Sheek Louch has refused to believe Quentin Miller’s claims that he worked with Nas and helped him write a few of his verses during the King’s Disease sessions.

On the latest segment of his conversation with VladTV, The LOX member made it clear that he doesn’t believe any of the rumors that Miller wrote any lyrics for Nas during the sessions for King’s Disease II and III. According to Sheek, people have to be clear on what they contributed to a song.

“Meaning what? When you saw wrote for him like wrote his lyrics or came up with a hook,” Sheek asked. “‘Cause you know that shit matters. Say you did a hook for me, I’m cool with that. You could write a hook for me, hell yea. If you say I wrote those lyrics that you know people saying was amazing, then it’s different.”

Vlad told Sheek ghostwriting claims are even more prevalent now than they were back in the day and used Kanye West as an example. The Yonkers native said Kanye has said he doesn’t write his own lyrics but won’t accept that Nas had help. Vlad then said Nas is worth a lot of money now and doesn’t necessarily need to continue writing lyrics, but Sheek wasn’t having any of it.

“I think he needs to write everything out of his mouth 100 percent, and I think he does,” Sheek added. “I think Quentin probably helped him, that’s why yo, I swear to God, man, I understand now why you got producers that don’t even want another producer in the room with them because say they give you an idea of something they going to say I co-made this beat like you know what I mean. But I don’t think nobody wrote all of Nas lines in that song and all that. Maybe a hook.”

Quentin Miller first mentioned working with Nas during a visit to the New Rory & MAL podcast last year. He mentioned writing for Nas and several other prominent artists such as Big Sean, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and more.

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“I’ve been still writing for people ever since,” he said, referring to the allegations that surfaced in 2015 of him ghostwriting for Drake. “I’ve done worked with Nas, Big Sean, G-Eezy … Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, a bunch of other people.”

Miller’s comments flew under the radar until a clip of his interview circulated on Twitter, sparking plenty of discussion about long-running rumors of Nas using a ghostwriter. He then hopped on Instagram to clear the air explaining Hit-Boy invited him over to the studio for a session with Nas and bounced around ideas.

The rumors sparked up again after Miller’s name was credited on King’s Disease III, and he discussed how bad things have gotten since the internet ran with the rumors during his interview with Vlad.

“You get the opportunity to work with somebody and then, people find out. Then, they tear him down ’cause he worked with you. Rather than, ‘Look at you… damn, you must be dope,'” he said. “But it don’t turn out that way. It turn out they get burnt up so then, they’re looking at you crazy and then, they want nothing to do with you at all.”