New York, NY

Teen tennis star Coco Gauff was forced to explain to a 53-year-old New York Times reporter some of City Girls‘ lingo during a recent press conference.

Shortly after Gauff beat Zhang Shuai in Round 4 of the 2022 US Open, the 18-year-old was fielding questions from the press when she was asked about some of her gestures during the match. She attempted to illustrate how she was channeling JT and Yung Miami as she played.



“That was a City Girls’ ‘period,'” she told the reporter. “It’s a City Girls summer. Period. That’s what it is. JT, Yung Miami, you don’t know? I got my long nails, it’s supposed to be like that. It’s feeding off the crowd.”

On Sunday (September 4), a Twitter user shared a GIF of the gesture, which caught Gauff’s attention. She replied: “lol you’re right… it wasn’t meant to come off any other way. I had a city girls song stuck in my head the whole match. So I was saying PERIODT in my head.”

Elsewhere in the press conference, Gauff admitted the only “downside” to playing in the US Open was missing out on seeing some of her favorite artists perform in her hometown of Atlanta, including The Weeknd and Bad Bunny.

“I would say the best part is definitely just experiencing personal reactions with people when you meet them,” she said. “Every time, it just makes me take a step back. I feel like just never want to take this for granted, especially with the kids .[…] I never thought I would have such an impact on a person, and I know it’s multiple people now, but that’s the best part.

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“There’s some downsides. You’re losing a lot every week, but the ups outweigh the bad. I guess the downside is I missed so many concerts at home. I missed The Weeknd, I miss Bad Bunny, I missed so many questions, so that’s the only downside.”

Gauff will now advance to her first quarterfinal appearance in New York. Watch the City Girls comments around the 2:18-minute mark below.

Meanwhile, City Girls rapper Yung Miami has already proclaimed she and her boyfriend Diddy “go together real bad,” but her latest message on Twitter is taking things a step further.

On Friday (September 2), the host of REVOLT’s Caresha Please podcast posted a meme with a simple caption of a heart. The message read bluntly: “I love this n-gga down to the veins in his d!”

Fans quickly commented on the post, adding their two cents. “When you single but go together. she just having fun. How can you not love her?!” one fan wrote. Another added: “Chile whatever brother Love have her Ion want it.”



While it’s unclear if Yung Miami is specifically referring to Diddy, the Broward County native has been vocal on several occasions about her feelings for the Bad Boy mogul.