San Diego, CA

Logic has opened his San Diego home to his fans, offering them a virtual tour of the swanky pad in a new MTV Cribs-inspired video that sees him balancing jokes with gratitude.

Despite acknowledging within the first few minutes of the video that many of his fans might not remember MTV’s home décor show, Logic leans fully into the theme, complete with the blueprint-like on-screen graphics highlighting some of the home’s most impressive features.

Those features include a 1,000-pound door, artwork made of gold, two studios, two kitchens, a separate content studio, 24-hour live-in security and 16 bedrooms.

“From food stamps and welfare to a muthafuckin’ mansion baby,” the Maryland rapper says half jokingly as he shows his camera crew into the home. “I’m so happy to be here today, this shit is crazy. Muthafucka’s rich.”

Viewers are immediately guided into a foyer that gives way to a sitting room with a dark green accent wall on one side, and a large, brightly lit living space that sits at the center of the house. The living area boasts floor to ceiling windows and doors, creating a sense of connection to the outdoor space directly outside.

While the on-screen home breakdown indicated two studios, fans watching the video quickly notice that several rooms are dotted or intentionally decorated with instruments and studio equipment.

Along the tour, Logic shows off his office, complete with built-in dark wood cabinetry; an art room housing several sculptures and masterpiece-sized paintings; and a guest suite, which his producer 6ix calls home when he visits.

Stepping out onto the suite’s private balcony, the College Park rapper takes one of several breaks to marvel over how far his career has brought him from his stark upbringing.

“God damn, we made it,” he exclaims. “Sometimes I come out here and I just reminisce, man. I think about where I came from… Obviously I’m being funny, but I really mean this. Like, I can’t believe this, this is insane. Look where we’re at today.”

Logic later continues: “What’s really crazy, I’m not even joking about being rich when you really, truly had nothing — you appreciate it every single day. I’m sitting here making jokes, I’m just being funny.

“But dude, I’m not kidding when I say I ate cereal with powdered milk. I went hungry. My mom would choose cigarettes over food some nights. The come up is a real one. And I’m just so blessed and so happy to be here.”

The massive house was the setting for Logic’s latest singing cover, which heard him taking on Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s 2000 track “Weed Song.”

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The clip opened with the 33-year-old exiting a parked Maybach vehicle and walking through his home before performing the song throughout various scenes around his domain. Several images of Logic appear in the video via green screen while he pulls off some half-naked dance moves on his lawn.

The video came after Logic was ridiculed for covering Ice Cube’s 1992 hit single “It Was a Good Day” earlier this month.

Before closing out his faux MTV Cribs tour, Logic explains the mindset that allowed him to be so carefree and vulnerable in the new cover video.

“I worked really hard,” he explains. “I never jeopardized who I was as a man, as a person. It’s still peace, love and positivity all day. Rat Pack: Real All the Time. Be you, be your most authentic self. Don’t be scared to be you, man.”

The positive vibes didn’t stop him from taking a shot at his haters, quoting some of the criticism he’s received over the years while perusing the wide open spaces surrounding his massive crib.