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Young Thug and YSL’s RICO case continues to make headlines as another affiliate of the record label has struck a plea deal before heading to trial.

According to Law & Crime Network‘s Cathy Russon, Trontavious Stephens, who also goes by “Tick” and “Slug,” appeared in court on Thursday (December 29) and pleaded guilty to racketeering. He was sentenced to 10 years behind bars.

However, Stephens was credited with two years for time served and the remaining eight years will be converted to probation, resulting in his imminent release from prison.

Stephens has agreed to testify at trial where he won’t be able to invoke his Fifth Amendment rights on the stand. He admitted he was a founding member of YSL (Young Slime Life) and that it was a gang, as well as recognized a pair of arrests with one involving the robbery of a woman.

After a prosecutor read out an alleged text from Thugga which said: “Y’all ain’t beat him up or shot him yet? Y’all gettin’ soft,” Stephens acknowledged the text which was said to be aimed at a rival.

A prosecutor also brought up lyrics from Young Thug’s “You” where he raps: “She getting robbed by Tick.” It remains to be seen if lyrics will be allowed to be used against Thugger in the trial next month.

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The number of YSL associates taking their case to trial has dwindled from 28 to a possible 14, but some still don’t have proper legal representation and it could’ve been even lower Thursday night if not for a pair of affiliates who denied the plea deals being offered.

Tenquarius Mender, who goes by “Nard” and Derontae Bebee both rejected plea deals on Thursday which would have seen them released from prison. They now head to trial alongside Thugger with Nard facing 50 years and Bebee facing a life sentence.

Earlier Thursday, Antonio Sledge, also known as Mounk Tounk, was sentenced to 15 years probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy to violate the RICO Act and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Previous YSL associates to take plea deals include Gunna, Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk, Slimelife Shawty (Winnie Lee)Lil Duke (Martinez Arnold). YSL co-founder Walter Murphy and Antonio “Obama” Sumlin have also pleaded out.

In more positive news for Young Thug, the Punk rapper scored an early legal victory in December when a judge ruled materials seized during a 2015 home raid cannot be used against him at trial.