Lil Yachty has unleashed a bizarre new music video for the track “sAy sOMETHINg” in which he tells a woman he loves her just two weeks after first meeting — check it out below.

The video, directed by Crowns & Owls, was released on Friday (January 27) and opens with Lil Yachty on a date with a woman. Things appear to be going smoothly until Lil Yachty holds a gun to his temple and tells the woman he loves her in the middle of singing the lyrics to the song.

Viewers are then transported into Boat’s mind, where he envisions a life with the woman, such as going on dates and eventually having a baby. Things go awry when he suddenly begins to picture her drifting away from him in a car and at the diner where they’re on the date.

Yachty then comes back to reality, and the woman wastes no time turning down his statement. “Mm, mm, don’t ever in your life say that to me again,” she says in the video. “That shit just made me itch. What are you talking about, ‘love me?'”

Yachty responds with a stunned look on his face: “I was thinking we’d be together. That’s why I brought you here. This is my favorite diner, my favorite fries.”

The woman reminds Lil Yachty they’ve only been seeing each for two weeks and calls the whole situation “crazy as fuck.” Yachty shows his persistence and says things feel different in this relationship, but the situation goes even more left when he finds out the woman has been seeing someone else, causing the rapper to become a shell of his former self and commit a vicious crime.


The song is track number 10 on Lil Yachty’s new album, Let’s Start Here, which was released the same day as the video. The album serves as the Atlanta native’s first studio project since 2020’s Lil Boat 3 and follows his 2021 mixtape Michigan Boat Boy.

Let’s Start Here is a new chapter for Lil Yachty, who often opts for an Atlanta trap sound. For the album, Yachty went the alternative route and created a project inspired by psychedelic rock.

The 25-year-old first teased the album back in May 2022: “I try not to tweet ‘cuz I know y’all want [the] album… I’ll come back with that, best one yet. Promise.”

He then shared details for it earlier this month with an Instagram post revealing the ominous cover art that shows businessmen and women laughing with devilish smiles. “Let’s Start Here. – 1/27 Chapter 2. Thank You for the patience,” Yachty wrote on Instagram.

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The new project comes after Lil Yachty’s recent track “Poland” inspired a pretty big viral moment back in October.

The song  catapulted to viral fame thanks to its absurd, warbling hook (“I took the Wooooock to Poland,” a reference to Wockhardt, the pharmaceutical company that produces promethazine-codeine syrup), which has inspired countless memes on social media.

During the online hype, Quality Control CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas shared an alleged text conversation with Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki inviting Lil Boat to his homeland.

“Thank you for the call,” Pee wrote, alluding to a recent phone conversation with Prime Minister Morawiecki. “Let’s make arrangements to get Mr. Yachty to [your] country to celebrate.”