen, and somewhere in between all the madness actual music (the quality of which vacillates between excellent and god awful) is being made. Twitter provides a nice summary of everything 140 characters at a time. And if you’re the type that would rather not be bothered with stepping into the Twitterverse to catch up on the latest in Hip Hop, we’ve filtered through the top rapper’s tweets and consolidated all the week’s events into one convenient feed.

This week, Wiz Khalifa gets locked up and snaps a selfie, ScHoolboy Q’s daughter graduates from Kindergarten and Questlove and a certain brand of cookies tweet a duet with each other.


Wiz Khalifa And The Jail Cell Selfie

According to the Oxford Dictionaries, the word “selfie” is “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.” On Sunday, Wiz Khalifa kicked off the week with a selfie that pretty much eliminated any other selfie in the seflie olympics. Wiz took the cell-fie while sitting in a jail cell, which might be the first of its kind, considering jail has a strict “no cell phone” policy. Jail, always ruining the fun. Taylor Gang’s leader was arrested at an airport checkpoint for attempting to carry weed on the plane. He’s out (in case you care) and off conquering new places to selfie at.


Troy Ave: “They Hated On Jesus”

It was a tough week for Troy Ave, due to a pesky Noisey article titled “Troy Ave: Rap Game George W. Bush.” As you can imagine by the title, the opinion piece was not in Troy Ave’s favor. Of course this prompted the New York emcee to think WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) which lead him to the conclusion that he and Jesus have one major difference: he was non violent. “They hated on Jesus.” Yeah, it was tough for him. Those Romans. Good thing Twitter wasn’t around in the olden days. Who knows what kind of angry tweets we would have seen.


Apple Buy Beats Music & Electronics For $3 Billion

Until four days ago, the world knew a few details behind the rumored Apple buying Beats deal. Four days ago, Beats Music, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s music streaming brainchild, tweeted a cryptic message (“Here’s to THE NEXT EPISODE”) and linked followers to a specific blogpost that explained the official purchase of Beats Electronics and Beats Music by Apple. The price tag was rumored to be $3.2 Billion but that lessened to $3 Billion due to a lack of Beats Music subscribers. In related news, Jimmy Iovine stepped down as CEO and chairman of Interscope Records.


Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” Is A Hot 100 #1

Nothing is impossible for Iggy Azalea, who broke Billboard records with her new single, “Fancy.” The Charli XCX-assisted track rose from #2 to #1 on this week’s Hot 100 chart and Ariana Grande’s “Problem” song, which Iggy stars in, moved from #3 to #2, making her right behind the Australian rapper. Because of this double success, Azalea joins the Beatles as the only acts to hit at #1 and #2 simultaneously with their first Hot 100 hits. She also joins Lauryn Hill, Lil’ Kim and Shawnna as the fourth female rapper to invade the top of the chart. Not in bad company, Iggy.


ScHoolboy Q’s Daughter Graduates

Touring requires a lot of time spent away from your family and friends. That includes missing important life events with your children. ScHoolboy Q recently tweeted a picture of his daughter Joyce graduating from Kindergarten. Even though the TDE member couldn’t be there because his worldwide Oxymoron tour, he did take the time to recognize her achievement. Joyce was involved in the making of Oxymoron, lending her voice to parts of the album. She’s also made appearances in his latest music videos and has even introduced him on stage during an Oxymoron tour stop in Los Angeles. Congrats on graduating, Joyce!


Kanye West Shares First Official Wedding Picture

Kanye West may not have broken any Instagram records but he was the first to release an official Kardashian-West wedding photo on a social network. No caption needed, West shared the first-kiss-as-husband-and-wife moment. The white flowered walls and perfectly centered snapshot captured the elegance of the wedding, which took place in Florence, Italy. Kim once tweeted that the wedding will not be filmed for her reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but will only be recorded through pictures. 


Pharrell Williams Pays Tribute To Maya Angelou

The news of Maya Angelou’s passing tore many hearts in half on May 28, including “Happy” singer Pharrell Williams’. The singer, producer and rapper was listed among those (Beyonce, Lil Wayne, and more) who reacted to Angelou’s death via social networks. Dr. Maya Angelou, who has never attended a university, has over 30 honorary degrees and has taught at Wake Forest University over a variety of years. Rest in power, Maya Angelou.


Questlove & Nilla Wafers’ Duet

When The Roots’ Questlove throws Prince lyrics at you, you tweet them right back. Picture this: one late vulnerable night (assuming it’s night), a drummer walks through his huge kitchen to find a yellow box of Nilla Wafers staring right at him. What does he do? Incorporate a Prince song and make sure to tag the brand of the cookies for interactive purposes. The song used was “Do Me, Baby” and the conversation was pretty hilarious, considering that he was talking to a box of cookies. At first, Nilla Wafers didn’t get the joke but managed to catch on and finish the mini duet.


Words Of Wisdom From Mac Miller

Mac MIller may only be 22 but he’s had life experiences most 22-year-olds have yet to live. So when Mac shares poetic words of wisdom, it might be a good idea to listen and apply to your own life. “The smartest man in the room is he who asks the help of those around him.” Since his early days as an emcee, Mac has been part of a team ran independently by those close to him. The Pittsburgh spitter has also proved to be a loyal friend and colleague by recently tagging along ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron tour just for support. The moral of the story is, you can’t do it alone. Point taken.


Rihanna Inspired A Wiz Khalifa Mixtape

While dealing with jail (and taking a selfie in the process), Wiz Khalifa dropped 28 Grams. He later took to Twitter to share who his Marijuana muse was for the mixtape. Rihanna, of course. He may have spelled her name wrong the fist time but good thing she corrected it before she retweeted it. “HE GETS IT!!!,” silently yelled Rih Rih replying to Wiz’s confession on the Twittersphere. 28 Grams boasts 28 tracks, featuring Juicy J, Pimp C, Ty Dolla $ign, Chevy Woods and more. Stream and listen, here.


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