Kodak Black has apologized to PnB Rock’s girlfriend after telling her to “kill herself” following his death.

The Florida rapper initially directed some blame at Stephanie Sibounheuang for Rock’s murder on his Instagram Stories, writing, “That hoe might as well kill herself.” But Kodak took to Instagram Live on Sunday (October 2) to issue an apology to Sibounheuang and explain why he made those comments.



“To bruh girl, I mean, shit, I was angry at that moment when I first heard it ’cause I had just woke up and shit like that,” he said. “I had just woke up that day when it happened and I had like a migraine that was killing me. And it was like, hearing that shit, I just went with what everybody was saying.

“Like, before I even really tried, you know, shit just started to come out two-three days ago. They made it seem like she posted an address and she was, something being said. At the end of the day, that’s my dog. Any one of my dogs, I don’t care ’bout your girl, I fuck with you, you my n-gga. I could care less about her.”

He added: “But you know, I paid my respects. I paid my respects, whatever, like that, to her. But in that moment, it was sounding like she did some bullshit, so shit, you know, kill yourself. But other than that, I don’t wish no bad on her and shit like that. So I give my apologies to her. I hope she keep her head up and all that.”

Stephanie Sibounheuang posted a location-tagged photo of their Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles lunch date in South Los Angeles on Instagram shortly before PnB Rock was killed on September 12, with some believing it inadvertently tipped the killers off to his whereabouts.

However, TMZ later reported the father-son duo who were allegedly behind his murder — a 17-year-old suspect and 40-year-old Freddie Lee Trone — were already in the parking lot when the couple arrived.

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In the same Instagram Live session, Kodak Black also addressed the backlash to his Instagram tribute to PnB Rock, which contained a photo of him eating chicken and waffles with the caption: “LongLivePNB ! Good Chicken & Waffles BET POWER UP #STILLBILL.”

“You’re telling me after that shit, I can never eat chicken and waffles?” he asked. “I don’t know, I felt like before I did my tribute to him on the BET shit, I wanted to eat some chicken and waffles. That’s it.



“I don’t understand how y’all could turn that into some bullshit when the Roscoe’s itself, where my dog lost his life at, was open the next day.”

He added: “They ain’t try to shut it down for at least a day or two – that muthafucka was open the next day. But that’s my dog, homie.”