Jim Jones has once again denied that the alleged altercation between him and Freddie Gibbs in Miami in 2021 ever took place.

The Lobby Boyz rapper was asked about the incident during an appearance on the Flip Da Script podcast that saw him not only deny the fight, but also professing his own non-violent lifestyle.

The exchange started with host QueenzFlip only alluding to the fight, which allegedly took place at high-end steakhouse Prime 112 in Miami in December 2021. In a clip uploaded on Saturday (January 28), Jim Jones can be seen playing off of the interviewer’s decision to avoid including specific details about the fight to pretend he’s completely unaware of the situation at hand.

“I did not put my hands on nobody in Miami. At all,” Capo says. “I have no idea what you’re talking about bro. Bruh, if I did anything in today’s era, we would probably all see it like they see anything else I do. Where did this happen at? I haven’t seen this. It’s on YouTube? Like I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jim Jones’ request for video evidence is ironic in light of the fact that, in October 2022, he claimed to have footage of his fight with Freddie Gibbs that disproves the Indiana native’s claim it was nothing more than a “food fight.”

“Prime footage loadin lol,” he wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post. “Should I b petty or keep or player cause this shit look nasty is all I’m a say lol.”

The Harlem rapper never produced the footage, however. Instead, the next day Jim Jones shared a follow-up video in which he spoke about no longer acting on emotions or caring about the opinions of others.

Seeing that he would not address the fight directly, QueenzFlip redirected his questions to ask whether Jim Jones felt Gibbs had ever disrespected him.

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“In the past, yeah he may have said some things that were not the nicest things that you would say about a person,” Jimmy said. “Threw me for a loop, I’m like, ‘Why would he talk about me like that?’ I’m like the most lovable person, I love everybody.”

When asked to at least admit that he had been at the same restaurant the day Freddie Gibbs was allegedly assaulted, Jim Jones turned the pacifist act up a notch, claiming that he avoids settings where “aggressive” rappers might be present.

“I don’t remember being in any restaurant and a fight broke out. I don’t like to go to them type of places where all the hip-hoppity stuff and these guys, they – you know what I mean? The big chains on and very aggressive. I’m not into that. I just do music and try to stay home and stay out the way.

“These guys are actually crazy,” he continued. “I’m scared of most of them. Like, it’s a scary thing. You ever been in a room with a bunch of these rappers? They, like, so f*ck*ng scary. I had to hold onto my money and make sure I put it in my sock.”

This isn’t the first time Jim Jones has avoided addressing his alleged faceoff with Freddie Gibbs in an interview.

During a January 2022 appearance on Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg on, he similarly denied any involvement in the purported altercation by completely laughing the situation off.

“I was not fighting at Prime 112,” Jim Jones said in response to Peter Rosenberg’s inquiry. “I’m just telling you, you said it. I just cleared it up.”

As both Ebro and Rosenberg pressed The Dipset rapper about the occurrence and whether or not he had an issue with the Alfredo lyricist, Jim Jones proceeded to ghost Freddie Gibbs’ entire existence while continuing to deny it ever even happened.

“Freddie who?” he asked while laughing. “What’s his name? He’s Grammy-nominated? Why would a person that won a Grammy want a problem with Capo? I don’t know, it don’t matter. We be in the room with too many Grammy award winners. Shout out to that young man you dig. I wish him the best and success in all his endeavors inside of this game. Get your bag baby.”