Kanye West‘s alleged lies have been publicly blasted by Kim Kardashian in a heated trailer for the upcoming third season of The Kardashians on Hulu.

The Kardashians‘ action-packed trailer for Season 3 arrived on Thursday (April 27) which features Kim getting emotional and other members of her family ruminating about the fallout from her divorce from Kanye.

“He has made up the most insane narrative,” Kim says of Ye’s alleged actions to her mom, Kris Jenner, before revealing her tight-lipped persona when it comes to her ex-husband is out of respect for their four children. “We stay silent through all the lies, for my kids.”

The teaser begins with a teary-eyed Kim K admitting she’s not okay as her sister, Khloe, consoles her, although it’s not clear what exactly is upsetting her.

“No, I’m not okay,” Kim tells Khloe mid-breakdown. “I’m just having such a hard day today.”

Younger sister and model Kendall Jenner even chimes in wondering how Kim deals with the alleged stresses of her former relationship with Yeezy.

“I don’t know how Kim handles everything with her ex-husband,” Jenner bluntly states.

Kanye West himself doesn’t make any appearances in the trailer with Season 3 set to hit Hulu on May 25.

Kim and Kanye were married for seven years before the SKIMS mogul filed for divorce in February 2021.

The proceedings were tied up in the courts for about a year and a half before the divorce was finalized in November 2022.

Kanye agreed to wire Kardashian $200,000 on the first day of each month in child support payments for the foreseeable future.

The pair have four children together ranging from nine-year-old North to the youngest, Psalm, who is three. TMZ also reported that although they legally agreed to a 50/50 timeshare split, the kids will spend most of the time at home in Calabasas with Kim.

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The reality star joined Angie Martinez’s IRL Podcast in December where she reflected on the struggles of co-parenting with one of the world’s most outspoken superstars.

“It’s hard,” Kim admitted. “Co-parenting is really fucking hard.”

She thought back to her relationship with her late father, Robert Kardashian: “I had the best dad, and I had the best memories and the greatest experience and that’s all I want for my kids as long as they can have that, that’s what I would want for them.”