Julio Foolio has announced he’s been removed from house arrest and is not wasting any time celebrating the momentous occasion with his fans.

On Wednesday (March 22), Julio took to his Instagram to announce the news of his newfound freedom. The rapper was placed on house arrest after he failed to pull over during a traffic stop that was initially initiated due to a suspected tint violation, according to an arrest report from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Julio was thankful for getting his freedom back and expressed his excitement over getting the chance to work on his music again.

“Today marks the day finally off house arrest/probation been holding my career finally back on that round no restrictions no more probation promoters Dm me,” Julio wrote on his Instagram Story.

According to a document shared by No Jumper and other outlets, Foolio was detained at 8:37 p.m. in Jacksonville in April for allegedly “fleeing/attempting to elude” a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Deputy after they told him to stop.

The controversial rapper had an eventful come up in the game. Foolio originally made a name for himself by name-dropping dead enemies in his music, a controversial tactic that he later admitted was “childish,” but that seemed to have made him a target regardless.

Julio Foolio Hilariously Shows Rappers How To Handle An Interrogation: ‘I Am Not 6ix9ine’

Julio Foolio Hilariously Shows Rappers How To Handle An Interrogation: ‘I Am Not 6ix9ine’

In November 2021, the “Dead Opps” lyricist was leaving a recording studio when gunmen opened fire on him, shooting at Foolio a reported 100 times. Foolio was able to walk away with minor injuries and later flexed his survival on Instagram.

“After my tape drop on the 3rd I’m done dissing dead opps and shit,” Foolio tweeted in December 2021. “That shit childish I’m leaving all that in the past.”

The tweet came after Foolio had taken a brief break from social media for most of November following his involvement in a drive-by shoot-out on November 7. At the time, Foolio hopped on his Instagram story to show off his grazed bullet wound, and taunt his assailants.

“Y’all missed a whole 100 shots literally,” he wrote with a laughing emoji.