T.I. has taken his beef with comedian Charleston White to the booth, delivering the latest in their war on words on a new feature.

Appearing alongside Memphis rapper Jucee Froot on her new single “Step,” T.I. revisits the origin of their back and forth while offering White a few choice words.

Though Tip never calls his adversary out by name, he makes it clear who he’s talking to on with the very first line of his verse, rapping: “First your master got you/ Then them whites in Charleston bought you/ To the point you think folk on IG care about you.”

Elsewhere, the song hears T.I. offering jabs like: “I tell my son, ‘Tell that fuck n-gga he got it if he the opponent,” and: “Look at how far he done brung himself/ Give him enough rope he will surely be done hung himself.”

T.I.’s most direct hit at Charleston White comes closer to the end of the song, where he raps: “What a day, my son respond to what a fuck n-gga say/ I end up on the internet going back and forth with a J/ You’s a neva was, suck-a-dick-to-get-a-dub n-gga.”

According to The Breakfast Club, Charleston White caught wind of T.I.’s verse ahead of the video’s release and responded with a surprisingly supportive reaction.

“My dear T.I., we got us a hit,” he was recorded saying. “I wanna be in the remix. Put me in the video — you can’t just make a song about me and not put me in the video. And you ain’t rap that good since I brought you back out. You a has been now. Never was, used to be’s, and has beens.”

Charleston White has since released his own diss track, which appears to be a compilation of several clips of his previous videos about T.I., layered over a beat.

In October, Charleston White — a former gang member who has also clashed with Soulja Boyridiculed T.I’s son King Harris and his friend Tootie Raww, the son of Boosie Badazz, for being arrested in September.

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Charleston White claimed both teens are destined to wind up in jail and neither of them know how to fight having lived “sheltered” lives. He also referred to King, whose mother is T.I.’s wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris, as a “yellow-haired freak.”

King Harris responded in an Instagram Live broadcast of his own, during which he threatened to beat up White and claimed the Texas native had a “soft upbringing.”

“Charleston White, you’s a bitch, boy!” the 18-year-old said. “We about to whoop yo ass when you come back down here from telling. I can see you had a soft upbringing.”

After being alerted to Charleston White’s comments, T.I. inserted himself into the spat on Monday (October 10) and told the outspoken YouTuber to “come deal with the daddy.”

“I’ll spare no expense on your ass ’bout mine. Give a fuck about no police, I’ll do all my time, n-gga,” he warned on Instagram Live. “I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don’t fucking play with my muthafucking child ever, n-gga.”