The Game has called for a 10-day NBA contract after showcasing his skills on the court.

In a post shared to Instagram, Game can be seen twirling a basketball on his index finger, while Travis Scott stands next to him. In another set of videos, Game can be seen nailing multiple three-pointers as onlookers cheer around him.

“Hey call me All Star Game for a reason,” Game wrote. “Gimme my 10 day. And tell @gilliedaking I got a NBA regulation size court at the krib.”


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The Game’s antagonization of Gillie Da Kid is likely due to the podcast host’s documented basketball skills. In July, the Million Dollaz Worth of Game host was caught on video putting up some big numbers during his Brotherly Love Pro-am League Celebrity Game and was seen landing three-pointers and nailing some trick shots all while lightly taunting the other team.

Gillie Da Kid also previously faced off against Russ in season one of REVOLT TV’s The Crew League, battling it out in a series of one-on-ones and emerging victorious in an 8-2 win against the CHOMP 2 rapper. When a clip of the showdown was posted on Instagram, Jim Jones challenged Gillie to a game of hoops himself and said he wasn’t impressed with the podcaster’s skills.

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“Kill both of y’all wit a bad shoulder u takin advantage of Russ,” Jim Jones said in the comments, but Russ said The Dipset co-founder should tread carefully.

Aside from trying to join the NBA ranks, The Game recently said that 2023 would finally be the year he finds his significant other.

“I’m putting a ring on it this year all you gotta do is show up for me like I show up for you & pick a date,” he wrote in his Instagram Story.

The Shade Room re-shared the post on its page, and several commented on it, mostly dragging The Game for sounding desperate for love online. The Drillmatic lyricist caught wind of all the commotion and let fans know positivity is the way to go in 2023.

“The opinions of people who have never met a person in real life be wild,” he wrote. “It’s usually always people who do not like what they see in the mirror. It’s the Lord’s day… let’s rejoice in his name & be what we said we were going to be this year. Stop acting like somebody stole your Amazon package & be happy we were blessed with another day of life today.”