Lil Tjay has put an old friend of his on blast after he allegedly was caught on camera ratting out the rapper.

“Word to my mother I’m all timing n-ggas is milk n-gga, the n-gga…is a rat this shit is beneath me,” Tjay said on Instagram Live before playing the video in question.

“N-ggas is rats.. that’s why n-ggas don’t wanna talk. N-gga stop inviting me to come to hood shit. We could play ball n-gga, y’all n-ggas know what I’m into n-gga,” Tjay said before ending the live stream.

While it’s unclear what Lil Tjay’s friend was speaking on, the snitching accusations come after the “Calling My Phone” rapper was hit with an illegal weapons charge in New York City back in January.

Tjay’s attorney Dawn Florio had previously stated the arrest was due to an illegal search, telling TMZ that her client was merely a passenger in the car that was pulled over and parked legally on the street. The 21-year-old was on the way to shoot a music video with Ice Spice for their “Gangsta Boo” track when he was detained.

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Florio told TMZ at the time that once police stopped the vehicle, they did not offer a credible explanation as to why they were searching the vehicle, and added the gun didn’t belong to Tjay.

The arrest came months after Lil Tjay suffered multiple gunshot wounds during a shooting in front of a Chipotle in Edgewater, New Jersey last June. Despite reports that he was unconscious and breathing through a tube, the rapper made a full recovery and dropped his comeback single, “Beat The Odds,” two days later.

Lil Tjay finally returned to the stage for the first time since the shooting in September at Rolling Loud New York, where he delivered a 13-song set and showcased his newfound bullet wounds in front of the crowd.