Grand Champ: 5 Infamous DMX Battles

In hopes of looking at DMX when he wasn't representing Hip Hop (and humanity) in the worst possible light by fighting with George Zimmerman, here are 5 other notable feuds in which he's participated.

In 1998 DMX became only the second rapper to have two albums debut at #1 in one year. While on his way to selling nearly 30 million records domestically, Earl Simmons released five consecutive albums that debuted at #1 on the Billboard magazine Top 200 Albums chart. During the course of a commercially successful and critically acclaimed career, X has also been a frequent visitor to many a courtroom. This was a fact not lost on Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons.

“DMX is practicing really hard at being good—he’s just really fucked up,” Simmons wrote in his 2001 biography Life And Def: Sex, Drugs, Money & God. “But he keeps trying. His records It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot and Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood, are about being in pain. He’s frustrated at his inability to change. Every time he gets a glimpse of something good, he wants to change and become good. But he just can’t stay on the right path…”

X’s off-the-mic struggles took another turn this week when it was announced he verbally agreed to a boxing match with George Zimmerman—the man infamous for the 2012 killing of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. A lot of keystrokes have been used explaining why Zimmerman potentially profiting from any of the fame he’s enjoyed since Martin’s death is a horrible idea. While we wholeheartedly agree with that point, there’s no need to be redundant. In the rare event you need a refresher, there’s been some excellent writing on the matter by both David D. of TheSmokingSection and Grantland’s Rembert Browne.

Sadly, X’s stated desire to fight and urinate on Zimmerman will most likely not end well for the Yonker’s-bred rapper, but it also comes as no surprise. In hopes of looking at DMX at a time when he wasn’t representing Hip Hop (and humanity) in the worst possible light and understanding what led to the sad state of affairs that has him even contemplating the buffoonery of squaring off with Zimmerman, here are some other notable feuds in which he’s participated.

DMX Versus Drugs

Sadly, rumors that this battle is still ongoing won’t be quelled by the fact that X verbally agreed to fight George Zimmerman. DMX has previously been arrested for drug possession and animal cruelty in May of 2008 after attempting to barricade himself in his Cave Creek, Arizona home. He was also cited for marijuana possession in Greer, South Carolina three months later.

“Until I die, I will always have a drug problem,” DMX told Iyanla Vanzant during a multi-episode appearance on the OWN show, Iyanla: Fix My Life. “I smoke weed. I drink… Coke, crack—now I don’t really fuck with that. Since I’ve been home from prison almost three years, I slipped a couple times, but I got right back up. When I first got signed, I almost went out of my mind.”

DMX Versus Jay Z

Before this pair both rose to stardom under the Def Jam umbrella, they faced off in a legendary battle (the original undercard was Ruff Ryders’ Harlem Knights versus Original Flavor, who was managed by Damon Dash) in a pool hall in the Bronx. Good luck finding any footage, as Ruff Ryders CEO Joaquin “Waah” Dean ordered everyone in attendance to turn off their cameras.

“It was dope,” Ski Beatz recalled in a 2011 interview with HipHopDX. “DMX, at the time, I had never really heard of DMX. I didn’t know who this kid was. But to hear him rhyme live, I was like, ‘This dude is really ill.’ He was really good. But the battle was good. Jay did his thing; DMX did his thing. You could tell people from DMX’s side were feelin’ Jay, and you could tell people from Jay’s side were feelin’ DMX. It was a mutual, ‘Okay, both these guys are dope.’”

Through a mutual friendship with Irv Gotti, Jay and X became friends and collaborated with each other. But in a 2011 Vibe magazine interview, DMX told Mikey Fresh things turned sour after Jay was appointed as the president of Def Jam.

“[Jay Z] gave me the call, he called me personally,” DMX said. “So I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s wassup! My mans is in a position now, he’s the president of the label I’m on, we good!’ Next thing you know, he’s out of retirement and I’m off the label. What a coincidence.”

DMX Versus Ja Rule

This was another case of things turning sour between label mates and mutual friends friends of Irv Gotti. Any hopes of the Jay Z, DMX and Ja Rule troika collectively recording as Murder Inc. ended when X went on record in 2002 with MTV’s Shaheem Reid about a Ja Rule diss song entitled “Ruled Out.” The Dog leveled claims that Ja was both biting his trademark style and “getting a little too Hollywood.”

“I’m just sick of the bullshit,” X told Big Von of KMEL in a subsequent interview. “I’m sick of money sounding like me. I’m sick of niggas smiling in my face, and he’s a fake-type nigga. I’m just sick of all that. I can’t hold it in but for so long.”

DMX and Ja repaired their relationship to the point where they were civil with one another, and based on X’s 2011 interview with Vibe, that’s where X would like to keep things.

“We cool, but he’s just not the type of nigga that I would hang with,” X explained. “He never was the type of nigga I would hang with. But we was cool. I’d work with you, and yeah we can go to the studio, but we just two different people.”

DMX Versus Xavier Simmons (and Iyanla Vanzant)

You can’t really process the televised “reunion” between DMX and his son, Xavier Simmons without at least partially admitting Iyanla Vanzant manipulated the entire situation for television viewers. It appeared Xavier and his father were on the road to reconciliation before Vanzant imposed a list of conditions and essentially coached the younger Simmons into calling their relationship “toxic.” And, if you’re familiar with X, you can pretty much predict how that exchange ended without suffering through a second of the insipid, Iyanla: Fix My Life.

“If there’s gonna be a condition...if there’s gonna be a demand, when all I’ve given you is unconditional love, I’m not gonna allow that,” X responded. The exchange ended with DMX telling Xavier, “See you at my funeral.” Based on his May, 2013 interview with Pigeons And Planes, Xavier and his father still aren’t exactly on good terms.

DMX Versus Kurupt

“Mothafuck D, mothafuck M, / Only X I know is Xzibit or RBX / Extraordinary, tryin’ to snatch my bitch / You can have the bitch / Two bitches gettin’ ripped...” Talk about shots fired. Kurupt asserted DMX engaged in coitus with his then fiancee, Foxy Brown, with little to publicly corroborate the accusation. What actually happened is anyone’s guess. But other than a 2002 interview with XXL in which he essentially said he didn’t know what Kurupt was talking about, X brushed the accusations aside...although he may have thrown some subliminal shots at Kurupt on “Party Up” with the following bars:

“Y’all niggas is characters, not even good actors / What’s gon’ be the outcome, hmm, let’s add up all the factors / You wack, you’re twisted, your girl's a ho / You’re broke, the kid ain’t yours, and everybody know.”

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed over time.

“Right now, me and Earl and very good, cool friends,” Kurupt said in a 2013 interview with HipHopDX. “I seen him in the airport, and we squashed our differences. I found out he’s a good person. He’s a good nigga. That nigga is a good nigga. We had a good talk, had a couple shots. It was real cool.”

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  • johnjohnphenom

    Dmx vs. The security guards at his own concert lol. On the real his biggest battle is dmx vs dmx. I grew up on his music among others and you literally watched him slippin.

  • MicGeronimo

    DMX. The rapper that stole the spotlight from the best rappers of his day starting in '95. Check "Time to Build".. that nigga X killed a Ja and Jay spot. Jay-Z's best move of his career was not makin a cd with X and Ja. Ja was heating up and dropped a classic - that first album was fierce. X dropped 3 straight gems and was killing every feature whether it be on Bad Boy, Murder Inc, LL Cool J, a Jigga track. Damn crack kills - X coulda been the best ever

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    Ja rule killed dmx in that beef though, straight up!!!

    • Anonymous

      @LMFAO: You're calling me an idiot and you totally missed the point of DMX's verse, wow. Way to go retard. X didn't even hurt Ja rule at all here, I'm still waiting to see how did "go to sleep" kill ja rule, seriously, just think outside of the box for a minute, HOW did they kill him? "X just says he killed him and does it while naming his 1st hit" And what the FUCK did I say? I too said that X was referring to ja rule's first hit "holla holla". Learn how to read. On the other hand, Ja rule brought it on "blood in my eye album" but y'all didn't want to listen, it was just a battle with no fucking winners and y'all say how Ja rule lost, the fuck out of here

    • LMFAO

      This dumb mother fxcker doesnt know what the "niggas try to holla but couldn't holla back" line means. Hey idiot, X just says he killed him and does it while naming his 1st hit. Then the next line he talks about Ja swallowing loads because we all know that n1gga was suckin hella dik up in the prison walls. I'm a genius

    • Anonymous

      lol your funny

    • Anonymous

      I did and how did they "kill" ja rule on that? Let's dissect the song: "I ain't gonna eat, I ain't gonna sleep Ain't gonna breathe, 'til I see what I wanna see And what I wanna see, is you go to sleep in the dirt Permanently, you just being hurt, this ain't gonna work" Okay, threats, but where's the wordplay? Where are those HARD words that kill JA FUCKING RULE??? "For me, it just wouldn't be, sufficient enough Cause we, are just gonna be, enemies As long as we breathe, I don't ever see, either of us Coming to terms, where we can agree There ain't gonna be, no reasoning, speaking wit me You speak on my seed, then me, no speak-a ingles" More threats, doesn't qualify as 'lyricism' at all, where did Em's verse kill ja rule here? "So we gonna beef, and keep on beefing, unless You're gonna agree, to meet with me in the flesh And settle this face to face, and you're gonna see A demon unleashed in me, that you've never seen And you're gonna see, this gangster pee on himself I see you D12, and thanks, but me need no help Me do this one all by my lonely I don't need fifteen of my homies" You're gonna see... You're gonna see.. More threats and no weight, I absolutely see no wordplay where he brought it to Ja. "I don't need fifteen of my homies When I see you, I'm seeing you, me and you only We never met, but best believe you gon' know me When I'm this close, to see you exposed as phony Come on bitch, show me, pick me up, throw me Lift me up, hold me, just like you told me You was gonna do, that's what I thought, you're pitiful I'm rid of you, all of you, Ja, you'll get it too!" "ja you'll get it too"? He wasn't even talking about him. I won't even quote Obie Trice's verse, he brought it, but not enough to touch legendary status of Ja Rule. Let's keep it real, Ja was way to big back then to respond to little rappers like Obie Trice. "Hey dog, I'mma walk like a beast, talk like the streets I'mma stay blazing New York wit the heat Stalk on the beat, walk wit MY feet Understand my pain, the rain ain't sleet Peep how I'm moving, peep where I'm going Shit don't seep, then sleep not knowing But I'mma keep growing, getting larger than life Easy going with the same one that started the fight He be knowing how dog get, when dog don't bite Tried to show him the dog shit, it's dog for life Grand champ, and my Blood Line is tight Cuz it's all good, it's all right Niggas tried to holla, but couldn't holla back Now they gots to swallow, everything in the sac Blood Line, and, we can go track for track Damn, dog, why'd you have to do them niggas like that?" This whole DMX verse was literally just bragging how he does shit he doesn't actually do. Niggas tried to Holla, but couldn't holla back. That line doesn't even make sense, DMX damn well knows how many people bumped Holla Holla song by ja rule.

    • Will $teel

      LOLOLOOLOLOL nothin worse than a Ja Rule dick rider. U prolly say Ja killed 50 too huh? LMAO listen to GO TO SLEEP n that right there is enough 2 kno Ja got MURKED.

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    dj muggs vs dmx 2015

  • room2roam

    LoL @ your interpretation of the dmx vs his son & Iyanla. the TRUTH is if X isnt willing to give up drugs (which was one of the main conditions) there is absolutely no way he could ever have a healthy relationship with any of his children. you can tell from the look on his children's faces that he's been absent in their lives & you can tell by his attitude that he really doesn't give a fuk. i know in the black male community that can be considered normal or ok but it reality it's just f'd up & overwhelmingly contributes to the failure of our race. and yet you all attack his son. bunch of backwards azz baffoons.

  • joe

    DMX vs Arizona Police Department.