Detroit, MI

Trick Trick is evidently not playing around. Shortly after his hometown of Detroit announced a “No Fly Zone” has been issued for outside agitators in Motor City protests against police brutality, the veteran rapper headed to Instagram with a message.

On Tuesday night (June 2), Trick issued a stern warning alongside a screenshot of a Detroit Free Press article about the new ordinance showing him in action.

“I’ll C you EVERY-TIME!” he wrote. “These Boots on the Ground. Be safe. #NoFlyZone on all outside disruptive muthafuccas. Stay in your neighborhood and protest. We GOT OUR CITY!! Anything caught destroying property in the city of Detroit will be dealt with accordingly!! The few we’ve caught already know these to be facts!!!! TRY ME!!! #INTHESTREETS #PATROLINGMYCOMMUNITY.”

“No Fly Zone” is a term Trick came up with to ban any outsiders in the music industry who didn’t have respect for Detroit and its artists.



He used the term to address destructive outliers in his city while participating in rallies over the weekend during Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield’s rally on Monday (June 1).

“I’d like to reinitiate the No Fly Zone to all those folks coming across Eight Mile and county lines to be disruptive in my city,” he said during the rally. “I am patrolling these streets daily and I will roll up on you. You aren’t going to tear up my city.”

George Floyd Case: All 4 Officers Face New Charges

Sheffield enlisted several Detroit artists and community leaders to fight for justice in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, including Royce Da 5’9, K-Deezy, Icewear Vezzo, Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, Horatio Williams, New Era Detroit, Jessica Care Moore, Rev. Barry Randolph, Chantel Watkins and Taylor Harrell.



On Wednesday (June 3), all four police officers involved in Floyd’s death faced new charges. Derek Chauvin, the ex-officer shown placing his knee on Floyd’s neck in the viral video, had his third-degree murder charge upgraded to second-degree, while the other three officers were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.