Last July, Bow Wow made it clear he had no intentions of doing a Verzuz with his on-and-off-again rap buddy, Soulja Boy.

However, on Saturday (May 22), the “Crank Dat” creator revealed that plans, like minds, can change, and announced they would be taking the digital Triller stage after all.

“Soulja Boy vs Bow wow #verzuz it’s official,” he tweeted before adding eyeball and fire emojis.

A lethargic yet eager Bow Wow immediately went live on Instagram claiming he Facetimed Soulja Boy just last night for a practice run – and the results were looking in his favor. The stream’s wifi tapped out before he could get any more animated but it looks the rap battle is a done deal.

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Verzuz co-creator Swizz Beatz shared Soulja Boy’s tweet to his own Instagram Story has well.

While many fans celebrated the Scream Tour-era nostalgia, others couldn’t help but remember it was just a week ago when Romeo Miller laid into Bow Wow about ducking his Verzuz challenge and even offered to throw on some boxing gloves.

“Regarding this Verzuz talk, I’ve gave this man Bow @shadmoss his roses since we was kids and even reached out myself (multiple times) to celebrate him and our era together in a creative way,” Romeo Miller wrote on May 16. “I could put my pride to the side if it means doing something positive and bringing back nostalgia for a dope ass generation.”

With the newfound rise of wacky celebrity boxing events in the era of social media and streaming, Romeo Miller says he’s also about that action as well.

“Now if you think this is smoke my brother, we could hit up @loganpaul and get on one of those boxing tickets,” he continued. “You know me in real life bro, we aren’t kids anymore; leave that for the fans. This ain’t about the competition for me, this is about showing the impact that 2 young black kids had on the entire industry. That’s the Win. To inspire the next! It’s NoLimit. You got my number, hit me.”

Bow Wow seemingly subtweeted the son of Master P with a taunt but it appears he’s content with his choice.

With three Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits (12 Top 40 hits in total) and millions of records and ringtones sold to his name, Bow Wow is bringing plenty of singles firepower to the Verzuz table.

Soulja Boy, on the other hand, has pioneered countless trends and topics (most notably, being the first artist to skyrocket on YouTube) and counts the trailblazing “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” amongst his baker’s dozen of Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Romeo Miller happens to be a former Guinness Book of World Records thanks to his 2001 debut single “My Baby” — which also happens to be his only Billboard Hot 100 hit (peaking at No. 3 that same year).

Fans on Twitter shared their thoughts on the pending matchup, causing the conversation to spike and trend. Check below for the wildest reactions to Bow Wow Verzuz Soulja Boy.