Affion Crockett has made Russell Simmons his latest comedic target over a viral video showing him doing upside down yoga stretches.

On Sunday (March 26), the legendary comedian reposted a clip on Instagram of Simmons in a spine-bending position, while being holstered in the air by his yoga instructor’s hands and feet.

It appeared as thought the Def Jam Records co-founder was stretching out his neck, arms, and limbs as his instructor moved him in various directions.

In the video, Crockett does a masterful voiceover impression of Simmons’ innermost thoughts while in the air.

“This is so much fun, I’m bouncing upside down,” Crockett says while laughing and mimicking Simmons distinctive lisp. “I’m bouncing upside down. This little piggy went to the supermarket. I feel like an upside down turtle. This is crazy. Oh wait, starfish. Is my butthole supposed to itch? I can’t feel my balls. They lost gravity.”

He continued: “This is awesome. Is this massage vegan? What’s your name? Paul? Nice to meet you, white man who I don’t know.”

Affion Crockett’s impression garnered a bevy of hilarious comments from celebrities including Denzel Curry, Robert Glasper and Pharoahe Monch.

Spice Adams also reacted by writing: “It took me a while to notice this was you doing a voiceover!!! I thought it was him the whole time!! [BWAHAHA – multiple laughing gestures]!!! Is this massage vegan???!!!! Ayooooo!!! [laughing emojis, hands up emojis].

Rap legend Big Daddy Kane added: “Hey, can I just buy the audio version of this instead of video???”

Simmons himself responded to Crockett via a separate Instagram post, and stayed true to character by giving honor to God and his family.

“This is halarious i literally could have really said all of that silly shit Honestly im overjoyed at life im the luckiest man on earth,” Uncle Rush wrote.

“If God asks for a refund i wouldn’t be mad i have already lived 65 wonderful years and watched my daughters become incredible kind compassionate woman what else is there ? except to serve God until its time to check out.”

Affion Crockett & Godfrey Spoof JAY-Z, Russell Simmons, Obama & More During Instagram Live Imitation Battle

Affion Crockett & Godfrey Spoof JAY-Z, Russell Simmons, Obama & More During Instagram Live Imitation Battle

He continued: “@affioncrockett asshole ./.keep it up fucker and ima have to knock u the fuck out [crying face emoji] …honestly i love you baby bro [love heart emojis, yoga pose emojis].”

Simmons then diverted people’s attention to the plight of LaKeith Smith, a young Black man from Alabama who is serving decades in prison after being charged in 2015 for the murder of his friend, even though he was killed by police.

“People when we finish laughing lets get lakeith out of jail #FREELAKEITHSMITH,” he wrote.

“Love you Unc!!” Crockett replied in the comments section along with a series of crying face emojis.

Affion Crockett’s impressions don’t stop with Russell Simmons. The former Def Comedy Jam star can do a number of hysterical impersonations, including one of JAY-Z, who he thought was going to slap him when they first met.

During a 2022 appearance on The Breakfast Club, Crockett shared a story about Hov showing his sense of humor during former President Obama’s 2008 inauguration.

Crockett recalled bumping into the Brooklyn rapper at the historic Washington, D.C. concert and preparing himself for an awkward encounter. However, Jay had a different reaction entirely.

“Hov loves the impression. The first time I met him, I thought I was going to get slapped, I ain’t going to lie,” he admitted. “I’m in the back … and then all of a sudden a wave of people come in down the stairs, and it’s Jay and his entourage, they about to go to the stage.

“He sees me and starts walking over to me. You know how in the movies when the camera’s coming towards you and you start to get smaller? That’s how I felt. I was like, ‘Aww shit.’ He walks up to me and he extends his hand, he’s like, ‘Yo, you be doing the Jigga man. I like that!’”