Kim Kardashian has responded to Kanye West’s repeated accusations of her having an affair with Drake throughout their marriage, which officially dissolved last year.

Season 3 of The Kardashians premiered on Hulu on Wednesday night (May 24) and part of the episode found Kim reflecting on her turbulent relationship with Ye following their divorce and how his antics impacted her and their four children.

Kardashian accused Kanye of starting the rumor she hooked up with Drake when they were married, admitting the accusation left her feeling hurt and betrayed. Last year, Ye even alleged that she was romantically involved with NBA star Chris Paul.

“He was the one that started a rumor that said I was hooking up with Drake, having an affair. Our full marriage, he accused me of that publicly,” she said while venting to her mother, Kris Jenner. “So the person that’s supposed to protect me the most — publicly — would accuse me of having an affair throughout our whole marriage.”

She added: “I really can’t wrap my head around how he thinks he is a protector.”

Drake’s hands aren’t completely clean, though, as he’s played up the rumors with certain lyrics that could be tied back to Kim Kardashian as part of his passive-aggressive beef with Kanye West.

Many connected Drizzy’s bars on 2018’s “SICKO MODE” to Kanye and Kim since he was neighbors with the celebrity couple in the swanky California neighborhood of Calabasas.

“I still got scores to settle, man/ I crept down the block (down the block), made a right (yeah, right)/ Cut the lights, paid the price/ N-ggas think it’s sweet, it’s on sight,” he rapped the song.

More recently, Drake sampled Kim talking about her split from Ye on his “Search & Rescue” single, which dropped last month.

Despite allegedly starting the rumors, Ye revealed during his explosive interview with Drink Champs last year that he confronted the 6 God about him fueling the speculation of him sleeping with his ex-wife.

“I had this conversation with Drake that’s like, ‘I never fucked Kim.’ But I was like, ‘But you acted like you did,'” he said. “‘Did you ever DM her?’ You know, because it ain’t about just the actual act of it.”

Kim Kardashian Speaks On Struggle Of Co-Parenting With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Speaks On Struggle Of Co-Parenting With Kanye West

Elsewhere in the new episode of The Kardashians, Kim claimed Kanye’s recent antics will be more damaging to their children than her 2007 sex tape with Ray J.

“Even just how he looks so down on me for my tape and brings it up all over town, all over the media — thanks for reminding people once again,” she said. “All of his shenanigans — I don’t even know what the fuck to call it — is going to be far more damaging to the kids one day than my tape will ever be.

“And I have to sit here and not say anything ever because I know one day my kids will appreciate that and I know that, like, is the best thing for that.”

She continued: “And by the way, I’m the one where shit could be going down and I get in the car and every day the kids want to blast dad’s music. And I’m like, ‘He’s the best! Yeah!’ And I put it on and we’re singing along and inside I’m dying because I will be his biggest cheerleader to them forever.”