Latto has shut down the notion that she portrays a “gangsta” image, saying she’s a “housewife” with a man who isn’t afraid to get a little freaky.

The Atlanta rapper took to Instagram Live on Wednesday (March 22) to address her critics who claim the persona she pushes in her music doesn’t match up to her authentic personality outside of the studio.

Her comments come after her recent confession that she was once arrested for bringing a loaded gun to Los Angeles International Airport while traveling to a show.

“I need y’all to go look up my catalog. I don’t know if y’all forgot or if it’s like new fans, y’all not familiar,” she began. “And then, y’all be down my dick about something. As soon as I respond, I’m bothered, though. Nah, bitch! I’m just letting you know you got the story wrong!

“I’m not gangsta. I never claimed to be gangsta! I’m not gangsta. Baby, I get money. The fuck? I got a n-gga who suck these toes every night, eat this ass from the back. I cook; I’m a whole housewife. I’m not no gangsta. The fuck?”

She continued: “I got million dollar deals, like plural. Yeah, multiple million dollar deals on the table. I’m not tryna push no fucking gangsta image.

“Matter of fact, we kept that shit under wraps. On my momma, this shit happened over a year ago! I mentioned it in a song; I freestyled that verse, and it slipped out my mouth. They were like, ‘Oh, that’s hard. Keep it.’ And I just left it in there.”

Latto opened up about her alleged brush with the law on Twitter last week, writing: “Went to LAX w a loaded glock 17 in my Birk got locked & let out in a few hours lmaooo booked a $75k jet to my show in Alabama & still made it on time! no cap in my rap TUH.”

She also referenced the incident on her new “Boom Pt. 2” collaboration with rising Chicago rapper Mello Buckzz that dropped on March 17.

“I got locked up in the airport, goddamn, forgot the gun/ In the head, I keep me one/ What she said? I get her popped/ Caught her down bad on the block,” she rapped on the menacing track.

TMZ later reported that the “Big Energy” hitmaker was indeed arrested at LAX in May 2021 and was charged with carrying a loaded firearm and carrying a concealed weapon.

The outlet also claimed that she’s “nearing the finish line to finally getting the charges dropped” after entering a year-long diversion program in April 2022.

According to law enforcement sources, the program required Latto to complete a gun safety course, perform 120 hours of community service and avoid all firearms.

Latto Reveals Her Boyfriend Pays All Her Bills: 'That's How It's Supposed To Be'

Latto Reveals Her Boyfriend Pays All Her Bills: 'That's How It's Supposed To Be'

However, Latto denied that report also. “Idk who put out that false ass information cause I’m not in no damn program,” she tweeted Wednesday.

“Also the situation happened over a year ago & y’all never even knew until I mentioned it in the Boom pt 2 verse. Nun to ‘brag’ about. Leave me alone.”

As for her love life, the 24-year-old has kept the identity of her man a mystery, although rumors have long suggested it’s fellow ATL rap star 21 Savage.