Slim Jxmmi has admitted to wasting quite a bit of money on one specific purchase, a $10,000 gold blunt, which he couldn’t even smoke.

During an interview with RapTV released on Wednesday (March 22), Jxmmi along with his brother and Rae Sremmurd rhyme partner, Swae Lee, talked about their upcoming new project, breakup rumors and more.

As part of the convo, the pair were asked about some of their biggest purchases following their success — Slim Jxmmi made no secret of the lack of frugality he had early in his career.

The 31-year-old rapper revealed that he spent over $10,000 on a gold blunt, but according to him, he couldn’t even smoke from it.

“I don’t know what the purpose was, you couldn’t smoke out of it. It didn’t have no air hole, nothing, just a solid gold blunt for no reason at all,” he said. “[It’s the] stupidest shit I ever did.”

As it turns out, Jxmmi said he doesn’t even own the golden blunt anymore, which confirms his earlier statements about it being a stupid purchase since “it was just a piece of solid gold.”

In other Slim Jxmmi news, the “Black Beatles” rapper recently shaded Millyz’s flip of Eminem‘s “Stan” and claimed that Rae Sremmurd has a better version on the way.

Earlier this month, Millyz saluted Slim Shady for clearing the sample for him to use on his new single “Tonight,” while sharing a preview of the song from his bedroom studio on Instagram.

Slim Jxmmi's Ex Rehashes Assault Allegations After He Gets Cozy With Sukihana

Slim Jxmmi's Ex Rehashes Assault Allegations After He Gets Cozy With Sukihana

But Slim Jxmmi, whose groupmate Swae Lee teased a remake of “Stan” on TikTok back in August 2022, dismissed Millyz’s version while hyping up Rae Sremmurd’s upcoming song on SREMM4LIFE.

“Naw this ain’t it fam!” Jxmmi wrote under Millyz’s post. “Sremm4 got the banging version! Sample cleared!”

Millyz replied: “I cleared the sample too lil dude u be aight.”

Swae Lee’s aforementioned TikTok video has over five million views and found him changing the “Stan” chorus to lyrics about lean and racks.

“My lean’s gone cold I’m wondering why I, got out of bed at all/ 3.5 clouds up my window, and I can’t see at all/ And even if I could it would all be great, with these racks stacked up too tall/ It reminds me that it’s not so bad, it’s not so bad at all,” he sang in the clip.