Latto has revealed that her boyfriend pays for all her bills, and believes that’s how every relationship should function.

The 777 rapper made the comments in an interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 radio station, where she encouraged women to “go crazy” with their man — so long as they’re in a committed relationship.

“If it’s yours, go crazy,” she said. “I got the [Cor]vette, I got the Lam[borghini], I got the Birkins, I got the Heart. I don’t pay no bills. If he coming like that, then yeah.”

The radio host then interjected to clarify that Latto is “stacking all that cheese” from her successful music career while her boyfriend covers the cost of her bills.

“I don’t pay no bills!” she replied. “That’s how it’s suppose to be, though. If he comin’ right, he comin’ right.”

While it’s unclear who Latto’s mystery man is, the “Big Energy” hitmaker isn’t the only rapper who believes a partner should pay for everything. City Girls star JT confirmed last year that Lil Uzi Vert pays for all her bills and joked that she doesn’t even “know what the first of the month is.”

“Uzi literally would do any and everything for me,” she said on Yung Miami’s Caresha Please podcast. “But I don’t flex it no mo. We live together, he pay all the bills. I don’t pay a bill. I don’t even know what the first of the month is!”

She added: “That’s real City Girl shit! Like I don’t pay a bill, I’m put up. Because bitch, who doin’ that?”

Juicy J and YK Osiris have also advocated for men paying all the bills, saying it’s the right thing to do if someone truly respects their woman.

“There is nothing wrong with paying a woman’s bills we gotta stop this Bullshit,” Juicy tweeted last March. “Mane y’all trippin you MF go to strip club throw your weekly check then be talking about ‘im not paying no B’ mane stop it !”

YK echoed this sentiment, saying in an interview last December that he pays for everything and has no problem with it.

Latto Defends Boyfriend After He's Accused Of Doing 'The Bare Minimum' Amid '777' Release

“I do pay for everything,” he attested. “I pay for bills and stuff like that. I never let a woman pay for hair and nails. That’s off the rip. Nope, you not paying for no hair and nails. That’s my thing, I don’t know about other n-ggas. I just know what I do.”

In other Latto news, the Grammy-nominated rapper’s underwear became a talking point earlier this week when a Twitter troll scolded her for wearing the same cheetah print thong in two separate photos — to which Latto retorted: “Oh no, it’s the panty police.”

Latto then decided to take things one step further and put a pair of her “used” panties up for sale on eBay. The listing sparked an intense bidding war among her fans, with bids reaching almost $100,000. However, the auction was ultimately pulled by eBay due to it violating their policies.

“Used underwear is not allowed on site please report any listings you see in breach of policy,” eBay’s Customer Service page clarified on Twitter.

While Latto may have missed out on a five-figure pay day from her panties, she could potentially win Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammy Awards this weekend, where she’s up against the likes of Muni Long, Tobe Nwigwe and Anitta.