Rihanna is currently coupled up and expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky, but that apparently didn’t stop a South Carolina man from flying across the country with the intent to propose at her Los Angeles home.

According to TMZ, the unwelcome intruder attempted to gain access to the “Work” singer’s home on Thursday (March 23). He was almost immediately greeted by security, who he told he was there to propose.

Police were then called, and he was soon taken away in handcuffs. However, they only had a “serious chat about his intentions” in the squad car before letting him go, as they’d determined he technically had not broken any laws.

It’s unclear if Rihanna was home at the time.

This isn’t the first time RiRi has had an intruder at her home. In 2018, a man named Eduardo Leon was arrested after being discovered inside the singer’s home while she was away. He’d reportedly spent at least 24 hours there, and told officers he was there to “have sex” with the Barbadian pop star, although he reportedly assured police he didn’t plan on using “force.”

Later that same year, Rihanna’s home was broken into amid a string of high-profile Los Angeles burglaries. Ten alleged gang members were later arrested in connection with the break-ins, which also included the homes of LeBron James, Yasiel Puig and more. They were allegedly targeting a dozen more and had actor Viola Davis in their sights.

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In more positive news, Rihanna made a fan’s day earlier this week when she stopped to not only talk but pose for photos and videos during a grocery store run-in.

Stacey Roimen, a Kenyan-born content creator living in Los Angeles, could barely contain her excitement on Wednesday (March 22) after running into Rih while out grocery shopping at a Bristol Farms store in L.A.

“My God I don’t even know where to start… I met RIHANNA today,” she wrote in an Instagram post documenting the once-in-a-life opportunity. “I had such a genuine long conversation with her; I almost forgot to take a photo.

“I can’t wait to interview you @badgalriri one of these days. Our convo & your kindness lives rent free in my mind FOREVER EVER , thank you for being so down to earth ily!”

The adorable exchange even included a couple of selfies and video clips, with Rihanna chiming in: “Look who I met in the supermarket.”

Roimen continued in awe: “I’m so happy I met you!”