Determined to please disgruntled heads from the Northeast region, the Beast Coast collective has banded together as separately established acts out to make a unified statement much like the prior generation’s Native Tongue camp did. The gifted clique (officially named by Joey Bada$$‘ Pro Era crew) has ties of brotherhood to Harlem’s A$AP Mob and lays brag worthy claim to the Flatbush Zombies and their fast rise towards prominence, all friends gaining inspiration watching each other’s strides. Cosigned by Flying Lotus under the banner of his Brainfeeder label, The Underachievers are this squad’s next of kin up to bat with their debut Indigoism.

Yet another example of the modern path to viral buzz paved by Odd Future, The Underachievers have quickly become the latest hope for shifting Hip Hop’s culture back to its currently irrelevant origins. With youth and innovation on their side, group members Issa Dash and Ak show a wisdom far beyond their years as Indigoism simultaneously strays from convention while observing the musical formula of strong lyricism and production that brings them to life. The project’s title is based off of the purplish color dealing with a spiritual enlightenment fostered through books and hard drug usage, as they spit higher knowledge on “Revelations” and trip out on the hypnotic LSD anthem “Potion Number 25.”

Not only do The Underachievers push the envelope, they cohesively merge today’s turned up sound with that which came from their formerly dominant homeland of Brooklyn. Where the complex flows on songs such as “Maxing Out”, “Herb Shuttles” and “T.A.D.E.D” cater to the erratic energy of younger listeners, “New New York”, “Land Of Lords” and “6th Sense” are likely to attract a jaded audience starved for edgy material to see an upswing once again. As well, the duo sneaks a positivity that isn’t contrived through the aggression on “Leopard Shepard” and “Gold Soul Theory”, speaking to and for whoever chooses to absorb the gems offered.

Indigoism is a refreshing first effort for Issa Dash & Ak whose themes of consciousness and psychedelics boost their creativity in developing something vaguely familiar while not exactly derivative, a rarity in this day and age. Despite a slight amount of filler and the topics suffering a lack of diversity, The Underachievers have covered their bases well enough to attain fandom from purists and adolescents alike.

DX Consensus: “Free Album” (the highest possible praise for a mixtape)

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