Sukihana has not received many positive reactions to her recent topless performance, and she believes that it simply boils down to colorism.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday (March 19), Sukihana shared side-by-side imagery of her performance with a photo of Swedish singer Tove Lo where she is flashing the audience. In her comparison, Suki lamented that while Tove is praised for her free spirit, she instead receives backlash.

“Here are 2 free spirited performers. 1 is celebrated and the other received backlash the reason is because one is white and one is black,” Sukihana said. “When it comes to color one is considered a hippie the other is a hoodrat. It’s really not right so when I say I feel colorism I mean it.”

A fan then responded and said that while they understand, they also feel she is “a little hood.”

“I am hood I can’t help where I was born but I am free spirited,” Suki replied. “I am sexually liberated. I walk around with no bra and no shoes. When white people do it they are hippies and boho. I am a hippie too people don’t even know I’m my real life I wear fairy ears.”

This is not the first time the topic of colorism has come up in regards to the Love & Hip Hop: Miami star. Earlier this year, she got into it with the ex-girlfriend and child’s mother of Rae Sremmurd star Slim Jxmmi, Kee – and Kee was seemingly accused of colorism by viewers on social media for saying that Suki was not his type.

It all started after Jxmmi was seen posing with Sukihana in provocative photos. Kee rehashed her assault allegations against the rapper after catching wind of them. Initial reports surfaced in September 2020 that the Rae Sremmurd hitmaker punched Kee in the face and knocked one of her front teeth out when she was six months pregnant.

The alleged incident occurred earlier that summer and left Kee requiring dental surgery. Reports suggested Jxmmi had been abusive towards Kee for some time, but she declined to press charges “out of fear that he would retaliate against her.”

Shortly after the pictures were posted this year, Kee responded by sharing Sukihana’s post on her Instagram Stories while referencing Slim Jxmmi’s alleged 2020 assault.

“Y’all keep sending me this. they posted it for a reason,” she wrote. “This is the most attention he’s gotten since SremmLife 2 and knocking my teeth back.”

In a follow-up Story, Kee wrote: “He’s blocked for a reason. people do not change. had to learn to stop feeling bad and making excuses for how he treats me. I love myself, my son and my PH balance more.

“I wish them the best though. this is the attention he needs for Sremm4[.] y’all go get that in April lol.”

Sukihana clapped back via her own Instagram Stories, posting a photo of her flashing a smile with one of her front teeth missing accompanied by the message: “Mines already out.”

The “Yous a Hoe” rapper took another shot at Kee in a comment on The Shade Room‘s Instagram post, writing: “Girl ain’t nobody sent u that.”

“Lmao, he was just on my story trying to play family three weeks ago. now why wouldn’t my friends, family and followers send me that [crying face emoji],” Kee responded in an IG Story.”don’t be delusional. and I don’t follow you my love.

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“He told me months ago y’all are friends and you’re not his type. and it’s all fun. so I don’t know why I’m even taking this serious lord.”

Sukihana responded: “Stop thinking these [ninja emoji] don’t love a lil chocolate they do!”

She then posted a photo of her striking a suggestive pose and wrote: “Girl you don’t know what is type is he said he ain’t got one,” referencing Rae Sremmurd’s 2014 hit “No Type.”

After seemingly facing accusations of colorism, Kee wrote back: “Lord y’all are so offended in my DMs mad about what I said about [Slim Jxmmi] telling me that girl is not his type. I was not coming at her IN NO WAY and either was he. lmfao I’m relaying what he said to me and I was responding to her.

“Y’all have to relax and stop making everything about color[.] I’m black too. he loves darkskin women and so do I. she’s thick. he weighs 100 pounds.. that’s it.”

Sukihana hasn’t posted with the Rae Sremmurd star since then, however, so it seems they may be done.