DMX has responded to Fredro Starr regarding his diss, delivered during a freestyle.

During an interview with TMZ, X called him a “midget” who “can’t even reach my knee.” “I am not worried about him … All he is is a sitcom Moesha gangsta. He should just stick to being a reality gangsta cause that’s about all he’s good for,” he said.

Dark Man X made the beef public a few weeks ago during an interview where he said that Starr was beaten up by one of X’s baby’s mothers. Starr released a freestyle diss to YouTube, rapping, “This nigga X talking shit right, if he ever try it again/He be a front of the firing pen/If his crew front, there be a lot of dying men/At the funeral, family and crying friends,” he raps. “Let’s get back to the money, we go together like tire and rims/You wanna ball? We can go as high as the rim/So much weed smoke, time to call the firemen.”

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