Sukihana has made an unlikely fan in Dr. Umar Johnson, who says that while he prefers “business over backshots,” he didn’t mind her asking him for advice.

Last September, Sukihana — who has a reputation for expressing her wild opinions — shared her desire to share a passionate night with the internet personality and educator via Twitter. “I want to fuck Dr.Umar and leave him woke right now,” she wrote.



Recently, she expressed her desire once again for Dr. Umar in a lyric on her song, “Grinch,” which was based on her tweet from a few months earlier. A clip from his Instagram Story has surfaced online, where Dr. Umar seemingly offers a response to the rapper’s gesture and clarified that he was fine with her seeking guidance from him, as long as it was “business over backshots.”

He also applauded her for being “for her people” before clarifying that it must be about “politics before the poonani.”

“So where do I stand with sister Sukihana?” he begins.

Check out the clip down below.

“As you know, with me, it’s all about politics before the poonani. It’s always revolution over romance. It is always institution building before intimacy. Liberation over lust. Business before the bedroom,” he continued.

“Me and sister Sukihana could have a conversation,” he added before directly addressing the 31-year-old rapper.



In addition to noting how powerful their coming together could be, Dr. Umar noted that Sukihana would need to undergo some major changes before he could even consider her offer, saying, “sister Sukihana if you go down this path, you can never come back.”

Umar continued: “We’re not going going to deal with the none of the intimacy because that’s nobody’s business and we not going to be into no intimacy until we get any work done in the first place.”

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Lil Mama & Sukihana Clash Over ‘Degrading’ NLE Choppa Video

He added: “I am about work. I believe that sister does care about her people. I believe that sister does love her people. I believe that sister is ready for some guidance, and I’m willing to provide the guidance, but it’s business over the backshots.”

Sukihana has an engaging public persona, as well as an interesting point of view. During her recent appearance on The Jason Lee Show, the rapper and TV personality discussed her involvement in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” Video, Slim Jxmmi dating rumors and more.

The rapper also shared her opinion regarding Yung Miami‘s fetishes and claimed that she, in fact, loves “when a n-gga piss[es] on her.”

“That was real bitch,” she said of Yung Miami’s confession. “Y’all hoes scared to talk about what the fuck you like because you so worried about what these bitches gone think.”