Logic has shared some thoughts on rappers who value money and fame over their craft in a new song titled “Insipio” — listen to it below.

The new record from the Maryland Rapper serves as his first full offering of 2023, and in the brief track covers everything from his own insecurities as a man to his deep love of music.

“I don’t give a damn about rhyming, I like the way that that jewelry be shining, nope/ That ain’t the way to think about this rap shit Imma musician I love the art/ Shoulda never let you in from the start/ It ain’t one man or another we one in the same/ One of us wants all the money and fame the other just loves the game,” Logic raps.

Check out the home-shot video for “Insipio” below:

While it’s unclear if Logic is referring to any one rapper in particular, it’s not the first time in recent weeks that he’s called out certain values practiced in the rap game. In a new freestyle titled “Like a Playwright” delivered on his Instagram, Logic picked apart the competitive nature of rap and said he wants to see everybody win.

“Logic known for telling stories like a playwright/ Stay Black brothers and sisters is how we stay right,” Logic raps. “It’s that midnight maurader shit/ Flow seamless over the beats it’s kinda like a partnership/I never even thought of it/ ‘Cause see for me it’s not a contest/ I want all my brothers to win, all my brothers to win.”

New music aside, Logic also announced on Monday (January 2) that he’s got another baby on the way with his wife Brittney Noell.

The happy couple announced their pregnancy on Instagram, with the Maryland rapper sharing a video from their ultrasound, soundtracked by a new unreleased song. “Happy New Baby!” Logic wrote in the post.

Cookin’ Soul, Lena Waithe, Project Pat and Rob Markmen were but a few of Logic’s esteemed contemporaries who congratulated the rapper in the comments.

Logic and Brittney Noell already have a two-year-old son together named Bobby, whom they welcomed in 2020, and the rapper seems to already be teaching him how to produce some hits. In October, Logic posted a video of him handing off a drum kit to his young son, instructing him how to use it.

“Just press these here,” Logic says to his boy, who is toying around with the different buttons. “Just the colors baby.”

“Teaching my boy to make beats,” Logic wrote in the caption.

Logic Scraps Album Full Of Unreleased J Dilla Beats: ‘I’d Rather See Boldy James Do It’

Logic Scraps Album Full Of Unreleased J Dilla Beats: ‘I’d Rather See Boldy James Do It’

Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J was seemingly impressed with what he saw, hopping in the comments section to inquire about purchasing a beat from Logic’s son. “Mane that’s dope tell lil Bobby I need a beat for my new album,” he wrote.

All this new music could mean that a new album is on the way from the Maryland rapper. The last full-length Logic fans got was Vinyl Days, which dropped on June 17, and marked his final Def Jam release, which Logic left in 2022 in favor of a deal at BMG that would allow him to own his masters.

“There’s a lot of bullshit in the music industry,” Logic said of the move in a statement. “I’m just glad to move on to a place where I can be independent and respected as an artist, and feel like I’m in control of my career.”