Yung Miami has come out in support of Chrisean Rock in the wake of the latest drama involving her boyfriend Blueface.

The drama unfolded over the weekend when the “Thotiana” rapper made numerous comments across social media pertaining to Rock’s pregnancy. At one point, Blueface celebrated his baby mother Jaidyn Alexis on Instagram for her parenting skills and commended her for the way she had announced her pregnancy with his second child.

“This is what it’s supposed to look like when a women tells a man she pregnant,” he wrote on Instagram. “Any other response or question you should abort the baby an treat the next n-gga better for the sake of you him an the baby.

“No man should question the paternity of a child if they do 9x outta 10 the women hasn’t been valuing herself enough which makes them believe theirs a possibility it’s not theirs this is a wholesome beautiful moment that every righteous women deserves fr.”

He continued on Twitter, claiming that Rock was about to make a “fool” of herself with her alleged pregnancy.

“She pregnant missing a tooth with 7 tattoos finna make a fool of herself with the next n-gga an I’m not pregnant at all finna live my life perfectly fine with the next bitch who gone take me even more serious now it’s really tragic fr.”

The Twitter comments in particular caused the couple to trade jabs on the social media platform, with Rock writing in part: “I take you serious. You just hate me rn . I don’t need the next N-gga I got my self.”

Elsewhere she said: “Ion regret anything about my self so honestly trynna put me down is a low blow coming from a man that know he loves me.”

The comments made the rounds on social media, with many fans celebrating this newfound self-love Chrisean Rock was announcing to the world. Yung Miami then emerged on Monday (March 13) as one of her staunchest supporters, taking to socials to commend Rock for her comments.

“You’re beautiful & FULL OF LIFE” the Caresha Please host commented on Rock’s tweet that read: “Don’t feel bad for me ima shake dis off fr. Plus I’m grown I did this to myself.”

Blueface’s initial vitriolic tweets were seemingly in response to Chrisean Rock speaking out about her contentious relationship with her Crazy In Love co-star on Instagram Live. Among many comments made, Rock said in part that due to the way Blueface treats her in public, many people likely think they’re not together.

“You know how I used to go on rants and I used to cry a lot and tell y’all what was going on?” Rock said. “I’m gonna be a buck, my n-gga: you really don’t need nobody to be happy. It’s really you that has to be happy with yourself. I’m learning since I’ve been real sober and shit…I just learned how to back off so bad that I’m silent.”

She continued: “He say ‘fuck you ho,’ all types of shit, calling me all types of hoes because it’s n-ggas in my face or n-ggas in my DMs. But what you expect if you publicly treat me like shit? I really don’t think muthafuckas think we really together.”

Chrisean Rock claimed to be pregnant with Blueface’s baby in February, which the “Thotiana” rapper adamantly denied while demanding a paternity test.

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Blueface then allegedly called it quits with Rock, but the latter maintained at the time that the L.A. rapper is the father of her unborn child and they are very much still together.

Yung Miami’s support comes as she’s had her own bit of relationship turmoil this past week, having apparently called it quits with Diddy whom she was in an open relationship with this past year.

The City Girls rapper sat down to chat with Billboard alongside groupmate JT following their performance at Rolling Loud California. When asked if they’d been on a double date recently (as JT is currently dating Lil Uzi Vert), Miami made her relationship status quite clear.

“I’m single, baby,” Miami said. “What man you saw me with? I’m single. S-I-N-G-L-E, baby!”